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  1. Nukelavee

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    If Osha and Ygritte are both wildings, why is Osha so fucking weird all teh time? I realized a few episodes I watch this because some of teh actors are amazing, even tho the adaptation is more crap than gold. I also realized I skipped quite a few scenes this season...like, every sex scene in the last 3 episodes, plus Robb's wedding.
  2. Cutting the Reeds out is definitely a mistake, I think. And, much as I like Osha, book and series, seriously, what's with the whole "fey" bullshit, and that super annoying head tilt she's stuck in? My neck hurts just watching her scenes. Plus, Renly accepting Brienne didn't kill Renly? Wtf?
  3. Nukelavee

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Not really impressed with any of the season, to date, as a uniform production. Aspects of it are great, most of it works, but... when it leaves me flat, it really disappoints me. The whores and Joff - wtf? At least the other chick only got beaten by the scepter, I had a really bad feeling it was going to really go over the top. Jeyne was a clumsy handling. Roose was dead on. Mel is still way too jarringly not what I picture...but that's my problem, lol. Still, bits like the woman staring into space reciting her losses to the Tickler crew was down right scarey. And the view into Quarth from the gates was amazing.
  4. Lol, sorry about that! Probably would've been very clever had I read the book. Sadly my handle is just based on the position of Maester + being female + being from the desert. Thanks tho (I think?)