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  1. Hi becca, I have now managed to get hold of ASOS PC, so could you please put a note next to my ASOS 232 want that I am willing to trade the PC. PS In all honesty, not that bothered. I am a fan of Charles Vess's work (and Mucha, whom he adores) so am just very happy I found any copy. And PC means I don't feel guilty about keeping another set broken. :-)
  2. Looking for ASOS 232 to complete a matching set of Sub Press editions.
  3. Re: Game of Thrones (Meisha Merlin)

    Sorry for not getting back a little sooner. I have two copies left:

    Numbers 115 and 116. I originally bought them directly from Meisha

    Merlin when they first came out. The books are still in the

    publishers outer cardboard box and are still shrink wrapped. The

    other members on this forum paid $1500 each for my other cop...