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  1. I loved this Ep. Just a step below the great episodes of GoT. The few minor dings: I'm not sold on the actress for the heir Rhaneys(?) I don't know if it's just her bizarre appearance, or some confusing character choices, but I don't understand what she's doing in most scenes. She's not as bad as the mannequin (Danerys) or the bland pretty boy (Jon Snow), and maybe as the season goes I'll get her performance more The time jumps were inconsistent and jarring. How long has it been since the queen died? The king says less than 6 months, but the council indicates Dr Who has been occupying Dragonstone for more than six months, and we know he didn't do that right away. The last scene between Dr Who and Black Valerian (I really need to learn names, but they are hard to understand) took place back at Dr Who's home, so that was clearly after some time. Did he abandon Dragonstone? But those are small issues and everything cracked this episode. We finally got see some of the actors perform. I am sold on the King, Black Valerion, Dr. Who, Princess Hightower and the pudgy white guy on the small council. They all join Lord Hightower, who was the only one who I thought gave a notable performance in Ep1. Great scene on the stairs with dragons! I love the Tardis dragon!!! Lord Hightower is my favorite part of the show. He has become Bronn/Varys as the character I want in every scene. The Lizard is killing it. Several languid two handed scenes! Woohoo! Back to the great seasons of GoT. And all of them without boobs, birds or butts!!!! Princess Hightower is performing great, someone slap the director. We don't know to see the closeup of her hands. She is delivering that information without the highlighter smeared all over the scene. It's disrespectful to the performer and the audience. The king is so well potrayed. He is doing the right thing, and has a good heart, but does the realm need someone more like a Tywin Lannister right now? The show was never able to capture this since S1.
  2. 9/10 I thought the first Ep was a very bad sign that HBO had just doubled down of graphic violence and sex and the show would just be a continuation of the "Bad Pussy" era of Dumb and Dumber. Ep2 was a VERY good sign that might not be the case. Loved this Ep! This was good, tight story-telling. Giving the actors room to perform, while still giving us the spectacle. Hightower is quickly becoming my favorite part of the show. He's a lot meaner than the place kicker for Keanu Reeve's football team or Doc Conners.
  3. Yes, Bran as King of all but the North makes perfect sense.
  4. Until the IB backs the next person who wants the IT. That is the whole bass of their operation. You default on your loan, they support someone who is coming after you. Are we supposed to assume that no one is going to challenge Bran?
  5. For real world analogies, the answer is very mixed and often (shocking no one) hotly contested. In this case, as I spelled out, it is pretty simple to link the current ruler to the one which incurred the debt. Bran is not successor of Dany who almost took the throne by conquest and has a muddier case for the IB. Dany never reigned, no lord ever knelt and pledged to her reign while she was in charge of the capital, she never controlled most of the land or people. Thus, the IB would see Bran as Cersei's chosen (not by her, but by her lords) successor.
  6. Nah, they never bothered to replace anyone in Casterly Rock, these things don't matter.
  7. The Crown's debt was to more than the Iron Bank. The big chunk owed to Casterly Rock I guess poofed along with it as a major house, but there were other portions, too. It really doesn't matter on the show, as they had little interest in such things.
  8. I'm not sure how the Iron Bank would be expected to forgive Cersei's debt. It's not like you melt the throne and suddenly you are a new kingdom. Cersei's debt directly links to Bobby B's and Joffery's and Tommen's. On the throne is Bobby's partner in taking the throne and his hand's son. His hand was the hand for Joffery and son/brother of the previous regime's hand and ruler. They did not gain the through Dany's conquest, but by reconquering the throne from her. Bran's rule begins massively in debt and lacks his principle source of gold. (There is no way the Iron bank is not aware of this by now). He is in financial trouble.
  9. It was easy to find the twins, they were buried under the only rubble pile. It was like one of those cartoon rain showers that hits one person.
  10. I mostly agree, though stronger to the negative. It felt like a high school film student shot, albeit one with with a nice CGI budget.
