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  1. I don't think it is necessary to take this all so literally. I am pretty sure he meant having received baptism, first communion, and confirmation. Another profile that weirded me out and puzzled me was a guy who has a photo of him and a woman kissing wearing only swimming shorts/bikini. I mean, why would you post that on your dating profile is completely beyond me. Human beings are weird.
  2. Seems like stressful time at the end of the school year is universal. Looks like you kept at it longer than I am keeping my interest - I have only had this profile for about a week, and I don't feel like swiping at any time at all. I did get some matches though. I also keep seeing profiles from no less than three neighbouring countries (my country borders on four countries), so this proves once again how tiny this place is and that there is probably not much activity on the app. Oh, and it showed me one profile from Athens for some reason, Athens being half a continent away. The funniest thing I saw was a description somebody wrote: "If you don't have all the holy sacraments, swipe left." Well, thanks for telling me that ... but I don't really appreciate being told what to do by you.
  3. These weeks are very stressful for a teacher. And, well, for the students that still have grades to correct if they don't want to have to take the correction exam/fail the year. It is really hard to work when you know that you have basically done everything that needed to be done with the good students that already have all their grades and can go to holiday - and you just have to deal with the bad ones that are still in danger of failing the year (and obviously these can be extra demanding and rude and all ). And you also feel like it is silly to make them watch movies all the time, but they really won't be motivated to do anything else. My time off ... will be ... well, I suppose there will be some of that. For about two weeks after the school ends for students, we still have to work on paperwork, and we will have meetings, teacher workshops, correction exams etc. I wouldn't say we settled things any. She needs to accept that she got a bad grade and has to take the test again. I hope you will end up fine and it will turn out that you aren't left with anything permanent! I was on a street food festival today, and tomorrow is a Saturday when I don't have to be at work, so that's great.
  4. It effected in some amusement and some eye-rolling. Now that I think of it, he didn't need to use that word at all. There is a much simpler word that would fit better, as far as the meaning of the whole sentence is concerned. My inner editor is way too strong for dealing with online dating.
  5. I am sorry to hear that. Yesterday was a shit day for me. Today started shitty as well, but turned out to be fine after all.
  6. Human contact no. 1 (terrible spelling and punctuation guy) has proved very untalkative and the conversation seems to have died off after his last comment (only one word - I cannot really answer to that much). Human contact no. 2 (slightly better, but still bad spelling and grammar and punctuation) has been answered with small-talk. The new development is human contact no. 3 - this is the first one to have opened with a question about something on my profile, something meaningful and more than "hi, how are you". Has been answered accordingly. This one has much better grammar and spelling and punctuation too, only he mixed up "afekt" and "efekt" (affect / effect) in his opening message.
  7. Subtitles in movies. Now, this is just silly. I guess it is a sweet-sounding abbreviation for "little"?
  8. Nah, that can't be it. I am not sure I understand you completely correctly here ... Did you just flatteringly compliment my being a language teacher who is strict about grammar? In this case, thank you very much! I will keep this advice in mind. Thank you. I could agree with this opinion. I would have thought it was much more uncommon to be bothered by improper grammar and spelling. I am sorry to hear about the ghosting guy. And thank you for your advice too. Anyway, one (first human contact person) still writes with terrible grammar and disregards the need for any punctuation. The other one ... tries, but it's not where it should be. I think I graded way too many tests in the last few days.
  9. Officially on the 24th - that is the day they get their reports. But mostly, they already have their grades, and the few days before the end of the school year, nothing in the way of learning gets done anymore. We are basically there already. I try to do some more work done, to keep them motivated, but ... well, the motivation is dropping now. Some days, there aren't actual lectures anymore, but there are some trips and excursions. I had a terrible day at work today. I had an argument with a very rude student. Urgh.
  10. ! SECOND human contact made! What is this weirdness? I mean, people ... I literally have no description on my profile and only a few interests. Who the hell swipes right on that even? This second human contact person managed to make a typo in "how are you" (the easiest phrase to type in my language). Has not been answered yet. :p However, tentative answers were sent to the first human contact person. That one types in very non-standard language - lacking punctuation and abysmal spelling. As a language teacher, it hurts my eyes, but I am sure I am the weird one in this. :p
  11. Update: I MADE HUMAN CONTACT ... uhhhh, I think? I mean, this person (the only one that I swiped right on) seems to have sent me basically a "hi, how is it going" (and nothing else) message. Will keep overthinking on what to do for another few days, I suppose.
