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  1. Thank you. I mean, at this point how you phrase it isn't really important anymore, right? :p
  2. To cut into the discussion of Patrick Swayze, here is an update: He waited. And was willing to meet up with me after me being away for more than two weeks - it's been three weeks altogether since we saw each other and he didn't change his mind, he didn't find somebody he likes better, he didn't ghost me like the other guy in the same situation two years ago. And I am very happy and grateful for it. I am going to see him again on Thursday and we are going to get out of the city for a few hours, half a day or so ... to go to the pool! Oh, and also he said he tried to "stalk" me a bit online. He is surprised at my lack of online presence, he basically found my FB profile, which he considers to be not very informative, my name being listed on the website on my workplace, and the titles of my publishings and the masters theses on the online biblio catalogue, but nothing else. Well, obviously he hasn't found out about my 5000+ posts on an ASOIAF-themed forum ...
  3. Congrats on finding the copies of P&P. Maybe I will see the sea this year after all?
  4. I am sure you will reach your dream in 2022. Home since yesterday evening. Yay. Still have a lot of clothes to wash. Meeting the gentleman tomorrow. I do hope for warm and sunny weather in the next few days so it will be possible to spend time outside ... on the other hand, if it is rainy all the time, we will just have to think of something to do inside instead ...
  5. Today is a great day because I finally left the terrible city and am going home. I have been sitting on this bus for more than 10 hours, it is really boring and uncomfortable, but I will get off in my hometown in about half an hour and I am very happy about this.
  6. No real plans, no. At least not in the traditional going on a seaside holiday way. I do wish to see the sea this year, but I am not sure it will work out. Maybe I will rather stay in the home city and spend time with a nice gentleman. Shithole of a city was surprisingly un-summery part of the time I was there. The last few days were quite warm, but it didn't reach 30 °C. I hope the homeland is at least warm enough for it to make sense to go swim in a pool one day or something. Half of the bus journey is behind me already, half more to go.
  7. Maybe I shouldn't be so critical about the shithole city. At least this time, I had some company so I wasn't completely alone. That would have made me lose my mind, especially after all the isolation of the last year amd a half. And well, they do help me a lot with my dissertation. But still ... I will probably never actually like being there.
  8. Eh. Better than the last time at least, I suppose. But I am really looking forward to being at home again.
  9. I am finally leaving the shithole of a city and going home! I mean, I still have more than nine hours on this bus to look forward to, but at least I will be home then.
  10. 26 °C is not standard room temperature. That would be between 20 and 22 IMO. Heating up to 25 does seem like a waste of energy to me. On the other hand, 26 °C isn't hot enough to demand air conditioning like Derfel is describing up there. Still very pleasant temperature both outside and inside, and one doesn't need many clothes on.
  11. Pride and Prejudice is a really common book, I am sure you can find it in any of your local bookshops and libraries too? Are you looking for a particular edition?
  12. Good luck with the vaccine, I hope there will be no terrible side effects. A book that I ordered online should have arrived today, but it didn't. The website says the new expected delivery time is between the 21st and the 23rd. I really really hope it arrives by then, as I am leaving this city on Sunday and I need to take the thing with me, obviously.
  13. It is sunny and windy here, and warm, but not hot. It is also Tuesday and I am going home on Sunday. Cannot wait.
  14. Big family then. Congratulations on there being a lady bear!
  15. I am in Germany right now, and some cities and villages in the roughly same area were flooded - not where I am though, luckily. I did see some walking paths close to the rivers flooded, but that is all. Good luck not being quarantined, and enjoy your holiday! Who are you going on holiday with?
  16. Bear! You're back! Well, new ... this thread obviously isn't.
  17. The day actually turned for the better in the afternoon and evening.
  18. Here, the weather is becoming nicer. It hasn't rained yet today, and it is slightly warmer than it was. I hope it stays that way. Meh. I was grumpy yesterday then because those same people then called me when they needed me for something, and then I said again we should spend time together in the evening, but then I didn't get another word when they didn't need my help anymore. Oh well. Am overall lazy. I am sitting in the library and I am supposed to be working, but ... am obviously not. This text that I am trying to read is so boring.
  19. Yesterday's shoes are still not completely dry. At least the rain wasn't as bad today. Am alone in a waffle shop waiting for my waffles. I wanted to spend some time in company, but there were too many complications trying to reach a simple decision on where to go and what to eat/drink, so I just went and ordered waffles by myself.
  20. Uhhhh. Awful weather. Today there was such a terrible rain shower that I was completely soaked in the less than ten minutes it took to come from uni to where I am staying, and the same for my colleagues. It is also way too cold for July.
  21. This sounds great. I am still in the shithole of a city, but it seems like less of a shithole this time because I have some friends with me and we can spend time together, so it feels better. I still wish to go home soon, but I suppose I could survive this thing without attacks of loneliness and depression this time.
  22. I would be interested in what you think of the realist and naturalist works of the 19th century, such as by authors like Balzac or Zola or Dostojevski. They all tried to portray their stories as analytically and "objectively" as possible, with lots of descriptive details. Is this all at odds with artistic merit?
  23. So basically ... La divina commedia is not a work of art or a work of literature by your definition, because it relies heavily on and promotes Christianity in a very obvious way, and because it is tied to one particular worldview (the Christian one), which is not universal? Okay, so Tolkien was more detail-oriented in his fiction, but how does this fact alone make his work any less artistic, aesthetic, or literary than some other author? This is like saying the works of realism and naturalism of the 19th century as a whole are less artistic than, let's say, expressionist poetry, because they generally describe their characters, places and events in detail.
  24. Speaking as somebody who is working towards one day teaching literature at uni level: yes. I think the OP only means what is classified "high literature" (also elite, or simply snooty, if we are operating in these terms) as "literature", which to me is absurd. Literature, to me, is either anything printed and published, or, narrower definition, anything written* that is fictional. I come from a bit of a different language background and read most theories about literature in German or Slovene, so this English understanding of literature only being its smaller, "elite" part, is foreign to me. *Oral traditions as opposed to written are generally not counted as literature, but even there could be a case. OP, you are also missing the part of the definition of literature where the aesthetical role of the language itself is central to the classification of something as literature (Jakobson's poetic function!). Fantasy can definitely have beautiful prose or even parts written in verse, which speaks for its classification as, well, literature in whatever definition you use.
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