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  1. Thank you. Prematurely blame this "Pod" fellow for any of my potential future transgressions? Sounds easy enough. Easier than blaming Canada, after all. Where I come from, obscenities, 'pwnings' and insults are welcome and encouraged, as they provide the additional laughs we all seek for in my 'Off Topic' community. And no, I'm not talking about that stupid 4chan crap. Oops, did I just commit a cardinal sin? Forgive me. I blame Pod.
  2. Hi. I bring snow. Snow! Snow! Snow! New to posting here, but a long time forum user (and thorough reader of this website and forum). I first read ASOIAF back in 2002 and have been hooked ever since. Read each book at least 5 times (with the exception of Dance which I still need to reread), and am simply obsessed with saying in a soft spoken, chilly voice, "Winter is coming..." (partly because I'm an avid snowboarder). I do not like this forum because I can not embed text. I am also a moderator on another forum, one which is much much more lax and "hands off" in terms of moderating. Just about anything goes over there, just about. I apologize in advance if I overstep any of your site boundaries as my posts will tend to be filled with extremely sarcastic witticisms. I'll try my best not to be offensive, but you have been forewarned.
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