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  1. We had an absolutely lovely feast last night to welcome our newest Inn-mate. Auroch's Joints w/leeks & pepper sauce, then Plum Mousse. YUM!

  2. Black cherries dipped in Sweet Cream, ala Magister Illyrio. BEST. #foodgasm

  3. Had some lovely leftover capon and carrot-orange-lime relish for dinner. Thanks, Magister Illyrio. And you too, #GRRM. :)

  4. I don't suppose you are also camping in western PA? :)@WiCnet

  5. HIATUS! We're going camping in western PA. More Westerosi food after our return. See some of you on the 'ghetti! :D#Pennsic

  6. OT foods: Making some tasty PB granola for the road trip. Pennsylvania, here we come...

  7. Note to those going to the Indy GenCon: our good friends are running The Forgotten, a Vampire LARP, which you... http://fb.me/MdeX5k4C

  8. Great big THANK YOU to @fiainros @kiarmdear for being our newest successful field agents in Seattle! Go Operation #KeepGeorgeFed!

  9. I forgot how much I liked #DeadliestWarrior. They got it right this season, too. Double win!

  10. An updated post! We now have a modern recipe for the Night's Watch buns w/raisins, pine nuts, and bits of dried... http://fb.me/HmG7Wdxb

  11. Inn at the Crossroads

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    We'll be going through with a fine tooth comb for food references. You may already have them, but if we can help, we'd love to!