  12. I mean, yeah, that was already established plenty of times in my life before. I massively overthink literally everything. That is probably a logical way of thinking, yes. No, there don't seem to be, not like this wasn't expected. I saw a few profiles from the neighbouring country already. Thanks for your answers, @Chataya de Fleury and @Fury Resurrected, too! So I gave my first deliberate like too. It was the same profile that I saw yesterday and didn't swipe on it yesterday, but I did today.* I think I am getting braver at this. What now? *Probably proves once again that there are very few active people on that thing in this wider area - it showed me the same profile as yesterday already, which I assume means it doesn't have a lot of profiles to choose from to show me.
  13. So, um, wise people ... (apologies for double post and all) ... is it normal to find basically no profile appealing? I don't know how many I have seen until now, maybe ... 10, 15? I think one was kind of nice enough that I would consider swiping right on, but well, I am too shy to do that and ended up closing the app and when I returned to it, that profile was gone and now I have only seen some that I don't find interesting. It this thing going to ban me for thinking I am a bot if I just don't like almost any profile? What is the average percentage of profiles you swipe right/left?
  14. It now says that my profile has been liked plenty of times. I suspect this to be a fib to get me into paying for the premium or whatever the fancier version is called. I mean, I had two very similar pictures and nothing in my description and no hobbies listed up to now. Now I added a different picture (deleted one of the first two ones) and added some hobbies. Still have no clue about what to write in this little description. These descriptions really don't seem to help any at all. The thing is really odd and feels artifical. Like window shopping, but with people. I don't know how to feel about it.
  15. I am relieved that the consensus is that this isn't some irreparable shame on me and my whole family unto the seventh generation. I tend to take things more seriously than they need to be taken. I suppose I could survive this situation after all.
  16. I don't seem to be able to find an option to do so. I cannot even find out where the profile went now. The Internet tells me that going back and changing your response is only possible for people who pay for some extra fancy version. Which I am absolutely not willing to do. Looks like I am doing nothing, then.
  17. Welp, I think I might have "liked" some profile I didn't want to just because I was clumsy with my phone and fingers. What to do now? I clearly have no idea how this works.
  18. Okaaaaaaaaay. Soooooo ... I went over myself and totally out of character made a tinder profile. Now I am probably going to try to get it out of my mind and avoid it for another ... IDK, certain amount of time before I gather enough courage to do anything with it. Still don't completely trust that thing. Or, like, at all. I don't know what I am doing. I only know that the first person whose profile I am being shown is ... from the neighbouring country. Because this is how tiny this country is. I thought I was doing this to avoid another long distance thingy after, well, the relationship with the ex from that same neighbouring country ended. Help, I have no clue what I am doing here.
  19. Yeah ... no. No, it is just a normal part of work. No extra pay or anything. Enjoy your coffee. I mean, that is a belated wish, so maybe ... IDK, enjoy all the coffees you have in the future I suppose. I don't drink coffee myself. But I invited a friend to go out for ice cream tomorrow or in the following days. I hope we manage to find time. These weeks are really stressful at my work, with the finals for 4th graders, and finalizing grades for the lower grades, who are more and more unmotivated to learn anything at the end of the school year.
  20. Even if you are, you are not supposed to show it. They smell any weakness. No really, I am just back from the second work Saturday in June because two of the final exams take place on Saturdays and I had to oversee. Mostly it is jut a lot of staring into space, walking up and down the classroom and waiting for them to finish writing. I am glad that it is finally warmer. The cold weather in May was ridiculous.
  21. No severe side effects this time - aside from a bit of a sore feeling in my upper arm, I feel fine today. Yay! I actually prefer teaching these teenagers (the high-achieving, capable ones - I cannot imagine teaching at some worse school either) than smaller kids.
  22. About nine or ten hours since my second dose right now. I had some weird tingling sensation in my arm for a while and became really tired and sleepy in the afternoon, but otherwise, I feel fine. I so hope I won't wake up feverish tomorrow morning. I need to go to work (to yell at some 16-year-olds ). Hopefully I will enjoy it, Rhae. I don't remember any prom dance dress feuds. Being in high school was quite sweet too. And easy. It is way easier being a student than a teacher, heh.
  23. I don't see one. It is similar to how our anthem is too. I mean, it is not ribald, but it is basically a song to toast to friends with wine. But we only use the 7th verse, which doesn't include any reference to wine or drinking and is instead a hippy "let's just all be friends and peaceful neighbours".
  24. I am getting my second dose tomorrow, hopefully without as severe side effects as last time. I also got an invitation to a wedding from one of my friends! Oh, and I oversaw the final exam in the high school I teach at today. I felt so important and authoritative and fancy doing all that documentation work (as in, putting the submitted papers from the students into a plastic bag and sealing it). But most of the time, it was just boring, sitting there waiting for the students to write.
  25. She never got over you, she wants you back and is trying to make you jealous?
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