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  1. Released less than a year ago and with apparently very few sales, so it's probably not on the radar... and as it's an edutainment game, could be even if ME Enterprises noticed, they won't bother with it.
  2. (a) is just obvious, but (b) is very much relevant. Using someone's trademark as a joke to enhance your rubbish collection business is obviously something Middle-earth Enterprises sees as detrimental. "Failed" by getting them to pay a licensing fee to continue to use the name, IIRC. A Hobbit pub is certainly more in keeping with LotR in spirit than a rubbish collection business. I doubt ME Enterprises will offer a licensing deal.
  3. Funny, a short made from a Kinison performance showed up on my Youtube last night, which made me revisit his performance as the very angry Vietnam vet history professor in Dangerfield's Back in School.
  4. "Lord of the Rings" is trademarked in many different categories by Middle-earth Enterprises, so they are certainly in position to act against it. There is no parody exemption for trademarks in UK law, as far as I can find. And the Trade Mark Act says in Section 10 (3): I think it's very clear that Middle-Earth Enterprises would feel that a parodic trademark that references their work is "detrimental [to] ... the repute of the trade mark." They don't want LotR associated with rubbish and rubbish removal, however necessary or honorable that profession may be.
  5. I definitely think there's room for a gritty Green Lantern Corps story -- there's been some pretty dark and serious storylines over the course of GL's history. Themyscira is, as far as I can recall, generally sketchier and certainly I don't think any kind of "Game of Thrones"-like story of intrigue and civil war has ever taken place there, but I'm less certain about it.
  6. Sadly, I think the chances of the CW going ahead are even poorer today than they were last week. The original series development heads have been let go, and per the reporting, only some "lower-level staffers — i.e., those with smaller salaries — are being retained" in scripted programming development. Best hope now, IMO, is that JMS gets to shop it around elsewhere again and maybe luck strikes...
  7. George liked how House Tarbeck's turned out so much that he regretted that they had been killed off by the time of the books. @The Commentator I'm fond of Beesbury as well. Notably, it's one of the ones George decided to have a miniature knight painted up as,based on our take on the arms.
  8. The writing team makes it sound like it's a comedy. Sounds fun.
  9. Ugh, found out that we do not in fact have Roku in Sweden. Fingers crossed that HBO Nordic's HBO Max will run it instead... @Corvinus85 It's been reported that the new showrunner used the last couple of episodes to try and conclude the story. As I understand it, Whedon had overseen the first ten episodes, but they hadn't filmed four of those (plus the two more that hadn't been finished being written), so to what degree they rewrote some or all of those episodes to contribute to the conclusion, I don't know.
  10. I wouldn't consider Ellie "super competent". There's little evidence of this. But I will say is that she feels like a generic plucky teenager at the moment. I suspect the idea is that the events of this show will be formative for her.
  11. Good news! It looks like Roku and Tubi will be airing The Nevers, including the unaired episodes that wrap up the series. Many thanks to TV Line for actually specifically confirming with HBO that the deal includes the unaired episodes. I hope this includes international rights, because we don't get Tubi here in Sweden, but we do get Roku...
  12. The Patreon is actually for Highgarden Entertainment, which is the corporation that owns the Jean Cocteau and Beastly Books. They're obviously trying to diversify income streams for those businesses, and since George owns them they're no doubt hoping having some GRRM content exclusive to them will help boost interest and revenue. I'm guessing all the Patreon money is intended for the businesses and not for GRRM himself.
  13. JustCosplaySings, who's listed as one of the selected performers, did a Japanese version of "I Really Want To Stay At Your House" that's quite cool (Saya Elder of CDPR, who was one of the producers of Edgerunners, ended up sharing it on Twitter):
  14. I had the TNG Officer's Manual shown at 8:36, and the Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator game.. oh, and the Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update. Did try to play the game once or twice with my brother or friends, but lets just say its complexities were a bit beyond us at the time.
  15. And now we know who to credit for Red Son (well, her and Grant Morrison). The rest must have been the fault of other teachers!
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