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  1. 11 HOURS to Episode 3 of #gameofthrones! Who's coming over to watch it?!!?

  2. Hey @BenjaminBirdie, I am ready to play co-op #portal2 anytime you are.

  3. And I've been on Team Casey the entire time, but, damn.

  4. yup @MohawkCharacter: @MikeRosenzweig My theory is still a billion times better than Midichlorians. #seamonkeys + #dirtytoiletseat = #jedi

  5. ...and I got confirmation that Portal 2 and WRITE MORE GOOD finally shipped. So I am catching up to last month pretty fast.

  6. How come people are more upset over Lady then they are over Mycah? #gameofthrones #thekingsroad

  7. I have read the books four whole times and I cannot freaking wait for the #kingsroad tonight! @GameOfThrones

  8. So if the Stark kids colored Easter eggs, what would Rickon's look like? #gameofthrones #happyeaster #idontknoweither

  9. [email protected] See: Our new Word with Friends game.

  10. Morning! A new comic for your Friday enjoyment! http://halfassed.keenspot.com/

  11. NEW HALF ASSED COMIC! Another #gameofthrones comic, this one to catch us up with the awesome Thronsey week! http://halfassed.keenspot.com/

  12. So excited for Season Two! Red Lady! Seaworth! The Hand's Chain! (thats CoK, right? Lol) Breinn- well, maybe not Breinne.