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  1. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    George does not publish finished chapters on the webpage. They are drafts until published in a book. No surprise if drafts change before publication. Once it's published, if it is in error, it may get fixed. But in general does attempt as much internal consistency as possible.
  2. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    Controlled and controlled. Holdfasts exist as a refuge for the common people around them. The holdfasts that were attacked, and some burned, in the riverlands were described as being places the locals went to for safety when the Mountain raided them. And Eddard asked the various knights where they were, as those holdfasts were under their protection. So it's clear that these holdfasts are not personal seats of these knights and lords, but instead very much localized mini-forts for the commoners. Doubtless in some cases there was some knight or old squire or something nominally in charge on behalf of the lord, but in some remote village, it's likely no one has specific charge, merely responsibilities in relation to the holdfast.
  3. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    A holdfast is simply some sort of more-or-less fortified structure which is for the use of local people in case of emergency. Some are barely fortified, some have walls and gates and all that. A holdfast merely says that at some point someone believed there was a use to it. The population may have dwindled since, but the holdfast would still be there. There are even abandoned holdfasts and watchtowers scattered throughout the North (we have a couple examples in the south, but in those cases it's clear that it's because of the war chasing people away to better shelters), which implies that the population dynamics are either that of a dwindling population or, alternatively, that some areas are being abandoned while other areas are growing.
  4. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    I can read, yes. I also read the bit where he literally notes that it's gotten lonely. A fact that doesn't really change for the rest of the journey to the Wall. That's hundreds of miles of very sparse population.
  5. Switzeran

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    No, it's half a day south of the Trident in AGoT. The castle has not changed location.
  6. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    Those quotes show that the area around Winterfell is not really all that empty. But three days north and ... gets mighty lonely! This is not to say _no one_ lives in these regions. But for people to travel along the roads and wonder, hey, where's all the people? It means something, namely that you'll find increasingly isolated, diffuse populations rather than concentrated populations. The Vale has a population about similar to the North, in an area about 1/5th its size. Which area is going to feel less desolate is a pretty easy question to answer
  7. Switzeran

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Pretty sure that that was an estimate of where the total production budget would be _before_ post. Given that they were fired before production wrapped, it seems reasonable enough. These VFX heavy films cost half as much again when you throw in post-production. So ... yeah, I could buy that if Solo had gone very smoothly, it'd have been in the $180 million+ ball park. But $120 million in total? Iron Man cost $140 million in 2008, $162 million in 2018 dollars (and that's with Robert Downey Jr. reportedly being paid a pittance up front.) Anyone who claims the film was on-track for $120 million total production budget probably has a bridge in Brooklyn they want to sell. ETA: This study is quite the eye opener.
  8. Switzeran

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    The days of $100 million big studio VFX films is long gone. There's no way you're making a Star Wars movie for much less than $200 million.
  9. Switzeran

    The wealthiest family by region before AGOT

    The North is very thinly populated and if you want to find a medieval society showing such a thin population in an area known for being colder than other regions in the continent, with substantial forests and wastelands, Scandinavia is where you have to look to get a sense. I recall your efforts to calculate the latitude. But I can't help but note that the treeline is variable in our world (it goes as far north as 72 degrees north in Siberia), and if you are happy to say "magic" to dismiss the fact that summer snows are not uncommon in the North, then I would point out that there's magic in the fact that there are trees in the setting that can survive years of winter, so they are obviously much hardier than those of our own world and so could very well extend much further north than they do in our world. The thing we have absolute evidence for is that the North is empty. Robert describes it as vastly emptier than any place he's ever been, and he's a man who marched forces from the stormlands to the Reach and the on to riverlands through that big blobby area in between, and lived for awhile in the Vale, and has made visits to the westerlands while invading the Iron Islands -- by which, I'm saying, he's a guy who has seen most of the Seven Kingdoms, and the North stands out for its emptiness. They travel the kingsroad for a couple of weeks with little evidence of seeing much of anything, then go on a nice ride into the barrowlands and it's just endless miles of nothing (well, besides barrows). There's a great big huge swamp making up the southern bound of the place, too. The second largest known population center, Barrowton, is surrounded by ... vast empty nothing, again. The Gift, more pretty damned empty nothing. The Stony Shore, pretty damned empty. All of this goes to say that it's pretty damned empty. _How_ empty is a a matter of conjecture, but I'm comfortable with the fact that multiple different approaches for calculating the population of Westeros, including one which tried to estimate the populations of different regions as well, largely agree with one another. You can't accept that 30 or 35 or 40 million isn't a bad guess based on these efforts, and then argue with the fact that the North simply has a lower population density than other regions.
  10. Switzeran

    Board Issues 4

    The text that goes with it says "thanks", so I suppose the idea is that it's giving someone a trophy for posting something they appreciate.
  11. Switzeran

    Spoiler policy for new TV show

    We're getting ahead of ourselves, given that the show won't air for 2 years minimum. But yes, I don't see why the policy would be any different.
  12. Switzeran

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Hopp Schweiz!
  13. Switzeran

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    My body is ready!!!
  14. Switzeran

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Should be fixed now.
  15. Switzeran

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Oh right, I invised it. Let me fix that