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  1. If you are looking for clues about the books will finish, I believe reading GRRM previous work is much better than watching the show.
  2. He is the Song of Awesomeness Maybe Skagosi unicorns can fly if the showrunners need them for some scene. That is such a cliched and re used fantasy trope that will likely be the ending of the show. And people will cheer...
  3. Armand Gargalen

    Fickle Characters

    Not every Frey participated in the Red Wedding. Many of them were kept out of the secret because Walder thought they would spill the beans. Probably many of the ones that participated were just following orders (not a complete excuse, but still...). Collective punishment and mass murder is wrong in almost everyone´s book, including Arya´s beloved father that she loves to talk about so much. She could have just done Walder and some other leaders.
  4. Armand Gargalen

    Night King appreciation thread

    So truuuue But, OTOH, only the Night King´s Army and some wildlings have not forgotten the art of scouting.
  5. Armand Gargalen

    Night King appreciation thread

    Yes, but you are not considering Westeros main advantages: 1. Most Westerosi heroes don plot armor. This a superior version of Valyrian armor, which allow the wearer to deflect giant spears, float, be invisible to enemies or summon magical help, among many other feats. 2. Westeros is led by the awesome cliche couple Kit&Emilia. With millions of devoted fans ready to switch the TV off if they died, they are really hard to kill. So our Beloved Leader is doomed in the show. Thankfully, the show is just a nightmare He had before the real story is told by the books.
  6. Armand Gargalen

    Can we talk about Jon?

    It is indeed a matter of opinion whether he deserted or not when he decided to take Winterfell. As I have already said in this thread, both opinions have their merit. But the point is that a lot of people in the Watch thought him a deserter, and it is highly unlikely that, if he is resurrected (and this is still an if for me) he will be admitted back in the Watch. So, the way I see it, at the end of ADWD Jon is not in the Watch any more, so the character can not do what he did in the show.
  7. Armand Gargalen

    Fickle Characters

    Well said, sir!!!
  8. Armand Gargalen

    Can we talk about Jon?

    GRRM can no longer do that in the books. Jon already deserted the Watch in the books, before he died. So he can not leave it again. It won´t happen.
  9. Armand Gargalen

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    Court jester: Stannis Baratheon
  10. Armand Gargalen

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    This is more show than books, but.. Court eunuch: Poddrick
  11. Armand Gargalen

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    Master of Whisperers: Ned Stark
  12. Armand Gargalen

    Night King appreciation thread

    Thirty minutes of awesomeness
  13. Armand Gargalen

    Why do people think the Others are morally grey?

    Very interesting thread, to start with. I think @Tyrion1991 has touched on a really interesting problem, but I have reached a different solution. I prefer not to judge people, so there are no black or white or grey or evil people. Just people. That attitude sets you free to judge actions. Killing people is bad. I want the killing of people to stop. I don´t care if the Others have grey morals, if they are an amoral force of nature or just a metaphor for climate change. I may be intellectually curious about their nature, and knowing about it will help me for the next step of the process, but from a moral point of view, I find it irrelevant. Whatever they are, they are doing something wrong that needs to be stopped. The question, for me, is not whether the Others are evil or just dark grey, but how do we stop them from killing more people? ASOIAF is a fictional story, so there is only a possible answer: however the author says. Now, I am a pacifist, and GRRM has affirmed to be so as well. Pacifism is not just the belief that war is bad; anyone but very seriously psychologically damaged people and people who benefits financially or otherwise from war without suffering its horror would agree on this. Pacifism is the belief that war is NEVER the solution to a conflict or the lesser of two evils. Pacifists believe that there is always a better alternative to be found, one which may not look as satisfying in the short term but it is in the longer one. Because of this, I am quite certain that a pacifist writer would not try to solve the main conflict of his opus magnum through a war, a war to end all wars, the only war that matters. A pacifist would solve it through a dramatic internal struggle which forces the protagonists to realize that war is not the solution to the problem, and to try to come up with alternative solutions. This is just my opinion, and I could be wrong. GRRM may not be as much as committed pacifist as I am and end his work with a big war. I am pretty confident he won´t, and actually, in a smaller scale, has ended some other of his previous stories the way I described a pacifist would do. I won´t say which ones not to spoil them,but if you are acquainted with his work, you will be able to remember at least one.
  14. Armand Gargalen

    Minor characters/plots you care in asoiaf

    The Reader Darkstar, "the most dangerous man in Dorne" everything to do with Qarth Doran Martell (not exactly a minor, but not that much "screentime" yet) Dolorous Ed (I love his dark sense of humour) Lynn Cobray The Hightowers and Oldtown Lord Too Fat to Sit a Horse