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  1. Only if you assume people are stupid on the mean. The chronological context was: Conservatives; We can do [checks notes] 600 dollars [or whatever] Dems: The government can do better than that. 2000k! Cons: 2k is silly, do you think we can print money? 600 Dems: 2k! [back and forth, back and forth] Dems and Cons: Well, this is what we settled on. 600 bucks Cons: [lose] Dems: [win] and 1400 more --- It's not a hard sell. At all. And whinging about it is... whinging.
  2. Hasn't 600 already been released though? What's 600 +1400...
  3. lol My daughter, age 11, and another diminutive Tyrion, is much smarter than this man.
  4. Yeah, I know. Which is why I included the angry staffer to the speculation. edit: could be hack though, apparently Pence's is the same now too lol
  5. Saw an updated screenshot stating that his presidency ended today. Did he resign, did he get those pardons out in time, was it a pissed off staffer, who knows. edit: lulz
  6. Journo Dale responded to that, and a poster reposted upthread. --- This is... I don't know if it's cause euphoria or whatever, but Twitter is fucking hilarious right now:
  7. It would seem contrary to type, but it's the only way he beats the 25th [if it's invoked, unlikely] and a 2nd impeachment.
  8. Soon as he, his aids, and general counsel do the best ad hoc attempt they can at broad pardons for his fam and himself, of course.
  9. I really wish someone would shut this this cock eyed fuck's talk hole with a fist. Maybe Rand Paul's neighbor? Anyways. It's really difficult to pick which Republican I dislike the most. So many dangerous parodies of human beings to choose from.
  10. Twitter extended his lockout to 24 hours, iirc, and he's facing a permaban if he doesn't remove certain tweets.
  11. Trump's Twitter account has been locked. It's happening.
  12. Mmn... read some reporter on Twitter that's been in the capitol building since this morning, who said that the capitol police were way undermanned. Whether that's true or not, iono, but 13 arrests and 5 confiscated firearms [and one protestor shot in the neck] should ostensibly mean some security heads are going to roll. Probably.
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