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  1. Just now, Werthead said:

    Half the Iron Fleet doubling back and hitting the Redwynes from behind would be a good way to help destroy the Redwyne fleet. That remains the biggest challenge to Euron so far: the Hightower, Lannister and Tyrell fleets are fairly negligible and the Royal Fleet has mostly been destroyed (and Aurane Waters has legged it with the rest), so the Redwyne is the only sizable fleet in Westeros capable of opposing Euron. It needs to be neutralised for Euron to have any chance of doing what needs doing.

    Of course, with a ship full of crazed warlocks and red priests, I just assumed he was going to smash them with magic, but this would be a viable alternative.

    I wonder know my self the following thing: how many reachlords will flock to Euron if he crushes the fleets ?

  2. 1 minute ago, Colonel Green said:

    That theory never really made sense to me, for a bunch of reasons.  Theon could never win a Kingsmoot, and if for some reason he actually posed a threat, Euron would just have him killed.

    Things worked out for Falia about as well as I imagined.  Well, she can always treasure those memories of her legitimate female relations being raped and turned into naked servants.

    well actually AFAIK Theon just appearing to be alive is a deathsentence to euron.


    6 minutes ago, The Wolves said:

    This chapter sounds like a horror story, WTF!!! 

    LIke Isay and have always said: Euron makes ramsay look like a choirboy.

    5 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Tall, terrible bride with hands of white fire... all this shade of the evening business, the killing of gods...

    His eye is finally described, his bloody eye.

    Who else is said to have red eyes at times? Those destined to be greenseers.

    And then...



    I think it's been suggested before, somewhere, but I think this underscores some substance to the notion that Euron was born a dreamer... and was twisted by something or someone (the heart of winter and its spears?) into essentially becoming (probably without any real awareness) an agent of the Others.

    I don't think Euron is an agent of the others and I don't think hes Bloodravens puppet. but I think brynden intended for euron to be his succesor until he realised what a Fiend in humanskin he actually is. but also think Euron is responsible for rmpage of the Others.

    1 minute ago, toffeejay said:

    According to BryndenBFish tweet its Harlon (the oldest), Balon and Robin (the youngest).

    Seems a little fishy though, there were 3 older brothers from a first marriage who all died in infantancy, then the second Marriage gave Balon, Euron, Victarion, Urrigon, Aeron and finally Robin in the final marriage. 
    Seems unlikely that Euron would have been either born or old enough to dispatch any of the original three? At best he would have been born when Maron was about 8 or 9.

    Urri dies due to the finger dance with Aeron so only one left is possibly Vic.

    and here's the evindece that he intended/S Vic to blow dragonbinder.

  3. Uneventful? They were short chapters that both advanced the plot and planted subtle clues to the future of the plot. The fact that there are caves likely warded against the dead and white walkers in Dorne/ the Stormlands. Can't remember which for sure, I think it was Dorne. The obviously foreshadowing for Dany and Aegon fighting, admittedly already foreshadowed. Letting us know that Aegon has taken Storms End, letting us know that Dorans hosts have already lost strength and loose more all the time, letting us know about the Balon Swann Areo Hotah Darkstar plot. I'd say they were more eventful than the usual chapters.

    by uneventfull I mean:

    no pillaging bands, no raped townfolk, no murder, no marauding bands. Arainne is able to safely travel in the stromlands.

  4. I wonder...Myr, Lys and Tyrosh seem to have started a full out maritime war in the Stepstones, Aurane Waters and Sallador Saan are there too, plus the pirates that were already there, plus the Ironborn fleet swept through them too, and still have to make the way back, and the Golden Company are taking control of some islands near there (Estermont and Tarth, for example), and even krakens are surfacing to prey on galleys...

    Taking into account that the Stepstones bottleneck is swarming with warships, will the trade routes between the Narrow and Summer seas get cut? How will that affect the economy, already damaged by Slaver's Bay's war? Will Braavos, Lorath, Pentos, Volantis and the Summer Islands do something to unlock the Stepstones?

    or did Aegons conquest pacify the region: another thing that amnazes me: how "uneventfull" Arianne journey is.

  5. The Tyrells are at freaking war with Aegon. Even speculating on a marriage pact is pure fantasy and thats without even considering how ruined Margarey is at this point. Even if she is deemed innocent, there is this little problem of her husband always dying. Makes no sense for Aegon to ally with Tyrells at all when Dorne will happily crush the mostly undefended Reach.

    posts like these make me miss the like button

  6. While the sand snakes are rebellious, they certainly aren't that stupid. Handing Myrcella over to some invaders would certainly out Dorne in a bad way. Also she'd throw away Dorne's position on the King's Council and thus remove any chance of having some kind of power in King's Landing. Lady Nym will continue on to KL as planned and deliver Myrcella to Cersei and then we can see the "Nah man it was like that when you loaned it to me" conversation that's bound to happen.

    and the rumours of an 8ft. tall knight of the kingsguard championing cersei? nymeria will certainly throw their lot with her cousin then with this walking insult

  7. I'm a little confused about what you're saying. Are you thinking that Nymeria is going to detour and meet Arianne at Storms End? Even if that was the case, she could still proceed to KL as the eyes/ears of Aegon/Arianne. A deal could be made on at SE, definitely a possibility.

    lady Nymeria is going ahead through the storm lands with myrcella ( as cersei wanted it also of note the GC controll all of the stormlands).

    which might cause her to hand myrrcella over to JonC& Aegon once she hears the news of "robert strong"

  8. The High Septon isn't on anyone's side. Mace didn't get Margaery and her friends out, Randyll Tarly did by swearing a holy oath to bring them back for trial, and the HS himself admitted the case was weak. Mace has no clue to what is really going on.

    Mace will be losing some of his bannermen soon, starting with Lord Titus Peake of Starpike, and other former Blackfyre supporters.

    like I said mace is saved by his own stupidity

    And the blackfyre supporters are IMHO only the tip of the ice berg.

    randyl might will defect to Aegon and another part of the reach will fall to Euron after he takes Old town

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