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  1. Kirstie Alley, of "Cheers" fame, has died of cancer at age 71 https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/05/entertainment/kirstie-alley-obit/index.html
  2. It's weird to me that this is being viewed as a send off. For some reason, it still feels like GotG is still just getting started.
  3. See...I actually think the ridiculous production will keep it from getting to the table as much as it could. It is a pretty straightforward game - but the giant box, and the ridiculous amount of table space needed is sort of a hindrance for having it in a regular rotation. I almost think they should make a smaller $40 version with just punchboard tiles...and I bet they'd sell a ton. I will likely flip my Frosthaven when it comes in. I ordered it when my son was really into Gloomhaven...but we sort of stopped playing, and never picked it back up. I ask him now and again if we're going to continue, and he's kind of meh about it. I think he got the digital version on Steam and played through it that way. So, if we're not going to play Frosthaven, I'll at least make some money on it...
  4. Got a chance to play Foundations of Rome (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/284189/foundations-rome) last night. There is a decent game in there, besides just being an overproduced mini-fest. The game is actually quite simple - buy lots (like in Acquire), build buildings once you have enough connected lots to have the right footprint, get money/population/points based on the buildings you have built. There are a number of optional modules you can include to vary the gameplay. We played with "stealing", where twice during the game you can steal lots from other players (but they end up with points for your theft), and "monuments", which add a bunch of neutral buildings. I would never shell out the $200+ for the game, but I'm happy to play my buddy's copy.
  5. I have to admit, I'm not a college basketball die-hard, so I haven't been paying attention to closely. But man...what happened to Louisville? 0-6 with losses to Bellarmine (who?!), Wright State & App State. And then 19+ point losses to Arkansas, Texas Tech and Cincy. Yeesh. I'm sure they'll play their best game of the year against VT, though... And similarly...FSU...yowza
  6. VT-UVA game cancelled for this Saturday for understandable reasons. There was a lot of rumor they were trying to move it to Dec 3, but I guess there were some logistical hurdles that couldn't be overcome. I do not blame UVA one bit, but I do feel bad that there's going to be a whole class of kids at VT that never get to see our rivalry game in person in Blacksburg. No crowds allowed in 2020 due to Covid, and now this. It will be 6 years between playing UVA in Blacksburg with a home crowd (assuming nothing terrible happens in 2024).
  7. I don't understand this thing I'm feeling...wait a second...oh...that's joy in my Hokies getting a win! Tempered somewhat that it still feels gross to be glad that we squeaked by Liberty. https://youtu.be/KJqat0vyd9Q?t=20
  8. I've known Max Jamelli, designer of Lords of Baseball (along with his dad) for quite a while now, and been following the LoB saga since the early days. It's been quite a ride to get the game published - nearly 10 years. They've been through a number of publishers. It's really a labor of love for them, and I'm glad to see it finally having success. I paid the extra to have my picture on one of the cards - first time I've ever done anything like that! Ark Nova is an interesting game - the comparisons to Terraforming Mars are apt - although I know some folks who don't like TM that did enjoy AN. Generally they feel that the card luck is less swingy in AN, although it's still there. I had one game where I played some cards at the very beginning of the game that would get me discounts or bonuses on animals from Asia...only to have no Asia animals come up in the deck until 3/4 of the way through the game. That was frustrating. Generally I've enjoyed my 3 or 4 plays...but I haven't played it enough to really know the rules well, and it's a dense game, so relearning the rules each time is a bit of a pain...
  9. I think they were referring to W'Kabi (I had to google the character's name) - T'Challa's buddy who sided with Killmonger in the first movie. He rode the big rhino. He and Okoye were in a relationship...not sure if they are married though. (The big rhino stopped and licked Okoye during the last battle). Not sure why he wasn't in this movie - if the actor turned it down or something. M'baku seems to be taking the role of main Wakandan male character.
