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    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    Agreed, it was all about misdirection. The long, cold stare Robb gave Catelyn when she protested was brilliant. I am liking TV Robb a lot more after this episode. Me too, that scene was powerful and really conveyed that not just soldiers were being killed.
  2. My favorite episode so far. I hope the next two can live up to it! I almost had tears in my eyes watching Septa Mordane's dignified walk towards her doom. That was very well done, as was the Syrio-Arya scene. I even started to like Robb and his interactions with the Greatjon lived up to my expectations although I think that the Greatjon has a bit of a "Karstark edge" relative to the book. Joffrey on the throne was pretty much just as psycho as I imagined. I thought Sean Bean did a great job of portraying Ned as really not grasping the dire situation he's in. I loved the look on his face when Varys told him that Tyrion had slipped through Catelyn's fingers. I liked the way they translated and simplified the Drogo fight/wound scene. To me the weakest scenes were the Wall scenes.
  3. 9/10. I am going to miss Harry Lloyd going forward, he was brilliant in this episode, managing to convey Viserys' bewilderment and resentment at the love for Dany, and convincing me to feel sorry for the boy who would be king by the end. Fantanstic crowning scene. The hunting scene left me cold, and I am tired of Ros already, but everything else was good. I was expecting no direwolves in the wood, so wasn't disappointed.
  4. HBO On Demand has a short video called Game of Thrones: Anatomy of a Scene: Tournament that is worth checking out if you have On Demand. (I can't find it anywhere online so far.) Among other things, it includes a clip that didn't make it into the episode of Arya and Sansa discussing sigils, as well as short clips from Conan Stevens and Rory McCann!
  5. I thought the pacing and feel of the episode was the best so far. No quick switches between locations, due to only have two locations to switch between. Made me realize that as good as the show is, it could have been even better if they'd had more time, e.g. 12+ episodes, for the first season. Echoing what someone else said, I wish they'd had Ned crawling over to Jory at the end of the episode, but otherwise I thought the fight outside the brothel was very well done. My feeling on the fact that the scene was in full sunlight is that they're trying to achieve a unique atmosphere for each location, and rain doesn't fit for King's Landing - it's all bright sunlight and glare, to contrast with darker, colder and wetter Winterfell or the Wall.
  6. I give it 8 out of 10 (8.5 if it were possible). When re-watching on DVR I fast-forwarded through the Catelyn/Cersei and Detective Catelyn scenes every time, just couldn't bear to watch them again. Wasn't a big fan of Tyrion waking up with the dogs instead of reading all night, and not sure how I feel about the Jon/Jaime scene, but I loved everything else. The farewells were poignant and the Kingsroad scenes were done about as well as I could have hoped (barring Ser Ilyn Payne who looks comical instead of deathly frightening). Sean Bean is so good as Ned Stark!!