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  1. JEORDHl

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    Yup. Been doing lots already, though around Canada. Cuba is next, but clearly we're going to have to meet up somewhere, brother. Prague maybe? Let's talk.
  2. JEORDHl

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    Hmn. In the last 20 years I've changed a lot. Or maybe mellowed, I don't know. A large part of that growth [beyond getting married, kids, divorced, having to grow the fuck up and be a father] was this board, and the various people I've interacted with and learned from here. But the board, well, you know. Anyway, I got into Facebook late only to end up dumping it two years ago. But I had this itch. I use Twitter now. And, much like this board, I'm learning a lot there. Through your follows you can kind of tailor your experience, although there's no escaping some of the rage inducing shit no matter how hard you try to, though there's a lot of really good shit you might not otherwise be exposed to either that just kind of eeks its way in too. And news breaks crazy fast there. If it peaked my outrage, or interest, whatever, by the time I'm watching news coverage on TV I'm already well versed in the subject matter. I don't use it for networking, don't need to, I'm officially retired now-- but I suppose I kind of use it as a network to compliment my interests. The world is full of smart, compassionate people, and you can really tune into your areas of interest through people knowledgeable in whatever those might be and then leapfrog as they expose you to others in their [or other related] fields. Or experiences. Like, I always felt I hand a handle on how hard Canada has been on the Indigenous Peoples here, but whatever I thought I knew or felt paled in the face of what I was exposed to through ntv twitter. Rendering all things plumb [real life, board, Facebook, etc] my personal experience is that Twitter is pretty fucking great.
  3. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Nah. Never been much of a trend follower. Insofar as the goof, he should've listened to his sister. And four years in the clink sounds fine to me.
  4. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    pfft Nothing makes me laugh harder. Twitter is FUNNY. Pretty damned informative too [on any subject] if you're choosey about your follows.
  5. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Especially since he'd allegedly already tried to do so. What an absolute mess. And the conspiracies might never end. Wonder if he had some kind of dead man's clause written into the execution of his estate though...
  6. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    I had understood that he was in a Federal prison and under watch 24/7? If Trump's enablers wanted distraction... Hoo boy.
  7. Heh. See, I lost interest in the Norns during The Heart of What Was Lost. There was this sense of Otherness about the Sithi and Norns in MS&T that young me really dug. And sure, one could argue we didn't get much about their respective lives, or their inner lives, so of course they felt Other, but [for me anyway] all I got from the reveal was disappointment. They're little different than long lived humans. Same old bullshit, longer grudges. But hey. TWC [et EoG] was a return to old and beloved characters. Miri I liked, though I wanted to drop a Nuke on every instance I was returned to Nabban. Morgan is a cut out of young Simon, with a background change [scullion v. royal upbringing] same mooncalfing/avoidance of responsibility except the stakes are higher for Morgan, i.e. running from duty to the realm instead of chores, etc. Morgan's substance abuse? Same thing. Jarnulf and his piety, a dirtier Camaris come-again, etc, ad nauseum. I'm not angry or anything. I'm just surprised, frankly, that I really don't fucking care.
  8. Well. Despite being either bored or annoyed, I managed to make myself finish EoG. I figured if I'd dropped it like I wanted to, I'd never return to finish it-- but now, lacking any desire to read the third book I'm left with this ashy taste in my mouth. Why did I fucking bother? I mean, I won't be reading it anyway lol Contrast this with The Priory of the Orange Tree. It was a similar experience at first. Wasn't feeling drawn to it, characters weren't really working. But, like EoG, it also wasn't horrible so I gave it another chapter. Then another. Unlike EoG however, it turned a corner and opened up onto a vista I could really feast my eyes on. I like Tad, and will always have a soft spot for Memory, Sorrow and Thorn-- But I'm done with Osten Ard.
  9. JEORDHl

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    You make some good points here. However, none of them counter a narrative that Pelosi [et others] aren't willing to put skin in the game for the American people. Which, to my mind at least, illustrates another [and not inconsequential] quotient in the rise of populists like Trump and to another extent people like Sanders. Disenfranchisement with the system. Further, I don't see her decision to not impeach Acosta, or Trump, as hard decisions. They're wrong decisions, possibly from multiple viewpoints, but definitely in the case of the former. My opinion likewise, although clearly I'm convinced it's more right :p
  10. JEORDHl

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    I don't know, Jace. I'm an outsider, obviously [Canadian] and while not making comparisons I find Pelosi's leadership sauce about a strongly flavored as water. I cannot imagine how frustrating her lack of resolve must be for progressives in the US to tangibly hold the criminals in the Trump admin accountable in any way. Where you see prudence, I see examples that could further entrench the idea that the democratic political elite don't actually give a shit if it could have any potential 'cost' for doing so.
  11. JEORDHl

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    And yet... "Speaker Pelosi essentially rules out the House impeaching/investigating Acosta. 'It's up to the President, it's his cabinet. We have a great deal of work to do here for the good of the American people and we have to focus on that.'" I've gone from questioning her fitness, to having respect, to thinking she's long past her prime and should be pushed out. Schumer too. Antiquated old balls and bags.
  12. JEORDHl

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Crushed this book in 1/16th the time it took me to read the previous in my TBR pile, and I miss it already. My favorite Kay has been supplanted.
  13. JEORDHl

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    I had a sardonic laugh at this clip. Fucking Biden, man. https://twitter.com/AnandWrites/status/1141505748977033219
  14. I thought I'd hit peak disgust for Canadian politics and our media during the Harper years. Yeah... no.
  15. It's tough. I've got The Uninhabitable Earth and Kay's latest waiting in the wings, but I'm making myself finish EoG at this point because I know myself enough that if I drop EoG I won't pick it back up. Ever. My opinion of Williams writing isn't necessarily diminished, but I'm kind of sad about this.