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  1. About nine or ten hours since my second dose right now. I had some weird tingling sensation in my arm for a while and became really tired and sleepy in the afternoon, but otherwise, I feel fine. I so hope I won't wake up feverish tomorrow morning. I need to go to work (to yell at some 16-year-olds ). Hopefully I will enjoy it, Rhae. I don't remember any prom dance dress feuds. Being in high school was quite sweet too. And easy. It is way easier being a student than a teacher, heh.
  2. I don't see one. It is similar to how our anthem is too. I mean, it is not ribald, but it is basically a song to toast to friends with wine. But we only use the 7th verse, which doesn't include any reference to wine or drinking and is instead a hippy "let's just all be friends and peaceful neighbours".
  3. I am getting my second dose tomorrow, hopefully without as severe side effects as last time. I also got an invitation to a wedding from one of my friends! Oh, and I oversaw the final exam in the high school I teach at today. I felt so important and authoritative and fancy doing all that documentation work (as in, putting the submitted papers from the students into a plastic bag and sealing it). But most of the time, it was just boring, sitting there waiting for the students to write.
  4. She never got over you, she wants you back and is trying to make you jealous?
  5. I just asked for my second vaccination, which was scheduled for tomorrow, to be rescheduled. I still have this weird tummy bug and just in case anything goes wrong. It is Friday, but I still have to be at my workplace tomorrow, on Saturday. And next Saturday too. The final exams are taking place and some are on Saturdays, so I have to be there to oversee. The next few weeks are going to be very busy and stressful with finalising the grades and the students becoming more and more unruly.
  6. I am supposed to go on a field trip with the students on Monday again. I very much hope it is not going to rain on that day. Yay about the vaccine. I don't think caffeine is problematic at all. At least I have never heard of it. I even read instructions that said that one is supposed to take all their regular medicine as usual before vaccination, and nothing about avoiding anything. Just wait ... you will have to take care of the whole family soon! My relatives are keeping their lady dog mostly inside and only let her outside when she is accompanied and on a leash right now, as she is in heat. They are planning to have her sterilised as soon as she is old enough. Don't we all ... This is actually a good idea. I mean, not for me as I am going to be vaccinated through my work, which means with coworkers, but, well, it might work for other people.
  7. I am not sure what you mean by class monitor. In this case, there were several who were unruly ... but, luckily, there were also some who actually tried to calm their classmates down and wanted to work, so at least that is great to hear. I envy your nice weather! Today is kind of sunny here, but it was way too cold for the end of May in the morning. The summer doesn't seem to be coming any time soon.
  8. This is a very optimistic way of looking at it. I thought that maybe this particular ghoster was too good for me. And, yes, we always want what we don't have - but I am aware I have a lot already. Thank you. I mean, I don't think you can actually decide and become a quick learner or innovative or smart just because you decide so - some people are for example born with better memorization capabilities or patience to repeat things they need to learn etc. And it is also greatly influenced by what kind of upbringing one gets. So while it might seem like it is a compliment one receives because one achieved these things, they are also not all one's own achievements. Oh, no. I mean, partly - I usually tell myself I will do that after I ... do this. But generally, the "waiting" is really just me waiting for somebody to actually be attracted to me and want to do something with me. A pity! But at least you got your answer. Some people are just like that, they move from a friendship or any other relationship on quickly. Good luck staying in contact and at least becoming friends.
  9. Today just turned into a lousy day at 10 PM because I noticed a thing is missing that was supposed to be in my bag. I just emptied the whole bag and it is not there. Then I looked into every possible (and slightly less possible) spot in my room and I still can't find it. It is something I am going to need in the next few days. It is something I usually carry in the bag I take to work. It is something that would cause great embarrassment if it were found by a random person at my workplace (in case it fell out of my bag there), or even by a family member at home. It is a period cup. I can only hope very much that it is going to turn up somewhere in my room that I forgot (but I doubt it, I looked everywhere) or I will find it tomorrow in the car. I seriously have no idea how it could have fallen out of my bag at all.
  10. Urgh. Students were really unruly today. Didn't manage to work through even half of what I wanted to do in these two hours. Hopefully they behave better the next time I teach this group.
  11. Well thank you! I am really trying to keep to this conviction. I just don't have any evidence to prove it, since it yields no results. I suppose they did. And then I take a risk and ... IDK, end up being ghosted (my last crush) or some sort of fundamental incompatibility turns up after spending the quarantine talking on the phone a lot etc. I mean, I do think I am objectively not somebody others would have to "suffer" all the time - sure I have my flaws and I am aware of them, but there are people who cherish me on an intellectual and professional and friendly level, and I do think I might have positive sides too. I cannot say I have all of my shit together, but ... I hope I have most of it. I sometimes feel like I have weird not-real-problems problems, or first world problems, or very privileged person problems, or whatever you want to call it. This may sound very un-feminist and regressive, and I wonder if I have the right to be hurt by it, but ... I cannot say I am not appreciated in my life. I get compliments often: You are clever, intelligent, hard-working, capable, a quick learner ... A lot of things women complain they wish were noticed about them. And yet I almost never (in fact, only by one person) have I simply been appreciated because they thought I looked hot and attractive. And I just don't want to only be smart and capable and a quick learner, I also want to be cherished, well, like a woman in a woman's body. Maybe I should just be happier with what I have. Okay, this went way too deep. Soooo, what ended up happening with the foreign student, Toth?
