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  1. Ah... to be back. Sort of feels strange, like putting on a jacket after not wearing it all year. Here's to Winter!

  2. Riverland Lady

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Perhaps. Though, if you remember correctly, Maekar didn't entirely take all the blame for that. He placed some of that on Baelor -- for being so foolish as to join Dunk's cause, -- and even more on Dunk. However, still allowing him to take Egg with him. Neat perspective on that, I'll be anxious to see how that plays out. As for the Stormcrows? Maybe. And yet, that could just be their battle-cry. Or George is playing one of his little 'tricks' on us. ;)
  3. Riverland Lady

    References and Homages

    I noted a few days ago, whilst reading a bit of Poe. In " The Cask of Amanilado" a question is asked of Montresor by Fortunado, while discussing Montresor's House and Arms. I read that last line (the bolded) and was instantly reminded of House Wyl of Dorne ( Here is the house, for reference: http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/Heraldry/Entry/819/ ). Amusingly they hold the Boneway, and Fortunato was entombed at the end of a narrow passageway in the crypts, with bones to cover the spot he was encased in the wall. Read into that as you will, but I thought it was a neat find. :)
  4. :::Sigh::: So Much Work So Little Time :::Sigh:::

  5. Just picked up Dorne... I wonder how different it is?

  6. After HOURS of BOD research my eyes are bleeding and my brain hurts :: Sigh::