  10. Saw it Friday morning, and I am mixed on it. Fine performances from everyone involved, but the plot itself doesn't stand up to much scrutiny (I know, a lot of MCU movies are like that). Some thoughts (I guess we're still hiding spoilers):
  11. Your watermelons are now safe. Gallagher has passed away at the age of 76. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/11/entertainment/gallagher-comic-dead/index.html No word on his brother, who tried to steal his act.
  12. Like most folks, I enjoyed the episode, but I guess I can nitpick the escape as well. Aren't there several of those prisons right next to each other? I assume there's comms between the prisons. Surely someone from another prison would see the prisoners all swimming away. And I'm surprised there's not some kind of air support, be it TIEs or just armed shuttles. They even had TIEs on Aldhani, a planet with a small population of primitive natives (not to mention in previous movies where they had AT-ATs and AT-STs on planets like Endor and Scarif.
  13. I finally finished it...and yeah. There were plenty of issues with the whole series in terms of plotting and pace...but then when he went full on evangelist at the end of the last book...bleh....
  14. Same. And I also really liked Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So...<shrug>
  15. Got an old favorite - The New Science - to the table this week. It's theme is that you are all 17th Century scientists vying to discover - and publish - the latest scientific discoveries. The main part of the board is sort of a flow chart that shows how you have to research and experiment on certain discoveries before you can start on more advanced topics. The interesting mechanic is that if you're the person that published a discovery, you get points...but that opens that knowledge to everyone as far as pre-requisites for more advanced studies. It's been years since I played, and there are some things that could probably use some tweaking in the game (and perhaps some improved art) - but I still quite enjoy it.
  16. I watch it with subtitles turned on, which annoys my kids. <shrug>
  17. Yes, Hokie fans are a bit up in arms about that. Also, Bryan Hudson, a starter on Kentucky's oline, and Doug Nester a starter on WVU's oline used to be at VT...and our oline is a shambles so far this year. Hooker's situation is odd. He did OK at VT, but wasn't lighting the world on fire. And his last game for VT, against Clemson in December when it was really cold, he was having some sort of convulsions on the sideline. He was replaced by Braxton Burmeister, who played significantly better than Hooker. When he portaled to Tennessee most VT fans just kind of shrugged. He didn't even when the starting job for Tennessee last year, but I think got there because the starter was injured-and he's certainly made the most of his chance. The VT boards are on suicide watch now that he's being mentioned for the Heisman. As for Robinson...some knowledgeable insiders have said he was set to return to VT, and had an NIL deal lined up...and then got a better NIL offer from Kentucky (or rather, a group associated with Kentucky). VT chose a bad time to have a downswing as a program with NIL and super-conference formation
  18. I'd like to know that feeling. At this point, it will be a miracle if my Hokies are a .500 team.
  19. Well, it's CMON...that's kind of what they do. But yeah...it's absurd. Still, they're over $800K - I guess they're debacle with the pricing of Marvel Zombicide didn't hurt them much.
  20. Eh...he might have done well at FSU. At UCF he was still getting some talent from the state of Florida, which he could have continued to do at FSU. At Nebraska...not so much...
