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  1. As an aside, I have it another go. A few episodes into S2 now. It's a moving show.
  2. Well... shit. I'll try harder.
  3. Not far. Couple episodes maybe? I know that's not good stickiness on my part, but my attention invariably revolves around some kind of hook, even if it's just style over substance, ie: Refn's Too Old to Die Young.
  4. Well, in the book it wasn't a real entity per se. The Squid was engineered by Veidt and then teleported. It caused a lot of damag[E] to effect a [temporary?] unification of the human world against the perceived threat of an alien interdimensional invasion. Seeing as how Veidt's teleportation technology wasn't precise, perhaps Linedlof has imaginatively extrapolated that to the creation of the squid rain-- a kind of random, teleportational/quantum type bifurcation branching off the initial event... or something. edited for clarity
  5. JEORDHl

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    A few new DC projects from HBO Max. Not included in the article, but also from HBO Max, Doom Patrol S2 [nice] and some superhero/villain high school comedy from Elizabeth Banks.
  6. I can't speak to Lindelof directly. I tried The Leftovers but it didn't stick. --- I'm starting to fall into the camp of Irons perhaps being Manhattan instead of Veidt. It would play to the misdirect [Dr Manhattan can't look human] and there was that particular look of, I'm not 100 on what the expression was, that Irons had at the point of the performance when the players were discussing... was it Manhattan's boredom or the monotony of essential godhood or something? I might need a rewatch.
  7. JEORDHl

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    I read it. Seemed more like they were admitting surprise at the trust given [by GRRM] and subsequent grace lent by HBO execs [the original pilot licked scrote, apparently] they under wrote and shot a lot of the episodes in S1, HBO made them add material, and so on. They copped to trying to cotton as much learning along the way as they could [writing values, production, costumes, etc] It didn't come off so much as arrogant, rather, more that they were kind of oblivious to the privilege granted. Chance after chance, after chance. /mini rant
  8. JEORDHl

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    No slack given. They fucked ASoIaF rough. I don't know if I'll ever get over how badly they handled Dany's turn. I actually gave a cheer when I found out they got bounced from STAR WARS. --- New Mandalorian trailer looks good.
  9. JEORDHl

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just downloaded Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, because buzz. Lots of buzz. Necromancer shenanigans, supposed to be weird and fun. Might dive into it tonight.
  10. You have some good points in here.
  11. Sure. I hear this a lot on/from the right, particularly from the idiotic #wexit sheeple. It's pedantic, but no province pays into equalization. The formula is one thing [which gets what, and how much] but the allotted funds-as-payments to the Provinces per the formula come from general tax revenues. Alberta whines, but Ontario and Quebec pay way more into the general coffers than Alberta does, Ontario almost double. I'd agree that the equalization formula should get adjusted on a year by year basis, but how do we deal with a province that refuses to have a PST? Shouldn't the rest of Canada insist Alberta get real and enact a PST before tweaking the equalization formula? I'm an Albertan, and I'd expect Canada to put its foot down.
  12. There's lots of static you can criticize the Liberals about the Indigenous file. UNDRIP, CHRT, MMIWG [et 2T], the Indian Act, White Papers 2.0, under funding, incarceration rates and access to equal justice, but the water advisories are NOT one of them. Almost 90 lifted, over 10 billion committed to the same, but Singh's a hero for committing 1.8 on the campaign trail? Nah. Like, I voted for the NDP because of the Liberals taking Indigenous communities to court in northern Ontario and their last minute appeal of the CHRT ruling. Final straw for me. But it was protest-vote only. God love him, his heart is in the right place, but Singh is frightfully clueless for a federal leader. Dude needs someone to take him to school. Anyway, what I thought I saying was that a merger of the parties would create a new party and that an amalgamation would, perforce, move the Liberal component much further to the left. Someone has to do something. The progressive vote split is a fucking serious problem, there were dozens of tight races that were lost to the PQ and Conservatives in Quebec, for instance, that would've been denied to both with only a little more progressive support. That, or the Conservatives need to implode and go back to their red Tory roots. Possible, but I don't know. The detailed budget drops today,
  13. Evenso, I agree with Paxter. It's still kind of bold. Excepting the Bloc, not one federal party got anywhere near what they wanted. The Cons got rejected by the progressive vote, sure, but so did the Liberals. I don't know where Trudeau is getting this confidence from, frankly. The provincial NDP only won in Alberta because the right had split and done likewise to the vote. Once Kenney reunited the parties under the UCP, Conservative rule in AB was a done deal. I'd like to see some wild leftist magnet move the Liberals leftward and unite them with the NDP and whichever non-conservative Greens wanted to jump ship. It'd would be the death knell of the current iteration of the CPC.
  14. JEORDHl

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Right. I keep forgetting that the Jedi are all about peace. The Sith though... [spreads hands] The writers and producers have more or less dropped the leap and speed enhancements though. Guess Ben and Yoda didn't have enough time to pass it on, and Luke [a leaper] only gave Rey three lessons. Hopefully the Tomes will have some shit she can pass on. --- Tangential, but my money is on Rey being a female clone of Anakin. If so, I wonder how they're going to deal with the power gap between dark clone and light clone. Palpatine's ghost would've been training dark clone forever and a day, right.
  15. JEORDHl

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    I enjoyed that too. One thing that kinda bugs me about the Jedi, as portrayed in film anyway, is their inability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's such a spectacular failure of imagination to not have a Jedi wielding the Force as well as a lightsaber. I'd have like a belt bag full of shrapnel to let loose and spin around me in a red flensing whirlwind and just saber throw for days. Or they could get a little John Wick with it with force trips and snares into close and personal saber work. The possibilities are endless, but no. swoosh, vurrrrrrr, beyeeeersh, vruuuuum [pause] force push/pull, maybe another [pause] vshieu, vearorw, shooooom