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  1. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    Ken -sounds like a very cool campaign to play in. Ours, Baywatch and all, was basically the same theme, but with time and dimensional travel. And nukes. Ken has a very good point, that you can't lead players to where you want them to go constantly, it just isn't that fun, usually. An example of "cut-scene" from our campaign was the bit with Mephistopholes - it wasn't. But it set up a cut scene months later, between an npc and a player, and the final climax of that arc. In between, we did nearly everything but what we were "supposed" to -but we still got to the climax, because the gm had points he wanted to hit, but let us wander into them, rather than following a map. Baywatch characters got used, because he loved the show, sigh, and because it gave him a cast of easily distinct characters to build on. He stole from books, songs, movies...to get a theme or scene, or setting, and then adapted that to the story we were in. As a gm, Tom is a firm believer in "the story is the thing". So, he'll cheat to keep it going, allowing loopholes or fudging results, sometimes, to prevent a disaster ruining it all for everyone.
  2. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    KotDT was mostly featured in SHADIS, published by Alterac Games, until Jolly (the creator) split from his partners. On RPG rules, in general: The complexity exists because, at heart, gamers are all exploit masters. If you study the rules, you'll see that a huge part of the text is simply trying to prevent abuses. So, encumberance rules are there to prevent people carrying whole trading posts, combat systems have more rules stating what can't be done than can be, etc. At the same time, many designers want to create a realistic and wide ranging rule set that covers everything a gamer could want in a game - and it can't be done, trust me. I remember being in a meeting discussing a new rpg ruleset, and the main rule designer either stating "players will break the fuck out of that idea" or "players will bitch if you don't allow/include this", often for the same aspect of the game. He was totally right. When you see a 5th level player character snuffing lvl 20mages, because he has psionics (tk), and is simply lifting the mages 150 feet up and dropping them....(still, Jay saved my characters ass with that move!), you get an inkling of the issue. On the other hand - being dedicated to teh letter of teh rules misses the point of playing. The point is to have fun with your friends, not fight the rules. Expect to never find a system and setting that are a perfect fit for your group, understand that, as players and gm, you are going to rip out chunks, add things, and basically pimp that framework into an epic ride. For example - our group played the same campaign for at least 12 years, and nobody got past lvl 10. For rules, we used the Villains and Vigilantes combat system, ADD magic, basic 3d6 character stats...and allowed a character from any game we could translate to those standards. We ended up with a party that included an ADD warrior with an AK-47 fetish, a wanna be super hero, battlesuits with nukes from SJG OGRE/GEV, magic users, demons, angels, Gamma World... The point is, we, and particularly the gm, used rules as a start point, and over a period of time, came up with a system that worked, for us, and for a lot of people who joined after, or just heard about it. BUT - trying to formalize it, and publish it? Couldn't be done. At the end of the day - it all depends on the group, and gm. As players, our group fucked each other over and around constantly, but the gm, Tommy-Bob, incorporated that into the campaign, and simply (hah, simply) kept us all interested in the story we were in, to the point where we couldn't wait to see what fucked up shit we were going to land in next. Which is how, at one point, we went from tooling around the Talisman board until he drew Mephistopholes, hiding in the warp, finding a bar with a back door to Ry'leh, tricking Egon Spenglor into calling Cthulhu, waking up in Arkham, encountering a pit-fiend, getting involved in a plan to rescue the little mermaid from sahaughin, and encountering the entire cast of Baywatch as time cops. Then shit got funky.
  3. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Slinx - Yeah, that's a great scene. Read the end of the series. Trust me. The depth of the friendship between One-Eye and Goblin as revealed by the end was as intense as Lenny and George's...
  4. Nukelavee