  11. Our list i(of the pit council) s identical I couldn't figure out how to add a pic to the post. My issue with Jon was why didn't Grey Worm kill him? It was one last bit of plot armor that irked me. He is a non-threat to King Bran regardless of where he is, due to his nature. Yep, several weeks before the meeting, but that was clearly the first small council meeting, so how is Sam the Grand Maester now? Since they had random folks on the dragon council, including generic Dorne Prince, why not a generic High Septon? It is a simple costume change of any of the randoms and it would make the scene feel more complete and true to the earlier show. Drogon scoops her like he was picking her up with his wing claw, which is why it bugged me. I even said, "What's in his claws?" (since he didn't use the leg ones to pick her up), until the cut and she was in his leg claw. That is a nit pick (at worst), it just jumped out at me...
  12. The Dothraki are at 50% strength so 10,000 before the attack on KL. I don't think many died there unless Dany burned them. Why would Sam represent the Maesters? He abandoned his position and stole a bunch of stuff. The best he could have expected was to be returned to poop montage doody. No... sorry... they made him Grand Maester... I guess you are right. Go around the circle and tell me who everyone is.. They didn't flash forward, that was the first small council meeting, listen to what they are talking about. The absolute core basics of reconstruction. Unless King Bran did nothing during that whole flash forward time... Arya has never shown an explorer streak, nor an interest in ship travel. Nearly any option (other than Gendry) would have made more sense. It was like they were setting up some shitty spinoff that would be cancelled after one season. Jon's bloodline was never mentioned in that discussion, nor would it draw many people to his cause when he didn't want it. He should have been executed by Grey Worm in any case. Religion is a big deal in Westeros. You blow up a building and that doesn't go away. Religion would be represented in that council. Look how he picks her up and watch how clawed animals pick things up. See the difference?
  13. 5, meaning it was better than 50% of the stuff on TV this year. A complete bag of meh. Gutless, generic ending with garbage direction. Thanks Dumb and Dumber for having too much ego to hire an actual director to finish your precious show. An unending chain of two-headed scenes shot in the more boring way possible. The council of the dragon pit was one of the dumbest scenes in show history. This was the 10 minute version of Bad Pussy. Why were Sam (he was not representing The Reach, he went back to citadel), Brienne (a non-landed knight, veteran of ONE battle), Arya and three unknown men there? Literally unknown. CC had them as Man1, Man2, and Man3. Grey Worm speaks for the Dothraki too??? AND THEN DOESN'T GET A SAY. People of color, get in your corner! Having the largest remaining army means nothing. Bronn is too busy fliming John Wick 3 I guess. Sam is Grand Maester. Got it. Takes weeks. As does writing and binding the book! That was clearly the first meeting of the small council. They haven't begun to rebuild. Arya is an explorer now. When fan fiction has no idea how to end an arc... Jon rejoins the Night's Watch and then immediately abandons his post again? Religion is simply gone... As is Drogon. Who apparently has never picked up anything was his claw before since he doesn't know how it's done.
  14. I mostly agree, it would an odd choice for HBO to lean heavily on D&D as the show had become extremely successful commercially almost exactly (inversely ) as it became a lower quality show in terms of the prestige drama it originally was (I don't think the original intent was a spectacle based blockbuster format). As they switched from adapting material to creating their own material, I wish HBO had insisted they hire stronger writers to make up the gap. It's hard to imagine D&D would have put up a huge fight over this as they clearly became tired of the show (HBO wanted more, they insisted on these short final seasons). I mock D&D more than almost anyone, but they got asked to play a hand they didn't agree to. I just wish they had the awareness to find people who could play it competently and stick to producing which they are excellent at. As for Dany's heel turn. There is a HUGE difference a well-earned surprise (The Red Wedding or The Sixth Sense) and a rug pull for the sake of shock (how I see this or The Village). The well earned surprise for this would include more build up (I'm sure the book is headed this way) and be something more sensible. Dany could blast apart the Red Keep after they surrender. It would still cause horrid collateral damage, but it would fit more with her building profile of anger followed by excessive violence directed at the source of the anger. There were much better ways to do this face turn, and I'm hoping Martin will give us one.
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