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  1. Greetings, Spamlings! Just dropping by to say hi and hope to see some of you in Chicago. \m/ —maid
  2. Got my 2nd COVID booster today and I will definitely be in Chicago. Can’t wait to see you nerds. \m/
  3. Yeah I just jumped the line to play Happy Mondays. Deal with it.

  4. Eta: my apologies - I see several other folks already answered this. :blushing:
  5. Waiting for a cab sucks. They are never on time...

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome... I've found the boards, wiki and citadel to be such an excellent resource - really looking forward to getting involved in the conversation. I'll be drinking a toast to all of Westeros tonight - wish I had some mead handy, though.
  7. Had a blast with the Ajis today - family parties rock! \m/

  8. So it's pretty obvious that I'm an asoiaf board noob, too. Glad to be here! Picked up the books at Christmas when I heard about the show coming to HBO, tore through them twice, and have become completely obsessed with all things ice and fire. I'll do my best not to be a chronic lurker, but that's really my typical MO. Oh, and I have a 16lb jack russell terrier who believes herself to be a direwolf.
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