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  1. Ok, tonight's whipping boy....the guy that got tripped up by the kid, in a fight with Darryl, threatened by Rick, etc. - he looks super familiar. What else has he been in? Nevermind...figured it out. He was the Russian/LMD in Agents of Shield.
  2. HokieStone

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Bravo Iowa State...bravo!
  3. HokieStone

    MCU - X

    How can there be a sequel since Black Panther is dead?
  4. Worse than the wagon was them grabbing that decrepit old wooden canoe. Um...just go raid the local sporting goods store and get a nice aluminum or fiberglass canoe. The plow was about the only thing that made sense.
  5. HokieStone

    MCU - X

    I suspect if you asked the vast majority of people who will go see GotG3, "Do you think firing James Gunn from the film will make it worse?" would respond something to the effect of "Who?"
  6. Lol - I was coming here to post about that. They were terrified of 15 walkers, when they've taken out 10 times that amount before. Dumb.
  7. HokieStone

    MCU - X

    So...the Captain Marvel trailer. The scene in Earth orbit, where a spaceship is "decloaking"...is that a Quinjet in background, facing the decloaking ship?
  8. HokieStone

    Board games!

    New edition of Stone Age coming out...with double sided components, one side being winter art. And a few mini-expansions inside as well. https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/81189/new-game-round-stone-age-and-camel-get-refreshed-a
  9. Her husband wasn't a trucker - I don't think we know much about him except he got a guard rail through the torso. Unless I missed something he said about it.
  10. HokieStone

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    What would the rule change be? Ref's discretion to blow the play dead? I mean, the guy never signaled fair catch.
  11. Posted in the wrong thread yesterday...so anyone still watching this show? It's striking to me how different the cast is from Season 1. However...my big question is....how did Al let her SWAT truck get stolen? I presume she locks it up and takes the keys with her when she leaves it... Also...I'm not sure how Martha's husband dying turns her into a complete lunatic. I mean, it's one thing to go mad with grief. It's another thing to start leading walkers around on poles, using them to attack other people.
  12. Maybe - the search results didn't pop one up. Never mind - found it -
  13. So....anyone on this board still watching Fear The Walking Dead? Big plot hole from the last few episodes...how did Al let her SWAT truck get stolen? Does she just leave the keys sitting in it?
  14. HokieStone

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    How about that North Texas fake fair catch?