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    Official Testing Thread

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    Create your Westerosi house

    Great idea. :) House name: Lorkley Sigil: Five drops of blood at the corners and center of a silver X, over a blue field Motto: We Shall Prevail Unofficial Motto: None House Weapon: None. House Lorkton once owned a Valyrian steel sword named Dripper, but it was lost over two centuries ago when the heir of the House was slain by a noble knight from House Qorgyle, who took the sword and carried it back to Dorne. Castles: Falantine (House Lorkton and seat of House Lorkley), Silverstone (House Marley) Location: Southeastern region of the Reach, near the Red Mountains Sworn to: House Tyrell House Lorkley was born of the union of two noble Houses of the Reach, Houses Lorkton and Marley, an event that took place over a century before Aegon I conquered Westeros. Having suffered from Dornish raids that were as numerous as they were vicious over the previous half century, the two Houses eventually found themselves whittled down to near extinction. House Lorkton had only a single male heir for the main bloodline, while the neighboring House Marley simultaneously only had a female heir left. Other Houses of the Reach offered to have a family member marry one or the other heir and "take over the defense of the Reach against the Dornish scum" – essentially absorbing the stricken House into their own. House Florent was especially vocal with its offers, going so far as to send a thousand troops into the Marley lands as "a gesture of our willingness to protect the lands and smallfolk of the House." Unwilling to let their Houses' proud histories vanish completely, Lord Mervin Lorkton and Lady Shanta Marley petitioned King Garth Greenhand the Ninth for permission to marry and by doing so merge their two Houses into a single one. King Garth granted their request, some say as much to foil the Florents as out of respect for the two Houses, both longstanding supporters of the Gardeners. Soon thereafter, Houses Lorkton and Marley became House Lorkley, and the two newlyweds eventually gave birth to a dynasty that lasts to this day. Their sigils were also merged, with the blood drops of the Lorktons laid over the silvery X of the Marleys. As can be imagined, the contemporary Lorkleys hate everything and everyone from Dorne. If they believe they can get away with it, its nobles and servants will take every opportunity to inconvenience, hurt, or even kill Dornishmen they meet. On several occasions, a Lorkley noble champion has fought on behalf of a servant who had been caught perpetrating a crime against someone from Dorne. The Lorkleys reserve their greatest hatred for House Qorgyle, who return the sentiment in full. Many Dornishmen firmly believe that the death of Lord Ambrej Qorgyle while he was a captive of King Daeron during the Conquest of Dorne was due to a Lorkley servant poisoning his food.