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    [Spoiler] EP603

    Illyn Payne is missing for sure.... but i read somewhere the actor who played Payne was diagnosed with cancer and cannot act anymore so someone said in respect they removed him silently....
  2. Alcarin

    [Spoiler] EP603

    Yes I know he is thinking about Ned's wars, obviously, while i see your point, I dont find Arthurs character (or any of the remaining KG) to fit these words. I doubt any Kingsguard would have the mentality to think about losing before the fight occurs, regardless of the numbers, and despite being only human. And to top all that, Arthur passed the deeds to grant him title The Sword of the Morning... Its a nice touch of chivalry of the knighthood but still I find it unfitting to a character like Arthur Dayne or the Kingsguard of that era, to say something like that. I find it exactly opposite, they were so sure of their surpemacy, that they awaited Ned and his company infront of the tower, and Oswell Whent was even sharpening his blade when Ned was close, and all their answers to Neds wording felt quick without thought or regret, like they exactly knew their duty and knew they were not ordinary 3.... And 1 big thing i miss in the flashback was stressing out how highly they took their vows to show even better the perspective of true kingsguard... The We svowe a vow should simpy be in there.
  3. Alcarin

    [Spoiler] EP603

    Ye he said that, but how does saying "I wish you good fortune in the wars ahead" Or whatever close to that, and then saying now it begins... Its like he knew he will die??? As in Ned will survive to fight future wars (after this one) makes no sense, Arthur would never say that really... nor did he ever did according to the books.
  4. Alcarin

    [Spoiler] EP603

    The most anticipated scene of the season in my opinion The Tower of Joy, in the end was not catastrophy, allthough I just cannot understand why it was not 7 against 3... The discussion was kinda weird, I mean Arthur Dayne told Ned I wish you luck in the wars you fight, and then ''Now it begins'' I mean what the hell, it might've been sarcastic, but Arthur from the books would never start a fight knowing he lost, was too proud and too great.... kinda off the discussion in there, also no idea why chage Woe to the usurper, too hard english for writers I guess?.... Now lets just hope Gerold is in the Tower The biggest negative about TOJ I have is, you portray a legendary swordfighter and the guy gets sneaked upon his back and stabbed.... bad awarness?