  12. Thank you. I am trying to stay in this mindset. It is only tough because I have been "waiting" for so many years, and I often doubt there is really anybody out there who would suit me, and even if there is, will I ever meet them? But no worries, I have already turned down one person who started being interested in me, but I didn't find him interesting at all. So I suppose I have some standards, however low I am trying to hold them. This was more than a year ago. The last person I met up a few times, fairly recently, we found an important incompatibility based on religion. This is so weird. And there are just so many things that can make a relationship not work. It is sometimes hard to even imagine how people find somebody who fits them at all.
  13. Oh. This kind of ... unfit for the purpose. I suppose with my desperation, I cannot afford to be picky about people let alone judge them, but ... Maybe I wouldn't be too satisfied with a man with a persistent problem of this type either.
  14. I am trying to use Tinder (not because of any conviction it is better, but only because I assume it, as a very well-known one, would even have some membership around these parts - maybe you have more options, being in a big city, but I am in, well, a country the size or a postage stamp with small population) and it gives me the options: sign in using Google, sign in using FB, sign in using your phone number. I am not sure if it would also demand the phone number if I tried to use Google/Gmail to sign in. It was just a figure of speech. I am not really planning on getting a cat. I don't understand what you mean by the second part of the comment ... (but I assume it is something not really that important for me to understand?)
  15. I mean ... I cannot really use a cat to date, can I? I suppose this is another option. I clicked on the "sign in with FB" option because I assumed that, well, this would be enough and I wouldn't have to enter any more contact info if I just used that.
  16. *big breath to calm down* Back to the topic at hand, yes, I would be thrilled to talk about ASOIAF theories on a date. I mean, if you can handle the postage to a tiny European country whose language these spare men would probably need to learn anew, that would be most kind of you.
  17. I suppose it is ironic. The FB account is linked to another email that I don't use for anything else. For the longest time, it had a false name (until one of my uni professors mentioned she knew which my account was, at which point I just thought, ah well, might just well give the right one if even my professors can recognise me). I usually have profile pictures not showing my face - right now I have one that does have my face, but it is not really recognisable as me (I just like the funny perspective from which it was taken). And my privacy settings are all set to ... well, the most private option it allows. And, ironically, I was only "peer pressured" into making the account by some members of this forum. Then I got used to it. So, yes, I suppose I see the irony, but I am just ... distrustful of these things from the start.
  18. Sooooo ... I already downloaded a dating app a few weeks ago, but then it demanded my phone number to be able to register, and I was definitely unwilling to give them that, so I just didn't register and deleted the app. But then I am VERY desperate when it comes to relationships and all, and I am trying to force myself into this "try out new things" mindset more, and I completely went over my principles on Internet safety, downloaded the app again yesterday, and today I tried to register again. I typed in my phone number and got the verification code by SMS, typed that in, and now the next step is apparently, they also need my e-mail? I am already logging in using my facebook profile, then I typed in my phone number, and now also my email? What the hell - I am distrusful of giving any data to any unknown app/website, and now this thing that I am already fucking distrustful of, demands all my contact info?! This is not a pleasant user experience at all. Maybe I should just give up and ... get myself some cats I suppose. I thought I was a principled person and I am disappointing myself by even entertaining the thought of using this.
  19. Yay for the vaccine too. When did you have covid, though? Here you have to wait 6 months after the infection to be vaccinated. I am STILL waiting for the appointment for the second dose, even though it's been two and a half months since the first one now. Some of my coworkers, who were vaccinated at the same time as me, have their second appointment already.
  20. You managed to go to the country this weekend? Great news! And yes, the weather is rainy and annoying. It is very unusal for the latter half of May. I want a more spring-like spring ...
  21. I took it as a joke entry. I like joke entries, so that might explain my admittedly weird taste.
  22. Eh. I really disliked the Italian song and would have been happier with pretty much anybody else winning. This is just not the style of music I like and I also hated the whole look. I liked France, Iceland, the Ukraine ... even Germany better than the Italians. I feel sorry for all the countries ending up with zero audience points. Seriously, Germany had tap dancing! Why does nobody value tap dancing? And poor Icelanders, who were off quarantined. I wonder if it would have made any difference if they could have participated live.
  23. This doesn't sound very stable. My job is tiring me out so much. But even more tiring is the commute. I am exhausted every afternoon, even when I haven't had so much actual work. I suspect driving to get to work is tiring me out more than the work itself does. This is not sustainable in the long term. My mother suggested visiting relatives this weekend and I don't even feel like going simply because I don't want to have to sit in a car on the weekend too - this side of the family lives further away than my job is. I mean, I wouldn't be driving myself, but still.
  24. Time goes by weirdly indeed in these corona-circumstances. On the one hand, one feels like nothing much happens, even though it does. On the other hand, now we are so used to these circumstances that it feels like the whole life has been like this ... and one cannot imagine the life without mask mandates and vaccination crazies and fear of infection everywhere. How easy was life then! I graded approximately 100 tests in the last few days. This was tiring and stressful. There is always a lot to do in school. Work is about the only interesting thing going on for me these days.
  25. Congratulations! They look delicious. Relatively boring weekend here. A lot of work brought home. Nobody has time to hang out. So all I can do is ... do work, I suppose?
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