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  1. The Fan

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    18 of 234 cast a less than "8" vote and that's about right, it was excellent and I feel it really ended strongly. It's going to be a tough 8-12 months waiting for season 2. The minor plot massaging from book to screen even seemed natural and unforced. If I would have asked for anything, it would have been for Dany to turn up the anger with Mirri Maz Duur. But it worked out properly, and I was thankful Dany retained her hair in the morning. Plus.... DRAGONS! By the way, did anyone else have a WTF moment thinking it was Sansa in Pycelle's cell and not Roz? Red hair and that hair crown hairstyle had me shouting at the screen a few tense moments. Phewww!
  2. The Fan

    smiley list

    One thing that may be worth mentioning to him too, is (at least on my screen) rolleyes (below blushing, above stunned, left of worried) has a large smiling yellow face, but when posted, becomes small sad-faced and greenish. I would guess the link is crossed somewhere perhaps? -Thanks
  3. The Fan

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I am curious what the 11 people who voted this less than a -5- were watching? Was this due to floor dropping out during the final scene, or...? :blink: Next week cannot come soon enough I think... :D
  4. The Fan

    How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    This is more than a little grating to me as well, I cannot tell if it's due to the fact I have read the books, or because they (D&D) believe that the American audience (perhaps rightly...) have no appreciation of any subtlety. Renly-Loras and the slurping, Littlefinger and Ned in the throne room, among a few others I have purged from memory. I did really enjoy episode 6, the "crowning" scene was really the crown of the episode. Harry Lloyd played Viserys the Mad brilliantly, right to point he pitches forward, gilded. As for the Theon bit, in the books, I was under the impression that Robb, Jon and Theon, of similar age were brotherly rivals, even though Theon was not a "Stark", he was not mistreated or mistrusted how they are portraying it. When he travels as an envoy, it is his poor experience running into Asha that (I had thought) causes him to decide to.... well, we know what he does. ...and the direwolves, where, oh where, are the direwolves? I started a topic called "HBO GoT: Where are the Direwolves?" to discuss it, but the wildling/Bran scene was one of the best scenes where the direwolves earn their keep. Couple that glaring omission with the vaguely wolf-like dogs they were forced to use (stupid Irish wild animal laws...) and what was a terrific aspect to the books is barely a footnote in the show. As near as I can tell, the only characters in the show aware that the 'Wolves exist are Bran's throatless assassin, Sansa and Joffrey. <_<
  5. Believe it or not, there is a thread for that... As well, there is a search feature on the main page, powered by google, which is very effective. I really liked this episode, and if I had any complaints, they would be that I didn't need quite the face-slapping exclamation of Renly-Loras, but I like subtlety. AND Jaime is an excellent warrior, to be sure, but Jory dropped like a no-name guard, for being Rodrik's son nephew and captain of the Winterfell Guards, I expected a little more fight out of him. Jaime is good, but not THAT good.