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  1. Apparently, a petition to reinstate Gunn has already passed 150,000 signatures.
  2. Corvinus

    Cord Cutting Advice - Not the newborn type

    I didn't sign up for the TV stuff, but it is a possibility. I haven't decided which way to go. Hulu Live still looks appealing.
  3. Corvinus

    Killjoys (Season 3)

    With some sadness I will sacrifice this show. SyFy is dead to me after cancelling The Expanse, and it wasn't the first time they pulled the plug on a beloved show of mine, but it is the last. Last season wasn't quite as good as the predecessors, so I'm not giving up on something amazing, but I did enjoy the main main characters. Maybe if it ever becomes available on a streaming service I'll finish it. Til then, may those who stick with it be entertained.
  4. Last thread is closed. Continue I agree that the show could do with a re-vamp, but I doubt that ABC will change the format. They're probably looking at cancellation now. We'll see if the Ghost Rider can truly add something new.
  5. Corvinus

    Trailer Thread V

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  6. Corvinus

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Aquaman looks way more vibrant than I expected, Shazam looks goofy, could be entertaining or it could fall really flat.
  7. Corvinus

    Cord Cutting Advice - Not the newborn type

    And done. I've called Spectrum and removed my TV service, thus dropping my bill by $100. They increased the price of my internet by $10, but they also upgraded the speed, so that was ok. At this point, I won't rush into getting any live tv streaming service. Spectrum offers one with 10 channels of your choice or 25 standard lineup.
  8. Corvinus

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot in the works

    My family's first cat was named Buffy because of this show. I agree that it should be in the continuity and not a reboot. But if it is in continuity, now you have two girls named Buffy in the world. It's not a common name.
  9. Corvinus

    More Things Star Wars

    Yes, it was mentioned above, and it's not a movie, but a final season really, with 12 episodes. It will mainly cover the Siege of Mandalore.
  10. Sooo, I'm guessing there's going to be an explanation for the uniform discrepancy, right?
  11. Corvinus

    U.S. Politics: The Marionette Presidency Edition

    A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it! Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones)
  12. Corvinus


    I've only watched the first 2 seasons, which I liked, especially season 1, and didn't get into season 3 as I felt the stories were too much of the same, and got bored. Here on the board it is a well regarded show. I actually visited the town of Deadwood a few years ago. They had gun fight reenactments in the street, and there is a monument dedicated to Wild Bill.
  13. Corvinus

    More Things Star Wars

    I don't believe you're the real Lord Sidious. All I see is a big L for the avatar. Though perhaps, considering events at Endor, that is appropriate.
  14. Corvinus

    More Things Star Wars

    How does the prequel effect affect Luke and/or Leia? And you don't like prequel Obi-Wan? But he has the high ground.
  15. Corvinus

    More Things Star Wars

    One of my main complaints with this movie is this, as for one, it condenses the universe to this small part of it, and two, it was set up with a plot hole (why did the Resistance ships drop out of lightspeed in the middle of nowhere, though clearly near enough a planet that had an old rebel base. We've never seen ships intent on going somewhere drop out millions of miles away from their destination. And at that point, they had no idea they were being tracked, so there is no logical reason why they did that). At the risk of sounding like one of those people who wants to scrap TLJ and re-write the whole thing, I would have liked the chase sequence to be across several star systems. Limited fuel can still be a plot device, and they could have incorporated the need to find allies into this arc. They go planet to planet, with fuel getting lower, and no way to shake off the pursuit, hoping to find allies. But wherever they go, they find none, because people are too afraid and too pessimistic that the Resistance has a chance of standing up to the First Order. This would have been a good setup to a great payoff at the end, on Crait, where Luke essentially defeats Kylo Ren, and the First Order spectacularly fails to eliminate a small band of rebels. (The movie had a good number of setups and payoffs)
  16. Corvinus

    Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Spoilers

    He makes the decision to potentially sacrifice seeing his daughter again and becoming the hero she wants him to be.
  17. Corvinus

    More Things Star Wars

    That is great news!
  18. Corvinus

    Trailer Thread V

  19. Corvinus

    Titans -- a DC Universe Series

    $8/month for this streaming service. Yeah, pass!
  20. It would take a long time for a planet that had such a well constructed infrastructure to just die in 30 years. And the deals it made with Earth and the Belters are keeping Mars limping on. The Belters saved themselves through the formation of that Union. They basically became the Space Guild from Dune, at least in the terms of transit authority between systems.
  21. Didn't AT&T buy Time Warner? So with HBO under their belt, and the latest news on that front, they will probably go at it alone. I don't see Comcast ever merging with Amazon, but Viacom maybe. Amazon just go at it alone, though.
  22. Looks like Southgate made some changes to the starting lineup. Curious to see which team is more motivated to win 3rd place.
  23. Corvinus

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    I don't know about that. The rain reminded the French that you may be able to defeat the people, but not the land.
  24. Is Cary Elwes the narrator of that teaser?
  25. Corvinus

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    Belgian Dembele started in the semi-final or the quarter-final, I forget which one. He struggled and Martinez subbed him out in the 2nd half.