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  1. 1. It was dull, boring and predictable. The WF ending was disgusting, no matter how bad we (the audience) know LF is, he deserved a proper trial, not just an execution. The mere fact they presented that as "cool" and satisfying is nauseating. It just confirmed all the plot holes people had noticed from episodes ago were just that, plot holes. Horrible
  2. Really? I did not think that too far fetched, actually. They have been established to be trained to march for long distances and there is basically no one to stop them if they hike from Casterly Rock. What made the scene of their ships being burned a bit pointless, but that is minor stuff compared with some other much worse issues.
  3. I am really looking forward to it. Wanna bet the rant thread will beat records?
  4. Don't even try. Obviously this poster has clearly decided to defend the show plot no matter what. He will use any kind of arguments, even repeating old ones that have already been debunked and ignoring direct responses when they don't suit his arguments. Your plot is solid, way better than what we got form the show. What it comes to prove that many people, if were given the hard task to write backwards form a given plot point, would do a much better job that the show writers.
  5. Simple and elegant solution. The only problem is that it does not provide for a "miracle rescue" so the showrunners disregarded it. You will enjoy my Night King Master Plan Theory, in "Siding with the Night King" thread. They were not lucky, the showrunners set it up that way. I discussed this situation with my girlfriend´s father, who is an artillery commander. He confirmed that any sane military commander that had such a massive superiority will bluntly display to force the enemy to surrender. Will you admit that you were wrong if we do not see Sweetrobin or any other significant delegate from The Vale, Dorne or the Stormlands?
  6. This plan might look a bit contrived, but he is all knowing and has power to freeze stuff and control the dead, which has already been established, is doable. When you are writing a story you should always look at alternative scenarios to the one you are proposing and mentally check if they make more sense than the one you are proposing. If there are any, no matter how much you like how the scene looks in your mind, you should discard it. It is clear the showrunners have not being doing this for a long time, if ever.
  7. GRRM is not to blame at all for the decline in the quality of the show. He is just responsible for his own work. And showrunners are called so for a reason. It is their responsibility and their job to run the show. Therefore, all criticism should rightly be addressed at them and only them Well said. So true Curiously enough, I quoted you regarding this issue and you have ignored me. Many people who never read the book also complain about the show. My brother, who has not read a single book for pleasure in his life, but enjoys good films and TV shows, can see the gaping plot holes and notice the decline of quality. Because the show, as a standalone piece of TV, is going downhill. You don´t need to bring "book crap" to see the plot holes. As I said, just watching show the show carefully and critically can lead you to the same conclusions. 100% agree. A good TV show MUST have good visuals, good acting and good writing. That is why it is a difficult media. If the showrunners are not up for the task, they should give it up. Yes, they shouldn´t. The same way a training cook should not try to cook a master chef level dish. As I said, not only book purists who try to look intellectually superior criticize the show. Critical watching will take you to the same place. I loved "Blackwater", it is one of my favourite episodes. GRRM is a person who wrote TV scripts before, so he is perfectly aware that TV and books are different media and require different approaches. The last scene, with Cersei and Tommen at the Throne Room, which does not appear in the books, is a masterpiece. What it comes to prove that the problem is not deviating from the books, but doing it in a sloppy way. I am not getting you point or you misunderstood my proposed scenario: Daenerys has no way of knowing a living human being from a dead wight unless she is really close to the ground. Therefore, once Gendry is at Eastwatch, the NK could easily freeze the lake and order the wights to attack while he and his WW buddies throw ice spears from a massive distance. Once the M7 are rightly dead, he can wightfy them and, when Danerys is approaching, set up a mummer´s show of them fighting the wights. The only reason I can think he would not do it is that he knows Jon is an utter moron and he would rather have him than Sansa or some other person ruling the North when he invades.
  8. This theory does not hold any water. Once Gendry Maratheon reached Eastwatch and the raven was sent, there was no need to keep the M7 alive. He could have frozen the lake and captured them immediately, and the dragons would still be coming. So an ICE DEMON can not freeze a lake and has to patiently wait for it to do it naturally? I thought the show had established the WW´s brought the cold with them, and it is safe to assume that the leader, who happens to be a 8000 old magical creature, should have some magical powers, specially when a girl who spends just two years training with the Faceless Men can perfectly impersonate a Lord at his home home for two weeks. So is the NK extremely powerful or completely useless? I thinks it depends on the desired outcome on the scene, not on any well thought out plan regarding his skills. You could have not described D&D writing process better. Scouting abilities, river depths, ravens flight speed, distance between Eastwatch and Dragonstone, characters´motivations, and so many other... I am sorry, but anyone trying to defend the plot is just being extremely acritical. If you just want to watch it and never think about the plot holes, it is fine, but do not try do say they do not exist.
  9. That is the point, the show keeps ignoring its own lore when it suits the showrunners´ preconceived ideas of how a scene should look. That is why the "it is a fantasy series with dragons and ice zombies, can you just not suspend disbelief and enjoy" argument does not hold any water.
  10. Wait, so you are telling me an Ice Zombie King can not freeze a lake, neither sense whether such lake is already frozen to send his army? That´s a lame Ice Zombie King for sure. Such a bizarre power for an Ice Zombie King who can not freeze water... I will stick to the show: it is inconsistently written. Everything is subordinated to "cool moments" with no real substance before. That may make for good musical video clips, but this a TV show, and for a TV show to be good, it needs both the visual and the narrative elements to be good. GOT has been falling flat on the writing for a long time, so it is not a good show.
  11. I could not stop picturing that in my mind. Hilarious
  12. Exactly my point. My estimate is that in the vicinity of the NK and a few WW´s the freezing time would be an hour top, being extra generous.
  13. I am pretty sure the information you gathered does not take into account that the White Walkers bring the cold with them and that they can manipulate ice.