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  1. Only check on this board every so often....but, no Virginia did not hold NC State to 24 points. Virginia TECH held NC State to 24 points. Ahem.
  2. HokieStone

    Board games!

    At an "Unpub Mini" gathering I ran several years ago, the designer, David Somerville, brought a curious prototype called "Trove". I didn't get to play it that day, but it attracted some attention...particularly the part where someone got to play "the cave". Fast Forward a year or two, and he found a publisher in Leder Games - they changed the name to "Vast" for some reason. I got in on the original Kickstarter since I had somewhat of a personal link to the game. I've only played it a handful of times, and while I appreciate the innovation, it doesn't get to the table much - and a big reason is the difficulty teaching it. There are also a lot more "edge cases" than in a normal game, particularly when you add in the expansion factions. I've not tried Root - I hear mixed things. Some people love it, others think it's way overhyped. I'd like to give it a try at some point though. I did not go in on the Vast follow-up, "Mysterious Manor".
  3. HokieStone

    Board games!

    Village is one of my favorite games - and it doesn't get to the table often enough. I have the sequel - "My Village", but it only got played once, and I just put it in the sale bin for the convention I'm headed to in two weeks. I have a lot of Broken Token and Meeple Realty - and I love them. I really like having my games organized. It particularly helps when they make it easy to fit expansions in the original box. And for some game, they're almost a necessity - Gloomhaven in particular, it makes the setup so much easier. That being said, they're not cheap...the Gloomhaven one I got was something like $70 itself.
  4. Well, it's been a few days and I had to search for the old thread and found it locked. I guess that shows how much interest there is in the show. Couple of quick thoughts on the season 9B opener: - Judith's babysitter needs to be fired - Not looking forward to angsty Henry and Lydia starting a romance, only to have Lydia betray him to the Whisperers (although I will look forward to Carol going Whisperer hunting) - Just get to the dumb fair already - I think the Whisperers are dumb - at least some of them. Who keeps walking down a covered bridge pretending to be a zombie when you have a guy with a crossbow just picking you off? - The start of the anti-hero Negan. Do we just forget he bashed people's skulls in? - Another pregnancy? - What's the fate of Michonne (I believe Danai Gurira announced she's leaving the show)
  5. HokieStone

    Board games!

    After almost 2 years, my group finished Seafall. Well, technically we're not finished yet. There's a last scenario that really changes the game - but supposedly gives you a final game you can play over and over again. But we're done. It's been a slog - this game was an exercise in a grand vision that was terribly executed.
  6. HokieStone

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Don't the Oscars now have some kind of "Best Popular Movie" award? Seems like it might be a shoe-in for that.... ETA: Apparently the "Outstanding achievement in popular film" was supposed to debut this year, but was postponed, due to some criticism of having that award in the first place. Black Panther is nominated for Best Picture this year.
  7. HokieStone

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    According to Wookipedia - surely a definitive source if there ever was one - the Battle of Hoth is 3 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin).
  8. HokieStone

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except that that isn't what happened with Luke and Anakin. At least not to the same degree. Luke barely uses the Force in ANH - is shown awkwardly doing lightsaber practice with the helmet with the blast shield. At the start of Empire Strikes Back...3 years after ANH, he is still struggling to force pull his lightsaber to him in the Wampa cave. And when he fights Vader, he gets his ass handed to him. Anakin gets scooped up as a 10 year old...and when we next see him, what...10 years later, he's still a Padawan. Yes, he's good at that point...but we can naturally infer he's been given 10 years of training. Which isn't to say that there isn't any eye rolling moments. Luke piloting an X-Wing in ANH is ridiculous. And the fact that the week or so that he spends in Dagobah levels him up so much is pretty flimsy. And Anakin piloting the Naboo star fighter as a 10 year old is absurd. But...they have some justification, even if flimsy. Luke "bullseyeing womprats in his T-16", and Anakin being a podracer...are at least something. But Rey is good at EVERYTHING immediately. She can fight with a lightsaber and beat Kylo Ren the first time she picks one up. For some reason she knows how to do the jedi mind trick, even though earlier that day she thought the Force was just a legend. She can fly the Millenium Falcon through the twisting wreckage of a Star Destroyer - when we've been given no indication she's ever been in a starship in her life. She can get down in the guts of the Falcon and repair it. I'm not asking for some elaborate backstory about why she can do all this stuff. But at least give us a "womprat" justification. I'm told the novelization explains that she has an old flight simulator in her AT-AT home that she practices on. Great...give me 30 seconds of showing that in the movie - or at least an offhand remark about it. I'm not even really bothered by her being good with a lightsaber - she was shown using her staff in hand to hand combat earlier, and Kylo had taken a bowcaster shot to the side - so I feel we did get some justification there. I've only watched TLJ once. I do not recall the explanation of her being so good because Luke pulled himself away from the Force. Was that in conversation between her and Luke? And to add to the annoying mysteries...how did Luke's 1st lightsaber (aka, Anakin's lightsaber) get from the bowels of Cloud City to Maz's fortress?
  9. HokieStone

