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  1. Also it would be a (rather crass) insult to his son Duncan the small, especially if he was really diminutive and not just named thus in contrast to Duncan the Tall. Martin said the relation between Egg and Duncan Jr were often strained.
  2. A quick thought : we know Theon lost three fingers. Apparently the procedure is the same each time, Ramsay skins the finger then it festers and has to be cut. We have read so far of two people recieving "a piece of prince" : Asha and Roose. So there must have been a third person to get one. Lord Balon maybe ? Or maybe we still have to hear of that one yet.
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    References and Homages

    Nevermind, accidental post.
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    References and Homages

    Possibly Jeor/Jorah. Although it is weird to count one but not the other. Or the bear in butterbump's song. For the wake it might be the scene between Cersei and Jaime in the sept. Not the stereotypical wake, and a bit of a stretch. Tyrion's trials count as one. The fourth trial, I guess, would be Robb's judgement of Rickard Karstark and his accomplices.
  5. Hum. That sample is way shorter than a usual chapter, yet the begining and ending do look like the real ones. I wonder what is missing ? Description ? That would make a lot of description. Maybe a flashback/account of the immediate afterfall of Winterfell. Like Theon's arrival to the Dreadfort.
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    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='The Fat Man' post='1294863' date='Mar 31 2008, 18.20']It could be simpler than that. Qyburn doesn't have informants on the Wall--I don't know that Varys did either; certainly I don't recall that he ever knew anything about the Night's Watch that wouldn't have come from a raven sent to King's Landing--and Jon saw no need to send an official announcement because Slynt was a Lannister ally.[/quote] But there was direct communication between Janos and the Lannister, Tywin says something like "Our man Janos Slynt writes that... [whatever]" at some point during AFfC. At the very least his no longer writing should alarm them. Or else they really do not care. Concerning Alliser... Well, I have always hoped that Jon would eventually come to terms with him and acknowledge him for a valuable and useful member of the Watch despite all his fault. And actually this chapter comforts me (yes !) in this idea. I think Jon still resents Thorne, but at the same time begins to understand he needs more men like him, tough and hardened, harsh men for a harsh time. He knew that whomever he would chose in the Thorne/Slynt camp would balk and he would have to make an example of him ; which his why he chose Slynt as the most disposable of the two. Thorne is arrogant and abusive but he is not a toad like Slynt. This is like the talk he gave to Aemon about a good comander using every man no matter his faults. If he cannot bring himself to do the same thing and put his feeling for Thorne aside that's just eddard-ish bigotry. Kill the boy, Jon. Oh, and I am aware that Alliser may not be trustworthy. But I do not believe it. In my opinion he has just shown him who is the boss and Alliser may even start to grudgingly respect him for that.
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    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote]Then he meets with Giant, and gives him the command of one of the forts with 20 Watchmen and 10 King's men. He tells him about all the things he needs to do to repair the fort, that he will be getting a Maester and two ravens for emergencies. Giant rolls out.[/quote] Hopefully we will see more of him. Cool character. But where would Jon find a maester ? He's sending Sam south because he lacks maesters, besides the two goons at Eastwatch and Shadow Tower. Maybe Stannis has brought some with him. [quote]Next morning, Janos isn't in the yard ready to leave. Instead he is in the hall eating breakfast with Aliser Thorne and their cornies, laughing about the whole thing. The hall is full of men, Grenn, Pip, [b]Donal[/b], King's men, Thorne's supporters, etc.[/quote] ?? Must be Sweet Donnel Hill. As for Slynt I think Jon really left him a chance, he was ready for the worst but it was a test he could still have passed. I am very surprised however that no word of his death would have reached the South in AFfC. Maybe Qyburn has been filtering information even more than suspected.