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  1. JEORDHl

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    Ah, ok. After some thought I agree with you, caveat being that in retrospect a lot of the earlier peculiarities then made sense [after that last 20% or so] For me, anyway. Except for Tobias, whose arc felt the opposite. It does however seem to be going somewhere now though [maybe 1/3 into the next book] even if I can't pinpoint precisely where that might be.
  2. Nor in the United States.
  3. JEORDHl

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    Blame is for God, and children. I'm interested to see what you make of it.
  4. JEORDHl

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I didn't find the first book incoherent at all, though to be fair it took me a little to get a handle on her prose. Is that what you mean, or more narratively?
  5. JEORDHl

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I'm about 40 or so pages into Donaldson's The Seventh Decimate and I haven't been hooked yet. For an author who has always given me other reasons to keep reading, even when I didn't want to, this is a very strange place for reader-me to be. I'll probably be dropping it [to try again, eventually] when Anna Smith Spark's much anticipated [by me] The Tower of Living and Dying drops later tonight.
  6. JEORDHl

    July '18 Reading - What We Read in the Shadows

    *wrong thread
  7. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: The Marionette Presidency Edition

    Yip. I dumped Facebook a couple months ago, no regrets, even with the fam whinging about no more updates and photos of my daughters. Twitter now, that's the shit-- something on it makes me laugh out loud at least several times throughout the day which is good for the soul.
  8. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: The Marionette Presidency Edition

  9. JEORDHl

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Yeah, hard pass on both of those. Fucking Warner/DC, man.
  10. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Them damn flipsides though, bro.
  11. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    It's not ignorance. Kind of... rose colored though, maybe. Because many forms of it incite violence, we have hate speech laws in Canada. Physical violence can also be a crime, mind, but then there's this thing called provocation. The video linked above is problematic [imo] only in that the guy ended up on the tracks. Depending on circumstance I personally don't have a problem with it. Especially this one. Dude drops the n-bomb and walks away like the other can't do anything -it almost sounds like he's daring the other to at one point- he shouldn't need eyes on the back of his head to see that one coming. Justice served.
  12. Ridiculous. But hey, we're just virtue signalling. This is great too.
  13. JEORDHl

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    How. In. The FUCK did JK Simmons not get a nod for his acting in Counterpart.
  14. JEORDHl

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    [low whistle]
  15. Consultant? Pourquoi? I read somewhere today on the fly that Ontario schools are to, at Ford's direction, ditch indigenous studies as well. (narrows eyes)