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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Yes, I came back across that fact shortly after my post. Then a young Darry showed up at riverrun as the new Darry lord. I am in aCoK now. Still watching for a connection of the tapestries to the Darry's, which may tie them to Dany.
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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I've started a reread, am on aGoT. Have been watching for the tapestries. So far at least FOUR GoT chapters reference these tapestries, They are favorite hunting tapestries of Roberts. Depicting hunting scenes from Lys, Qorthos, etc...(dont have book with me am not recalling exactly) places across the sea, The tapestries are listed from 3 places, 2 of the 3 are the same as places Willem Darry hid Dany and Vis before he died. The household that was Targ freindly where the "Lady" death happend was the Darry household. These are facts I can find to quote from. Now without double checking, I seem to remember a Jaime/Cersei recollection of them having sex at this Darry household with Robert passed out nearby? And wasnt there a reference of blank walls where some tapestrys once hung there? I am waiting to get to this again on the reread to confrim. If I am remembering this correctly, I think Robert took these tapestries from the Darrys, cause he liked them and hes king. I submit maybe Willem D sent these home to his Darry house as souveniers from his exile with the Targ kiddies. So if my memory is correct (blind luck) LF could use/give them for maybe these purposes: -Ingratiate Dany to him because she loved W.Darry who smuggled her out of Dragonstone, and they were his and Stolen by the usurper. -Ingratiate Raymun Darry and his holdings to his cause thus tying another family and a Targ loyalist to his "strength" because Rob stole them. I dont know where the chapter is that might confirm my thought that Robert stole the hunting tapestries, and It might be months before I finally find it, I think It might be a Cersei chp in aFfC. I skimmed the Jaime chp in aSoS and didnt see the recalled sex scene,