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  1. Well, as a business entity, yes. But I think the fact that Thiel's shares were priced at $0.001 a share, so that he spent a total of $1700 in his Roth IRA for his 1.7 million shares, means that as far as his finances went it was anything but a huge risk. If it tanked, he was out $1,700. If it went big... well, now he has $5 billion coming to him with 0 in taxes paid along the way. I do wonder how many IPO startup millionaires and billionaires have actually reaped huge sums this way. What I do find scandalous is, specifically, Thiel -- $5 billion? The others they cited range from $20 million (Buffett) to something like $260 million (Ted Weschler, Buffett's deputy). What does Thiel believe about his Roth IRA motherlode that no one else seems to? Or is he just more shameless, or more successful, than the others in increasing his wealth rapidly? (Rather randomly, I wondered about the youngest billionaires, and of the "self-made" ones the youngest is Austin Russell, who dropped out of Stanford and created Luminar Technologies, now a leading LIDAR and autonomous driving software company. Why did he drop out to found a company? Because he received a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship. As in Peter Thiel. Who, yes, is a major investor in the company.)
  2. I've never seen these before, but they are hilarious. And yet... I am uncertain how you could possibly make it work as a cartoon series, but Dan Harmon may have a good idea. It could end up very cringey, Coneheads-style... or it could be a fun way to hold up a mirror to all the strangeness and silliness of human existence.
  3. Per reports, it looks like Foundation will be premiering some time in September. Teaser from last year: And someone did a rundown of additional glimpses seen during the Apple conference:
  4. Have to hand it to Poland, they really woke up after that first half and fought for every chance. Lewandowski is of course their MVP, so cool and collected on the attack.
  5. I'll run a backup of the database and try a couple of things that have been suggested as fixes. It seems to have to do with character encoding being different for different tables.
  6. Just finished watching Quo Vadis, Aida?, a searing, harrowing historical drama about the infamous Srebrenica Massacre during the Bosnian War. Very taut piece of writing and direction from Jasmila Žbanić, which was in contention at the Venice Film Festival, was an Oscar nominee, and won the International Film prize at the Spirit Awards. The film is anchored by Jasna Đuričić’s steely, desperate performance as the eponymous Aida, who is working as a tranlator for the Dutch UN peacekeeping force who has to deal with the fact that her sons and husband are among the refugees and aren’t being allowed into the “safety” of the UN base.. The real horror of what happened was the failure of the UN, NATO, the a Dutch government, and the peacekeepers on the ground to act. Repeatedly ignored ultimatums without reprisal led to increasingly outrageuos actions from the Serbian forces commanded by Ratko Mladić (played by Boris Isaković as a man full of a self-aggrandizing bluster that fails to obscure his ruthlessness), and failures at all levels left Dutchbat standing idly by as atrocities happened under their very noses. It’s a powerful film about genocide and about the failure of international institutions. Very recommended.
  7. Mike Hodges's (of Get Carter fame) next-to-last film. Fantastic neo-noir mood and atmosphere. It's also the film that got Clive Owens really noticed, leading directly to his being hired to do the BMW The Hire series where he was directed by a bevy of A-listers and rubbed shoulders with far more established Hollywood actors, and that in turn led to everything from Gosford Park to Sin City and Children of Men.
  8. It is. I suspect the speculation is a very good educated guess based on what the resignees wrote and statements they and people in their orbit have made both before and after, but a precise detailing of what led up to it will need someone to speak up about it. Personally, I think the situation sucks mightily. The shenanigans this year are a black mark for the WSFS and its members.
  9. See File 770 for probable causes. If it sounds weird that space at the reception and on the stage might be at issue, consider the fact that the last wave of resignations were about the number of nominees for each work, and then look at the Semi-prozine category.
  10. Smylie's working away, but has been delayed a bit by commissions (he's been doing cover and artwork for some RPGs). He's posted today to note that the print-on-demand color copies of his Historiae Mundi and the adventure The Last Barrow are on sale at the moment, ahead of a price hike required by RPGDrive due to their POD-provider raising prices. If you're interesting in fake history of secondary worlds, the Historiae Mundi is, IMO, an exemplary example of one. You can find the books here.
  11. Same. In that vein, though, a previous thread where I and others discussed why the evidence does not support the assertion that Renly knew.
  12. This is something that was released last month, but only learned of it now through Alberto Mielgo's Instagram: they released a Love, Death + Robots anthology which contains every original story (and, for those that are original animations, scripts) from the first volume of LD+R. Neat idea.
  13. I wish to congratulate our worthy Danish opponents. Despite troubling and as-yet-uninvestigated concerns of a secret doping program involving adulterated stegt flæsk (which, coincidentally, has linkages to heart abnormalities), they have won fair and square(ish).
  14. Rick and Morty returns. Fun episode with some fun gags, This was definitely a slighter episode, and felt like it was deliberately avoiding too much in the way of "canon" -- with an explicit reference from Rick underscoring that -- but a solid way to return.
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