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  1. This sounds great. I am still in the shithole of a city, but it seems like less of a shithole this time because I have some friends with me and we can spend time together, so it feels better. I still wish to go home soon, but I suppose I could survive this thing without attacks of loneliness and depression this time.
  2. I would be interested in what you think of the realist and naturalist works of the 19th century, such as by authors like Balzac or Zola or Dostojevski. They all tried to portray their stories as analytically and "objectively" as possible, with lots of descriptive details. Is this all at odds with artistic merit?
  3. So basically ... La divina commedia is not a work of art or a work of literature by your definition, because it relies heavily on and promotes Christianity in a very obvious way, and because it is tied to one particular worldview (the Christian one), which is not universal? Okay, so Tolkien was more detail-oriented in his fiction, but how does this fact alone make his work any less artistic, aesthetic, or literary than some other author? This is like saying the works of realism and naturalism of the 19th century as a whole are less artistic than, let's say, expressionist poetry, because they generally describe their characters, places and events in detail.
  4. Speaking as somebody who is working towards one day teaching literature at uni level: yes. I think the OP only means what is classified "high literature" (also elite, or simply snooty, if we are operating in these terms) as "literature", which to me is absurd. Literature, to me, is either anything printed and published, or, narrower definition, anything written* that is fictional. I come from a bit of a different language background and read most theories about literature in German or Slovene, so this English understanding of literature only being its smaller, "elite" part, is foreign to me. *Oral traditions as opposed to written are generally not counted as literature, but even there could be a case. OP, you are also missing the part of the definition of literature where the aesthetical role of the language itself is central to the classification of something as literature (Jakobson's poetic function!). Fantasy can definitely have beautiful prose or even parts written in verse, which speaks for its classification as, well, literature in whatever definition you use.
  5. Looks like I am in the only place that is currently rainy and atypically chill for this time of year. Shithole of a city, I told you.
  6. I usually don't drink, but maybe this time this isn't such a bad idea after all. :p Sitting on the crowded bus. I am travelling with a friend, but we couldn't find two seats together to sit together, booooo. It is going to be a very long bus ride.
  7. Oh my sweet summer child. On my end, I have to go spend more than two weeks in another country, because study and scholarship and this stupid project ... right now that I want to spend more time with Michelangelo or whatever the name was (Michelangelo is probably not the right one, he was gay), and we had a nice serious talk about what we are both looking for and we had a bit of kissing two days ago ... literally the same thing was going on two years ago, I was seriously into somebody, and then I travelled off to shithole of a city, the same one I am travelling to tonight, and I ended up ghosted after I came back (I think it is buried in one of the previous threads on here). And I am SO, SO, SO afraid the same thing is going to happen again. I cannot say I am that much head over heels this time, but it feels more mature and less like a stupid crush, and we already met a few times now, and he seems to be serious about me, but I am still so worried, and nervous before the trip and all. I see a pattern here. I travel too much for study purposes and cannot hold a relationship, and these two facts are connected to each other. I tried to avoid this, I literally didn't want to even apply for this scholarship, but, well, was talked into it by my mentor and now here we are. I have decided that I need to stay put and build something more stable in the home country, aaaaaand ... this is happening all over again. So worried about this now.
  8. The one city in Germany that my uni always cooperates with, but is literally the most boring place in the world. I am going to be spending more than two weeks there, supposed to be working on my dissertation. At least I won't be alone this time over. But I am still dreading it. Odd about the prince. But he should recover soon, I hope.
  9. Good luck to Prince W. Travelling to shithole of a city again, starting tomorrow. I really, really hoped I wouldn't need to go back up there again, and yet here I am. I would much rather spend my summer somewhere actually enjoyable. Like, in my home city, meeting up with a nice gentleman. I am already counting down the days till I return, and I haven't even packed yet.
  10. Kissing is now called "spreading the sigma strain (of covid)".
  11. Probably a side effect of the vaccination? Get some rest during the weekend.
  12. I know it is okay. I did that with the previous person (the absolute incompatibility person). The thing is, I may need a long time before I decide if I like somebody, but once I do, a lot of the shyness goes away. I don't want to start talking about this over texts, but in person. It might have a more immediate effect. Coincidentally, the guy (Donatello, or whatever the name was again) is a covid survivor, but not vaccinated yet - he is planning to be soon (they recommend 6 months between infection and the first dose). And true, covid also made me more cautious in regards to physical safety and infection transmissions and stuff. Meeting up with and kissing the total incompatibility person was the most dangerous thing ... I don't regret it though.
  13. I think I could have got a goodbye kiss by now. But I didn't. Slightly disappointed by this after an otherwise very cute date/meetup. Either he is scared and shy, or I am only good to listen to and talk to, but not to kiss. I just got a hug in the end, with an awkward statement/question in the way of "we can hug by now, right?", like asking permission.
  14. I've only had sex with one person, so the sample here is not representative at all. But if somebody were to tell me that I would sleep with him even a few months into our acquantance, I would laugh at them and think they are crazy. ... My name is not Lana, enough said.
  15. I am going to leave the TNMT comparisons alone now. I have no idea about them anyway. How many messages did you send in the end, without response? Usually one, or two messages without response tells you all you need to know ... I am sorry this happened to you. Good luck and keep us updated! You know nothing about pronunciation! We never leave out the final A. But we do leave out the both J-s in dialect. So more like Lublana, when speaking casually.
  16. This sounds very romantic. It usually takes me a lot longer to figure out if I find somebody attractive and good company and if I can trust them. So I am still at this stage. (Sorry for double post, Kiko is a ninja. A TMNT, to stay on topic.)
  17. You guys. I am trying really hard to keep my expectations low in order to not be disappointed in case I get ghosted or some similar shit again. I never knew anything about TMNT (and I have no clue whether he is interested in them either), so at least I am educating myself in that area I guess. Anyway, he is inviting me out again tomorrow and the idea he has looks very romantic and somewhat like an adventure to me. It is a good idea too.
  18. The above quote only explains the difference between adolescents and "adults" (those over 25, in regards to brain development). Maybe you can explain how it works in pre-adolescents, as in, younger children. Do they base their reactions and decisions on impulses even more than adolescents do? Otherwise, I agree with the point about experience that was stated a few times. I often ask my older coworkers how to handle something that I don't know how to deal with. Not because they are older, but because they have probably run into a similar situation or handled the same task before, which means they can help me with their firsthand experience.
  19. Ah, I hardly believe that. One cannot know somebody after such a short time together enough to develop any special liking!
  20. I cannot say I know him that well yet, but for the time being, lets say ... Donatangelo? Maybe with a touch of the others. These chatacteristics are very generalised. Most people are probably a combination of those. I was in the city for another reason and he spontaneously invited me just for a short meetup. So we met up just to grab something to eat and to have a short walk. I was not planning on that, so I probably didn't look my best - same shirt as yesterday, no makeup, didn't manage to freshen up with a shower after work and before meeting him. If he still wants to meet me after that, he is either very bored, OR very desperate for company, OR seriously into me so soon.
  21. Excuse me for asking, but how is your relationship with sister right now? I mean, why are you planning a holiday with somebody who constantly makes you crazy? I thought the point of being a grown up was not having to spend holidays with family anymore.
  22. You are right. He needs a new description now. There doesn't seem anything in the least creepy about him.
  23. Update on the Creepy Guy From The Internet! We met for the second time. It was nice. And funny too. Mentions of "next time" were made again.
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