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  1. HokieStone

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    So much for the "gritty Star Wars story with none of the trappings of the Force"...
  2. Yeah, I think there are two more episodes left before the break.
  3. Well, time to revive the Walking Dead thread. I'm still watching for some reason. Adding Negan to the Whisperers should be interesting...although once again the show violates it's own "rules". Negan walking along next to Beta, in the midst of a herd of walkers...he's not wearing a mask, or covered in blood, and he's just talking like normal...and yet none of the walkers notice him.
  4. HokieStone

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Hokie religions are the best religions.
  5. We had Notre Dame on the ropes...and let it slip away. Damnation. Meaningless game in the ACC, so we started the former 3rd string QB in order to let the 1st string guy rest for another week. But damn...Notre Dame.
  6. HokieStone

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Perhaps...trailers can be misleading.
  7. HokieStone

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Ah yes...the "it happened offscreen" argument. Which...at best could maybe be applied to Poe. When did he interact with Finn and/or Rey during those 20 years?
  8. HokieStone

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    And then there's C-3P0 saying "I want one last look...at my friends" - to people he's barely interacted with.
  9. HokieStone

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    I very much did not like either The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. But I will still see this one opening weekend, and I will hope that it can redeem the new trilogy for me. A lot of interesting scenes in the trailer...but then again the trailers for the last two had me excited. I will say that I cringed at both scenes where there were a bazillion spaceships - the first where the Falcon comes into view, and there are a ton of (presumably) Rebel ships behind it, and then when they're riding horse-analogs across a Star Destroyer, and there's a ton of Star Destroyers in the distance. I really liked the shot of the Corellian Corvette flying right above the treetops, though. My eagle-eyed son noticed that Rey had some kind of dagger in her left hand when her and Kylo were destroying some sort of statue(?) towards the end of the trailer. Hard to tell if they were acting together, or it was just destroyed as they were countering each others lightsabers.
  10. Hokies beat the Tarheels in 6 OTs. And I decided to not go to the game this week. GRRR. Anyway, I was very confused while watching on my phone with my family at a restaurant. At the start of the 5th OT, I went to the bathroom, with my Hokies about to get the ball. I come back, and UNC is going for a "2 point conversion"...even though the score was still the same as when I left the table 3 or 4 minutes previously. I had no idea what happened....why did UNC have the ball when VT was supposed to have it, and why were they going for a conversion when they had obviously not scored a TD. I had no idea about the new OT rules.
  11. It's always fun to beat Miami. Almost blew it...but pulled it out. Hopefully it gives the Hokies momentum for the rest of the season.
  12. HokieStone

    Board games!

    I haven't played Formula D in a while. It's one of those games that sits on my shelf unloved...along with 3 or 4 expansion maps.
  13. HokieStone

    Board games!

    Got a chance to play "Underwater Cities" this week - been wanting to try it for a while. I enjoyed it while playing, but after pondering for a few days, my reaction is a bit mixed. One of the people I played with compared it to Terraforming Mars, in that there can definitely be some card luck - happen to get several cards that combo well together, and you're good to go. I dunno...I'd like to play again, but it is a long game. Took us 3 hours or so (although we were all more or less new at the game).
  14. HokieStone

    Board games!

    Hmm..curious, just going off what I read from a friend on Twitter (re: Pipeline and Powergrid). I've not tried the new Powergrid - "Recharged"? Took a brief look at the rules, and I'm a little confused...the lowest plant in the market can be auctioned starting at $1? And there was some weird rules about how it's replaced.
  15. Me too...and I'm a Virginia Tech fan...