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  1. 9.9 -.01 for the Roz-Pycelle scene, otherwise, incredible. Perfect set up for season two.
  2. Fantastic episode. HBO needed for viewers to invest in Robb, Tyrion and the rest to bring them back next season after the lost of Ned. My only quibble, Aemon scene with Jon. Stop the pity party Jon and give more of the scene to Aemon. 9.9 near perfect!
  3. Okay, maybe Chataya or Alayaya? Saves introducing new character and also Tyrion already knows and probably "trusts" Ros.
  4. My first 10. No wasted time. I could go on and on but I am sure everyone else will. Flew by. Great set ups for everyone, Renly, Mormont, Daenerys, Tyrion, Roz (guess she will morph into Tyrion whore to consolidate characters). A little bit of a "House TV" moment when Ned figures it all out from his kids but OMG, OMG, OMG.
  5. I guess I am in the minority. I didn't care for this episode very much. I thought the scene with Robert and Cersei was kind of worthless and "filler." I don't see why they have introduced this lost baby story and if anything, it makes her more sympathetic which just seems so out of character from the books. Maybe it is a red herring so that she will not be suspected in Robert's death but I still don't like it. I wish they had spent the time on Sansa to show more of her inner conflicts. They need to show her still believing in a little bit of a fairy tale so that when she leaks the escape plans it is more heartbreaking for us. I guess they needed the Loras/Renly scene to show him as a viable king candidate but, once again, I think the time could have been better spent at the Eyrie or on Sansa. Oh well, as long as the ratings are good so that we can get 5 more seasons, I will be happy.
  6. I thought it was great. They moved the plot along but also managed to work in enough of the background history that had been lacking and lay the groundwork for future actions by the main characters. I really liked the Jamie scenes. He "ain't no angel" but sure does seem like a lot of people like Ned and Robert were more than willing to profit from his dirty work. The hour goes by way too fast.
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