  21. The old thread only came up once in a while, but when I went to look for it, I found that it had been closed...so new thread time. Tuesday night I had the chance to play the published version of "My Father's Work" from Renegade Games, by designer TC Petty III. I had played this in a prototype form several years ago, so I was eager to play the final product. As a disclaimer, I know TC personally, and this was certainly a monumental project for him to undertake - and Renegade certainly went over the top with production values. The conceit of the game is that the players are the sons/daughters of a "mad scientist" in the 1800s, who were bequeathed an estate, and some knowledge of the "masterwork" he was working on. The game goes three generations, so by the end, you will be portraying a great-grandchild of the original mad scientist. Players are dealt randomly a "masterwork" at the start of the game - things like a time machine, the "monster" (i.e. Frankenstein's monster), etc. You will want to try to complete that by the end of the game to gain the points associated with it - other things during the game will gain you points, but the masterwork is by far the highest value thing to complete. During the game, you will complete other experiments of various difficulties, and there is sort of a tech tree of experiments you must complete - you have to complete 1 "A" level experiment to complete a "B" level experiment, 2 "Bs" to complete a "C", etc. You do this by a fairly standard worker placement mechanism, in which you will collect things like chemicals, animals and bodies. You also collect "knowledge" in different areas, which you can use for experiments, but also record in your journal (which gives you permanent knowledge in that area, and bonuses as you advance along knowledge tracks). Your workers consist of you (the scientist), your spouse, servants, and caretakers (think Igor). There are worker placement spots both in town, and in your estate - and some workers can only go to certain locations (or risk penalties). The miniatures a cleverly made, where you snap them into different shaped bases which determines who they are. That gives players maximum flexibility on which miniature to use as themselves, as their spouse, etc. During the course of the game, your actions could drive up your insanity, as well as your "creepy" level, and also affect the anger level of the townsfolk, who may eventually decide to pick up their torches and pitchforks and come after you. The game leans heavily into Victorian horror tropes...up to the point of being almost tongue-in-cheek about it. Between each generation, players reset different tracks like insanity, and will start over with resources. Now...the thing that really sets this game apart is that it is partially app-driven. There are three scenarios in the game, each of which has their own little box with secret components that you don't open until the app tells you to. The app also drives the story of the game, and each scenario has 8 different endings. The board - or at least the portion displaying the town, is actually a binder full of maps, and as you make decisions during the game, some buildings may come and go, and the app will tell you which page to turn to for the new map. There are also times where players will read portions of the story to just themselves based on decisions they make, and that information may (or may not) help them in the future. My understanding is that the different branching storylines can be wildly different even withing the same scenario. We played a scenario about disease, where at the beginning of the game, the town is suffering a yellow fever epidemic. Our choices caused the storyline to branch into the supernatural, but I think there are some versions of the story that will be more "realistic". Note, this is not a "legacy" game, per se - nothing is permanently altered with the game pieces. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, though I'm not without a few criticisms. The actual gameplay is pretty straightforward, but games are a lengthy affair - on the order of 3 hours. This is primarily due to all the story-telling. The app reads the beginning of each generation to you, but after that there is a fair amount of reading the players must do. A lot of it is public, so having someone who has a flair for the dramatic to read it out loud is helpful - it is certainly written with that Victorian era feel. Again, I've only been through one branch of one scenario - and the story held together..."OK", I would say. There certainly seemed a few times that it was just a little bit disjointed, but not enough to really affect the feel. I ended up winning by a fair margin, and I think it was because I just picked a certain path based on some of my specific readings, and just leaned into our story a bit more, but it was surprising when I was awarded some significant bonus points that the other two players did not get. Note, my friend who had brought the game had already played 4 or 5 times, and it had all been the same scenario - this did not seem to afford him any kind of advantage. I'm hoping to convince my son to play this weekend. I may try one of the other scenarios. They did have some delay in getting the app out, and it doesn't seem to work on all devices yet. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my iPad, so we had to play using a phone. But, this is certainly a pretty unique game, and I look forward to digging into the storylines deeper.
  22. Mine for Tim Roth is probably Pulp Fiction...ironically, with Samuel L Jackson...
  23. A few of notes: - Bruce has a hell of a cell phone plan, since he can call from somewhere in outer space - Apparently turning into a Hulk also causes Jen's hair to grow - I guess she had her business suit made from spandex? - After the episode, I went back and looked at the fight scene in Shang Chi, and after the fight, when Wong opens the portal to take the Abomination back, you can see the prison cell through the portal and it looks just like it does in this episode - so nice continuity there. - I hadn't seen Tim Roth in a while...he is certainly showing his age. Happens to all of us - which makes is more amazing that Samuel L Jackson doesn't seem to show his age!
  24. Bill Russel - NBA legend - has died. In his 13 year career, be brought the Celtics to the NBA finals 12 times...winning 11 of them. Unbelievable. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34323568/boston-celtics-great-bill-russell-11-nba-champion-dies-88
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