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  1. Insofar as hooking, it's entirely possible it may not. It's far from a universally beloved book series. I think you'll get into it though, Jax. Hopefully I'm not wrong.
  2. I was just looking at this on Twitter and was coming to share. I wonder how it correlates by area, county, and state. Could be pretty damning.
  3. I thought the expressions of Tanax's haken and other abilities were quite a bit higher up the cool scale than Maya's, but when you put it like that... yeah.
  4. Huh. I rarely read the acknowledgments.
  5. Yeah :/ The removal of old style mailboxes with the drawer instead of the slot my not have been as big a deal as some made it out to be, but the mail sorting machines are different. I was a little shocked on Kay's behalf, but it's not my place to speak further on that. And, you didn't do anything to me besides call me dumb, which I can accept. I'm so dumb it didn't even register until a later reread of the sequence. Lots of people don't, and while they may or may not be more egocentric than the individuals that simply won't, that you can apologize [even to someone with whom you share a mutual dislike] is a mark in your favor, imo.
  6. Got a ways to go yet [so won't dive into your spoilers] I've been boarding and scrolling social media too much, unusually busy in RL too. Been dozens of huhs, wows, and fucks already. Some really beautiful character moments too. So many of them are commendable creations, but Baru and Tau just make me shake my head. Amazing.
  7. Agreed, I think it might be.
  8. Have any of you actually run afoul of this though? I once got piled on [not here] for saying that I didn't think Bissonnette, the Quebec City Mosque shooter, was a terrorist. That turned into a few hour back and forth [including several former boarders] where I had to defend my position, about how I'd generally equated terrorism to be more of an organization and that Bissonnette was instead a disenfranchised type who was self radicalized online -and- that I imagined most ideological terrorists recruited by an organization likely start out that way so perhaps society should look at addressing the inequities [real or perceived] to curtail said radicalization/recruitment. My thinking has evolved since then, due initially to that discussion [Bissonnette is definitely a terrorist] but that's the closest I've ever come to being on the 'wrong side,' like some of you are eluding to inthread. It really wasn't that bad.
  9. I'm in the middle of a very good book, but when up and about periodically deal with emails, texts, and doomscroll social media. This was funnynotfunnyyetstillfunny
  10. No, I didn't know this. On the Census in Canada, iirc, if you were born here you identify as Canadian. I think. It's been a while [I've been moving around a lot-- same city though] You don't have to self identify as such if you're Indigenous though, obviously. That's... weirdly interesting in a not sure I want to know more kind of way. [edit: and I skip quite a bit of it, re: the CA census]
  11. I guess all those books Kushner read didn't help his ME proposal after all.
  12. This made me laugh. I'm sure the full story is more amusing. I spent about 4 months in the far north several years ago. Caught the Inuit Games, which was very fucking cool, but one night when later in Dawson City I went to a bar [was bored, don't drink, thank god, thus when pressed avoided a Sourtoe cocktail, replete with a frostbit toe, ugh] and I walked up to a pool table where several Inuit were playing pool, spread my arms and asked who wanted to lose. Without skipping a beat one looked at her friends and said, 'Fucking Irish,' with a laugh, then they subsequently took turns more or less whooping my ass on the table for a couple hours [I won maybe two] Good times lol When the Irish bit was dropped I didn't pick it up. It was kind of interesting though. That cocky association, I guess.
  13. Heh. I've identified as a Canadian settler a couple times, and woo, in certain company that can really ruffle feathers lol
  14. It would depend o the culture you're identifying with, I'd think [were you adopted, or just didn't know your father growing up-- sorry if that's too personal, if so just ignore] Like, my surname is Greek. And I like that I have Greek ancestry. If I went to Greece and claimed to be one of them, would I be welcomed? I don't know. My father's parents weren't both Greek though. My grandmother his side was Welsh and Irish. My grandparents mother's side are France French [immigrants to CA] pretty much straight up [there's other stuff in there, but not much-- more on this below] If I went to France and claimed [in English, I don't speak French] to be one of them, would they open their arms? Maybe. My mother's side is a huge French Catholic family. At a family reunion decades ago there were a few teepees [tipi] My family dentist growing up commented on both my mother and my jaw structures and teeth, and said in his experience there was definitely Indigenous ancestry [he said native, more precisely] If I announced to dozens of Indigenous communities that I was part one of them, would any of them claim me? Yeah... no. It's almost a shame North America is so young we'd [predominantly white people] rather claim our European [or other] ancestry instead of saying we're simply American, or Canadian.
  15. It's been an age since I've worked with colored conte, and seldom since art school. Some random life drawing drop in sessions. Love it, though always liked going big on an easil. Did you find that the edible helped with the tremor at all, or no? I have a friend who takes medical marijuana for tremors and says it really helps [and is definitely noticeable] but hers are more extensive than what you're describing, Argo.
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