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    If Osha and Ygritte are both wildings, why is Osha so fucking weird all teh time? I realized a few episodes I watch this because some of teh actors are amazing, even tho the adaptation is more crap than gold. I also realized I skipped quite a few scenes this season...like, every sex scene in the last 3 episodes, plus Robb's wedding.
  5. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    Just found a box of GURPs stuff. And more miniatures.
  6. Cutting the Reeds out is definitely a mistake, I think. And, much as I like Osha, book and series, seriously, what's with the whole "fey" bullshit, and that super annoying head tilt she's stuck in? My neck hurts just watching her scenes. Plus, Renly accepting Brienne didn't kill Renly? Wtf?
  7. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    Sounds pretty slick, Cocoa. I think our GM used a very similar model, which occasionally bit him on the ass. Evidently he put a lot of work into some mini-dungeon encounter during his version of The Little Mermaid (the Disney version, if Disney had Deep Ones with advanced subs and the British Navy had Vulcan-Phalanx system, and some Scot smuggler had hooped Ariel's voice...) that I refused to let anybody take the bait on. I mean, there was no real reason for us to check out Ry'leh (well, there really was), but placing a call to the Ghostbusters, and tricking Egon into saying a certain name so a certain god-like being wasn't home... It was up there with getting a dragon to accept a puzzle in lieu of a riddle...and then ditching that damn Lament box I was so terrified of. I think that was the month he used Talisman to generate encounters. Fuck the Mephistopholes card. Seriously.
  8. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    Holy shit. Lol. Cleaning and sorting the boxes from the closet, and....I find, seriously, another 15 pounds of miniatures. About 50 assorted Eldar troops, heavy weapons, war walkers, Harlequins, even the damned musicians; 50 or so Tzeentch figures, marines, champions, flamers, horrors... Chaos Squats, Orcs, snotlings, squigs... Assorted Mutant Chronicles, D&D, Pariah Press, limited edition figure based on a Brom cover, plus the master for my avatar (whoot!), and masters for some of my LoS figure designs. Plus, WW TCG boosters, 5 sealed copies of Inferno, 3 Towers of Bel... So, the known collection just increased by, oh, 5-10%.
  9. Nukelavee

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Not really impressed with any of the season, to date, as a uniform production. Aspects of it are great, most of it works, but... when it leaves me flat, it really disappoints me. The whores and Joff - wtf? At least the other chick only got beaten by the scepter, I had a really bad feeling it was going to really go over the top. Jeyne was a clumsy handling. Roose was dead on. Mel is still way too jarringly not what I picture...but that's my problem, lol. Still, bits like the woman staring into space reciting her losses to the Tickler crew was down right scarey. And the view into Quarth from the gates was amazing.
  10. Nukelavee

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    I've been trying to organize my closets lately... I've come to the conclusion I have a fuck ton of games and supplements. Not a lot of TSR stuff, but... Almost everything published by FASA, White Wolf, Steve Jackson, Alterac Entertainment during the 90's, TCG's, tons of miniatures and rules systems, plus all the examples of the games I have design or writing credits in. Mind you, most of the people in the industry when I was have huge collections, too, everybody used to trade product back and forth at the shows. So, I also have a lot of stuff from games like Cult, Castle Falkenstein Oddly, it was our campaign settings and house rules that got me and my buddy our jobs with game companies, as well. Actually, my avatar is one of my designs from Inferno, which was, basically Battletech in Hell.
  11. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Yeah - the series ending is perfect, for me. I think the ION problem, in terms of teh first book, is the sheer density of the info. It's like reverse BC, or all of Dread Empire's politics slammed into one massive wad...and then, things start to seperate and make sense. Have I mentioned "The SwordBearer" yet, or, again, lately? Classic Cook, but, a whole series worth of his cool shit, slammed into one 400 page novel. Oh, fuck. "A Matter of Time". Sci-fi, thriller type mystery thingie, with what I'm pretty certain is a serious Tesla homage.
  12. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Grack - I found teh 3rd book to be the easiest of the 3 to follow.
  13. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    The only thing I'd like to quibble with, Wert, is the stress on the pedophilia. It's not a huge deal in the book, and is only really mentioned in the first chapters. To be honest I think the point was to take a man who is trash, and show him evolving past that. He's still not a good man, not even close, but calling him a "murderous pediphile" in the review runs the risk of colouring a reader's perception and reading of the character, biasing them so they miss what I considered to be one of the strongest aspects of teh book.
  14. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Well, Wert...the Empire never really stops being a factor. Or Taken, for that matter. It's not fair. You get to read it a first time.
  15. Nukelavee

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    I never like a Garret novel as much as his other stuff...when I start. By the end, I'm always like "Why don't I read these more often?" It might be the style difference in them, or the type of humour not blending well with the sheer nastiness of the actual story... Parts seem silly, but, the stories and "cases" aren't. It has some very very cool characters in it, the war in the background is very interesting (because you only learn the whole picture in tiny bits). Plus, Garrets unicorns are vile, evil, scarey critters.