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  1. I wonder how long it was vacant between the 3 precious owners. *previous lol
  2. Over under on that bet is probably 2:1 lol Notley catches a lot of strays for being pragmatic and having good business sense, but there’s just no way any political party besides Conservative can win in cattle country unless they offset their more progressive policy with business acumen. If the UCP somehow stumbles to the finish line [full term] I can see a socon splinter shucking off that would make it that much easier. Unless Harper, I suppose, but hopefully he’s satisfied with the IDU [which also must be destroyed]
  3. I watched the first one last night but couldn't continue because I'd stayed up way too late the night before watching election coverage. Pleasant surprise seeing all the episodes had dropped. The Duel had great animation and action sequences, even if I didn't care much for some of the designs and the odd toon shading [alternating crosshatch] that said, my preference bias didn't detract from the visuals once I got used to it. Interesting twist at the end, and I want to know more about the Wanderer, so good job. My 13yo* will be cranky I started without her, so looking forward to watching more of them later on this evening with her. *the 11yo thinks Star Wars and Marvel and Science Fiction and Fantasy and Animated stuff is all 'stupid' so she gets little sympathy from me when she gets resentful her sister and I dig on that stuff together bonding lol
  4. The sad thing is, Shandro, Copping, and even Kenney [I know] are amongst the more moderate of the UCP members. Unless it somehow triggers an election, Kenney getting ousted won't help Albertans in any discernable way, It'll be worse.
  5. Scrutineers. Funny word for some reason. —- Singh was yapping about voter suppression earlier today, regarding EC’s decision not to have campus voting stations, and now there’s rumblings from NDP organizers about how online donations for individual ridings were kicking straight to the campaign fund to promote Singh, for advertising, private flights, et so on. So like… he’s a phoney right? Progressive maybe, and perhaps he even believes it, but man, Canada is going to roll over hard for the the next leader that just rolls up their sleeves and gives us the straight dope. So sick of politicians.
  6. Not looking forward to the incessant post mortem and entrails examinations we'll be subjected to over the next while. Seems clear the volume rise for the PPC didn't all come from the Conservatives [big yikes]; Singh barely moved the needle of national support for the NDP; the Greens are more or less done [I'm reasonably certain most of the Green crank Libertarian type idiots went PPC] and the Conservatives have been on rear guard since 2015. Singh may face a leadership review, O'Toole most definitely will, Paul will resign or be pushed out, and I suspect this will be Trudeau's last term as Liberal leader. Ranked ballot might be ok, but I don't see the Liberals doing it as they'd have to share more power with the NDP, then again, if it meant less Conservatives it might be worth entertaining [at least to me] I'm just glad we don't have PR. Imagine Parliament with all those fucking wingnut PPC MPs [driving my girls to school on the Island this morning we saw a PPC election sign defaced with Penis Party. My 13yo choked on her iced coffee and we all shared a snicker] Bird is right about the NDP though. They went into this election 7 million in debt iirc, mortgaged their downtown Toronto head office and spent 25 million on this election. So... we might actually get a full term minority government.
  7. I’m happy with result, honestly. Singh can chap my ass sometimes, but this should serve as a warning to the Liberals that they need to push left. Blanchet with his separatist innuendo, O’Toole trying to refresh campaign talk before the knives come out, the PPC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan can fuck off into a black assholed, prolapsed and distant sun.
  8. Alberta is a mess. I texted my brother last to ask if the AHS had tried to draft him for ICU duty, but he's working too much already between two ophthalmology clinics. It's that dire though. They're calling everyone. The Calgary Children's Hospital is closing 3/4s of their operating rooms come Monday, iirc. Staffing, I think, but Jesus, worst leadership in the country insofar as squelching data, testing, contact tracing, social restrictions. Everyone with half a brain knew Delta was going to be bad, but Kenney decided all his cuts and scraps with AHS were fine and hey, let's just throw caution to the wind and pray for vaccine + herd immunity. Or something. Fucking idiot. It'd be nice to see some government heads roll in the next few years. Criminally.
  9. Missed this, just shared in the US thread. Quite the reaction.
  10. 4th wave? Pfft. O'Toole: If I had hair, I'd do it to it! Fuck out of here. --- Singh was stating in a presser earlier today that Yes, Kenney is to blame for AB's sitch, but Trudeau contributed by calling an early election. Dude is just determined to prevent me from maintaining even a modicum of respect.
  11. Not only were mics cut, but subsequent to this tweet someone apparently pulled the fire alarm lol
  12. I spent my 15 years in Alberta, in Calgary, yet sometimes wonder if it'd been Edmonton, would I have tried so hard to convince my ex that we needed to move both our households out of province, iono. Chatter is the Federal Conservatives are angry with Kenney for bringing in heavy restrictions now, that he'd agreed to wait until Tuesday. Not sure if that's true or not, such callous disregard wouldn't surprise me, but yeah, definitely hurt the Conservative cause, and ups chances of flipping a few tight Fed ridings in Edmonton and Calgary.
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