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Hmm...so is this supposed to be set before Infinity War? Why bother with that if Endgame will be out before this movie anyway. So...I guess they're just saying screw it, everyone knows we're going to undo Spiderman's death anyway, so might as well just show a full on a trailer?
  10. There are rumors, they're just not significant. Just last week on a VT board, someone that is acknowledged as an "insider" in the local recruiting arena claimed that there were known instances of recruits finding envelopes with $5k in their dorm rooms. Now...l say he's acknowledged as an "insider"...but it's still an anonymous message board guy...so who the hell really knows. Any marginally successful team, much less one that has rocked up like Clemson, will have their share of people who claim they pay players. Honestly, the thing that bothers me most about Clemson is the semi-cultish religious aspect that Dabo has in place. I know religion and football go hand in hand in the South (having to stand for a prayer before our kickoff game against Alabama a few years ago was really...weird) - but it's definitely been ramped up at Clemson.
  11. Well, I'm always happy to see Alabama get their ass kicked, and I'm happy that an ACC team did it. I can't help but marvel - and be a little (ok, a lot) jealous of how Clemson turned their program around. VT was more or less the king of the ACC from 2003 - 2010. Then in 2011, we had one regular season loss - to Clemson, and then lost the ACC championship game to Clemson. Looking back, it was clearly a passing of the torch - well, more like Clemson grabbing the torch. In 2011, the two schools were roughly operating on the same budget (I think VT actually had a higher budget at the time). But Clemson's fundraising - and recruiting - took off after that. I remember thinking that Dabo Swinney was a lazy hire - they just went down the hall and hired a WR coach no one had ever heard of (and one that came off as kind of goofy). Well, that worked out for them, I'd say. Right guy at the right time. They got a personable, energetic, young coach right when social media and the like was starting to ramp up with respect to recruiting. Meanwhile Frank Beamer - beloved as he is - was entering the twilight of his career, and didn't really adapt to the changes happening in college football. I also look back 20 years to 1998...when VT beat Clemson 37-0, and Alabama 38-7 in the same season. Sigh. In this day and age, I don't know how anyone that's not in the upper 10 or 15 of college football elite can break in and challenge. Clemson did it somehow - even though they had one previous NC in the 80s, it was not so long ago that "Clemsoning" was a thing. VT had their chance in the 2000s and never quite made it over the hump. Oregon never quite made it (although they may have the budget to challenge again). But it's hard for me to see someone outside the Texas', USC's, Michigans, etc. be able to get the level that Alabama and Clemson are at now. Which is a little depressing. I am certainly not pining for Alabama-Clemson V next year. Obviously I'd love to see VT be able to challenge at that level, but I'd like to see any school from the "next tier down" challenge. A Michigan St., or Wisconsin, or Colorado, or Iowa....but that may be wishful thinking. I love college football much more than the NFL, but the "rich get richer" syndrome is fatiguing.
  12. In the lower divisions, do they play at home fields, like the NFL?
  13. HokieStone

    MCU - X

    So, there's the part where Banner is looking at images of people that they assume are dead. Scott Lang is front and center, but off the right is another picture, that morphs into Peter Parker. Looks like it's Shuri at first. I guess she didn't survive the snap. So...wonder if M'Baku took up the Black Panther mantle...or if anyone did....
  14. Well, he missed a lot of time, since he didn't play in any 4th quarters. So, I guess it's how you want to judge your Heisman candidate - did he make the difference for his team. I think a lot people would say Alabama would likely be 12-0 even without him.
  15. Yeah, this article makes it clear he wasn't happy with how the character was underutilized. And I agree with him...the character had a pretty cool introduction...and then was left largely in the background for a few seasons.