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  1. For the science fiction city builder fans, Surviving Mars is free at the Humble Bundle website for about... 31 more hours.
  2. I think Conan O'Brien plugged that one as well. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of podcast about Hollywood props and costumes, co-hosted by David Mandel (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep) and Ryan J. Condal (House of the Dragon) has returned for its second season. First episode opens with talking about their return (they lost "only a little" money, and their demographic is apparently 96-98% male, heh) and future plans (Condal plans to have someone from the production of HotD as a guest at some point, wouldn't surprise me if Mandel did the same from his current production for HBO, The White House Plumbers), then they get into the meat of it: Indiana Jones, the 40th anniversary of the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the travails and minutiae of collecting Jones's bullwhips.
  3. I would need an IP address for that. Like the IP address I have for you, Danskjävel!
  4. This is of course the warm-up half. Mother Russia always does best when it's the underdog!
  5. Given the way the Internet works, if CDPR didn't say they weren't going to announce a game, people would be prepared to pillory them for not in fact announcing a game.
  6. Very brief teaser for the 2nd season: An on-line Witchercon has been announced for July 9th, with people from the show and from CDPR discussing the making of their respective projects. CDPR did make it plain that no new Witcher game was going to be announced, however. In all likelihood the release of the first real trailer will probably coincide with the event.
  7. Netflix's been revealing some stuff in the works. A new Castlevania series (sans Warren Ellis) following Richter Belmont (son of Trevor and Sypha) and Maria Renard in the late 18th century. Then it was announced that Netflix was ordering up a Far Cry(!) anime series, as well as giving Adi Shankar (Castlevania's showrunner) the reins to make Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix (!!!!) based on the FC3 DLC Blood Dragon. His presentation of it is an unusually honest description of its inspirations (including DC's Elseworlds, synthwave music and art, Captain N: The Gamemaster, and his own "Bootleg Universe" fan films): There's a clip at the 32:20 that's a sort of conceptual tease.
  8. @Tywin et al. You may find this informative as well.
  9. I would recommend starting by taking the title Danskjävel. It is an honorific with a long and storied history.
  10. A couple more featurettes for "Snow in the Desert" and "Ice": Also, first season alum Alberto Mielgo ("Witness") has had his new short animated film, "The Windshield Wiper", selected to appear at Cannes during the Director's Fortnight (also known by its French name, La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs). There's a trailer for it from a couple of years back, but it looks like he never released it and kept tinkering with it until now. It is decidedly NSFW:
  11. Agreed, it doesn't make much sense. I think only CDPR can answer as to what happened with Santiago becoming Saul. As someone speculated in the comments to the thread, it could just be that they all decided that it wasn't working to shoe-horn in Santiago as a present-day player, that it detracted from rather than enhanced the present-day story, and so they changed it up but had to cut dialog around it.
  12. Not a trailer, but a sneak peek at The Cuphead Show, based on the award-winning game:
  13. Tomorrow, Belgium. A month from now, Europe!
  14. A very interesting thread on Reddit in which someone noted some things that made them wonder about the Panam/Aldecaldos storyline seemingly being a bit unbalanced in terms of how present Johnny makes himself in it, and after digging into game files found a likely reason: Saul, leader of the Aldecaldos, was initially going to be Santiago Aldecaldo, the mercenary who had teamed up with Rogue and ended up taking part in the raid on Arasaka Tower. The person's speculations do make me think that this would have been a more interesting way to take that story, and could have made the Star ending feel much tighter and more impactful. Why they went away from this is unclear, of course -- they speculate that it may have been something they iterated until they met with Mike Pondsmith and he insisted Santiago had to be out of the picture by 2077, but I'm not so sure about that one. OTOH, their speculation that the existence of Trace (Santiago's son) proves Santiago was still around by 2077 seems rather off.
  15. Re-watched Capernaüm, Nadine Labaki's beautiful, moving film that won the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2018. Set in Beirut, the cast is almost entirely unprofessional, and the film is really carried by the performance of the lead character, Zain al Hajj (played by Zain Al Rafeea). A scrawny, malnourished 12-year-old who lives in extreme poverty and has the presence and weariness of someone many times older. The film opens with Zain as a prisoner being taken to court, and the film reveals that he's been sentenced for five years for stabbing someone ("some son of a bitch" he repeatedly tells the judge), but the reason he's at court is because he has launched a suit against his deadbeat parents. The crime? Causing him to be born into the misery that has been his life. The film goes back and forth from there, showing the tragic events leading up to his crime, and then to the revelatory moment when he lets all of Lebanon know about the sorrow he feels and the cause he sees in it. The film also has what may be the cutest toddler actor I've ever seen, Yonas, the son of Rahil, a young undocumented Ethopian woman who ends up taking Zain in for a time. (Funnily enough, I discovered that baby boy Yonas is in fact played by a baby girl, Boluwatife Treasure Bankole. But honestly, so cute.) It's a really stirring film, with some very beautiful images. It reminded me, in places, of City of God and Shoplifters, but it has its own soul and heart. The aerial shots of Beirut are terrific. Another thing that surprised me: this is the biggest box office of any Middle Eastern or Arabic-language film, thanks to the fact that it was a huge hit in China -- the $54 million it racked up there was like 80% of the total box office. Apparently it really struck a chord with Chinese filmgoers.
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