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  1. Mmn hmn. Don’t much care for ScarJo, she seems like a bit of an asshole, but a contract is a contract is a contract, and if the streaming wasn’t writ (or rewrit) into it it’s in breach. I agree she’ll get a decent portion. The public sue is kind of interesting, then I remember it’s ScarJo and don’t really care lol
  2. I enjoyed Ysabel but it definitely had twangs of out of tune.
  3. My 13 yo lost her mind laughing when she saw this earlier
  4. Heartbreaking and rage inducing twofer right there. Jesus.
  5. Jealously wishing I could watch it for the first time too. Enjoy.
  6. lol if I ever see Michael Bay attached to a MCU movie imma peacesign_fadeout.gif
  7. Not that I noticed. A director has been attached to the upcoming FF film though.
  8. In comic lore, yes. Kang is a 31st century descendant of the Richards.
  9. Fix that, Ty. Subjective, sure, but in my view Winter Soldier is still the crown of the MCU films. Edit: I didn’t see DMCs response. I’m like outraged tonight, soon as I saw it I was typing lol
  10. Nah, bottom line is, re: their own intentions, and the intentions of their creations: all subjects, total content, and every. single. [written or unwritten] motivation of all within a creative work, there is no more authoritative voice than the author -unless it's a work of nonfiction- period. The end. Like, honestly man, even if Tolkien got less certain and dithery and/or more nuanced in his dotage, his speculations are entire magnitudes more authentic than your ridiculous conceit. I've enjoyed the Tolkien threads on this board for years and years, as well as your contributions herein, but on this point you couldn't be more wrong, It's as wrong as it gets. Objectively wrong. Even morally. ;p
  11. I read this, and thought about it, and all I can think is how horrifyingly thoughtless this statement is. There is absolutely no one within a thousand leagues more able to expound upon quintessential Sauron than Tolkien. Grain of salt? Like fuck out of here lol
  12. Pretty sure most of the MCU acting contracts come with future options/conditions, excepting when the creatives and execs know a particular role is a definite one off. Florence Pugh has been on the rise for a while, regardless. Off the top of my head her performances in Lady MacBeth and Little Drummer Girl probably put her way up on casting lists.
  13. Yeah, me too. But it’s firmly within the realm of plausible Syloki could’ve been hunkering down in apocalypses for a technically long ass time before the right branch and subsequen— wait a sec, I don’t remember, did the TVA reset Hiddloki’s branch? [YMMV, but I think it’s a wicked mess lol]
  14. Yeah, Majors is fantastic. I was impressed/ and became invested with his performance in Lovecraft Country [Jurnee Smollet too, also if not more of a standout] so the chops aren't in question, and he could have a long tenure in the MCU. Multiple but slightly different Kangs seeking dominance while being hunted by other Kangs to comedic fuckuppery, shit is making me chuckle just thinking about it. Doctor Doom was also a fantastic straight man to Kang's hijinks in the some of the comics [that I read] We need big bads, sure, but also the MCU needs a lot more villains.
  15. I get the frustration. Thing is I think a lot of people aren’t getting, or get but remain annoyed by, is Marvel’s intentionally duplicated their comics MO directly with their live action properties. The MCU is more or less interconnected mini series [with perhaps an eventual ongoing series] with the films being the larger crossover events analogous to Annuals and whatnot [unless they’re establishing a new character or characters, perhaps] Essentially, they’re modestly contained but otherwise open ended teases to the next establishing series or movie, et so on. Like the comics, one should be able to determine the general direction, but it’s a ride to get there. Some people definitely aren’t going to enjoy that, but if Marvel keeps it up it’s just going to keep expanding. It’ll be cool [for me] if the Phases end up having multiple Big Bads with parallel but occasionally crossing storylines. I suspect [thanks Lokis] one consequence of the multiverse-diffusion will be a relatively pain free jump into the Xmen, mutantkind, the Shiar, and so on, resulting with many fans [and new fans] wanting to collect them all-- which is no small part of the MCUs success, and the DCEUs biggest failure in comparison. /imo edit: man, my phone made a mess of that
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