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    MCU - X

    So, there's the part where Banner is looking at images of people that they assume are dead. Scott Lang is front and center, but off the right is another picture, that morphs into Peter Parker. Looks like it's Shuri at first. I guess she didn't survive the snap. So...wonder if M'Baku took up the Black Panther mantle...or if anyone did....
  2. Well, he missed a lot of time, since he didn't play in any 4th quarters. So, I guess it's how you want to judge your Heisman candidate - did he make the difference for his team. I think a lot people would say Alabama would likely be 12-0 even without him.
  3. Yeah, this article makes it clear he wasn't happy with how the character was underutilized. And I agree with him...the character had a pretty cool introduction...and then was left largely in the background for a few seasons.
  4. Liked the stuff with Daryl, Jesus and Aaron - hate to see Jesus go. I mean, I figured some deaths were coming since they added a bunch of new people...but I wish it had been someone else. And the spooky cemetery scene is a reminder that it's supposed to be a horror show. I really hope we get the whole backstory on the issues between Hilltop and Alexandria soon. Michonne's stance seems pretty dumb on the face of things - so I hope there's a good reason. Really don't like the teen angst stuff. Only kind of neat part was how Henry jumped down and dispatched the walker even while drunk, and it was obvious those other kids wouldn't have known how to do that. Also painfully obvious that they're building up to a romance with the one girl of the group. Negan escaping was dumb writing. They successfully keep him locked up for 6 years...and someone forgets to lock the cell? I would think there would be a guard in there full time in any case. Talking dead gave an awkward shout out to Lauren Cohan..."Oh...uh...yeah, that was Maggie's last episode. We hope to have her back on at some point..."
  5. That was the lamest headgear selection by Corso I've ever seen on Gameday. Moving the show inside the horseshoe completely took away the atmosphere. As for football...in a forgettable season for my Hokies, we at least put a dagger in the heart of UVA for the 15th straight year. It was almost the best possible way to do it. Let them storm back in the 2nd half, let them have all the momentum...only to rip their hearts out in the last 2 minutes and in overtime. And WVU lost...so not a bad Friday. And now we get to play Marshall to make up the ECU game, and see if we get bowl eligible. Not exactly the most exciting end to a season...but we'll see. I can only hope all the playing time that freshman got this year leads to good things next year.
  6. So...all that build up for Rick...and poor Maggie is written out of the show off-screen.
  7. I think it all smacked of "which actors are available"....
  8. What I'm already finding tedious - the references to some "incident" that happened in the past which is why they're so mistrustful of strangers. I assume Michonne's scar is part of that. Also, since we know Rick's alive, and they're tugging on the heartstrings with Judith's "I'm starting to forget their voices"...they're already setting up his return, and now we have to wait a season or two, and his standalone movies for that to happen. I guess Morgan and the Fear crew won't be leaving for Alexandria any time soon....
  9. Yeah, I was surprised by the time jump, but I think it's a good idea. We can just skip past 10 episodes of them mourning Rick, and a slow evolution of Negan, and get back into the action. Also, I'm about 99% certain we'll see Rick on the show again. My prediction - they'll finish this season, and go through next season without Rick. We'll get a couple of Rick movies. And then 2 seasons from now..."THE RETURN OF RICK GRIMES!!!!" We'll see. I am confused about the A/B thing. I thought two episodes ago that Jadis said something to Gabriel like "I knew Rick and Negan were A's" And now she's saying Rick is a B. The feeling I had was that A's were more rare, and more prized.
  10. Ah...yep, Rick taken off in a helicopter. Didn't expect the time jump, though. Now...does this set up for bringing in the Fear the Walking Dead and merging the shows? About that... Watched the first 10 minutes of so of "Talking Dead" - so, Rick's story isn't done...they're going to make "feature movies" on AMC about him. I don't read the comics, but I've read some summaries, and like others, I suspect he'll be in..."The Community" (??? I think I've got the wrong name there....but the thing where there's like 50000 people living in Ohio or something) Even more surprising is that Gimple claims there's going to be even more shows and...other things...that cover periods in the past, the future, and around the world. Some of them will connect, and some of them will be stand alone. For an IP that seemed to be on it's last legs, they appear to be doubling down on coming up with a ton of new content.
  11. Meh - nothing about that letter smacks of "they're killing me off". They very well could - and odds are high that is indeed the case. But I still think he could just be kidnapped or something. To be clear, if that's the case, I don't think he'll be back as a regular. But he could be back for the final episode(s) of the show, whenever that may be. Like Mulder on the X-Files as someone else mentioned. He is supposed to direct some episodes next season, so it's not as if he's severing ties with TWD altogether. In any case, we'll see in about a week...
  12. Well, they've set up this plot with the mystery people in the helicopter taking people away. Which was my original conjecture as to how he might leave the show without being killed.
  13. They have seemingly set up Maggie to go find that woman who gave them the books last season.
  14. I predict he doesn't die. I'm thinking he gets snatched by the helicopter people - and then we'll see him again in a year or two when they do the series finale.
  15. I still dislike the obvious lack of consistency over the threat the walkers face. One week, they run scared if 10 walkers show up. Another week, 2 characters take out dozens without breaking a sweat. This week, they don't think twice about wandering around in the dark in pairs.