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  1. legba11

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    No, Cersei would still have gone with her brilliant and unforseeable plan to not hold up her end of the deal and everything would be exactly the same except Jon would have no credibility as a negotiator.
  2. 1. I said there was basically no reason for every Sansa/Arya scene this season (even though i was ok with some of them). You go further and I agree. What has LF done since he bribed Sweet Robyn and got control of the Knights of the Vale? He has done nothing that made sense and we waited for it all to come together in his master stroke. Instead we got this... 2. It is basically the exact same problem. We had all this production and bluster and nothing happened. Cersei would have been better served by just saying ok an armistice by raven after Tyrion's visit. Maybe send the agreement attached to her hated brother's head so she feels the victory in her agreement. 6. Sam traveled by horse and cart with the world slowest aging toddler. That would certainly speed things up. Maybe they were sucking Little Sam's aging time into warping their travel time or something. 7. Duh... Once your nards get removed you get a power up pedal attached to your crotch. Didn't they teach you that in biology? I thought it was was Harry Loyd for a moment. I was thinking how he aged. Cersei interrupting Dany's titles would have been great. I didn't know about Heady and Flynn. When that happened, I said out loud, "How odd, does one of them need to go die somewhere or something?" It would have been less jarring for Bronn to say to Pod, "Listen, Ser MagicCock we both know this is going to get ugly. Look around, you are the named red shirt in this scene. You need to get out of here."
  3. legba11

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    If this is a GRRM concept, I expect we'll get a satisfactory explanation (like some here lean towards). Considering the effort Dumb and Dumber are making, I will assume it was their pathetic attempt to GOTCHA the book readers.
  4. Flattery will get you nowhere! But a thank you!
  5. Yes, it feels like the nudity and gore are now just there to remind people they can do it. Odd, considering the show has descended into spectacle and fan service. I forgot about Qyburn, yes I loved that moment! The show is much better when people don't talk it seems. I couldn't think of a stupid name for the Dragonpit to mock it. I'm thinking The Armpit Summit. Looking for better names...
  6. Can't answer until I read it. I will be very disappointed if GRRM plays it as a mommy-porn book with Fabio on the cover would. I have no problem with them hooking up. I have a problem with how it was filmed. And for how D&D will smugly explain how edgy and ground breaking they are.
  7. 5 on the post season 4 scale. (reminder this is relative to all shows on TV for me, this is about as low as GOT goes) I might be being harsh, but I feel a certain level of expectations for a season finale. This was a mediocre episode 6 in other seasons, a complete let down for a finale. In earlier seasons this would have been a 9 or 10 episode. It was all about dialogue and intrigue. Sadly, now that dumb and dumber do almost all of the writing, they are unable to handle this on even a mediocre level. The treaty scene was fine and the best part of the episode. There was nothing great and tons of logical flaws, but it worked. However, in earlier seasons this would have been great. The Hound is (as usual) the MVP when he is given something to do. Tyrion v Cersei was embarrassingly bad. It depended on a sense of dread that no one believed was there. Heady did a fine job, Dinklage is clearly bored with the show at this point. He knows he is reading garbage and has checked out. The director should have his card pulled for how poorly that sequence was shot. Jaime and Tyrion's talk was such a throw away, it was obvious this wasn't their last talk. At least pretend one of these two is dying this episode and give them a send off worthy scene. Winterfell was so bad. It alone would have kept this episode from scoring an 8+. Where I gave the Fellowship of the Wight stuff last week a pass on the stupidity of their plan (I dinged Ep5 for it), this episode has to take the entire weight of the stupidity of all the Sansa/Arya/LF scenes for the whole season. Given a plot outline for this, ABC executives would have declared too juvenile for their after school specials and passed it on to their Saturday AM cartoon team. Maybe Snidley Whiplash would have been appropriate to play LF's role. As awful as it was, they could have at least given Sansa a moment of strength and growth. As Arya moves in for the kill, Sansa orders her to stop. "I am the Stark in Winterfell. Father would have swung the sword himself. I am going to do a terrible job of this (smile wickedly), but it my duty to do it." This whole plotline should have been resolved in Episode 1. Clearly D&D had no idea what to do with these characters so they wasted an entire season on this garbage. The wall falls! Everyone is shocked! It was CGI worthy of SYFY's good shows. Even the one bit of spectacle they gave us fell short. So undead dragons breath force? It wasn't melting, it wasn't making the wall so cold it became brittle and collapsed (how cool would that have looked?). People should never be shown riding dragons, they always look like Never Ending Story. If this show and it's budget can't do it, it should be perma-banned. Cersei's shocking turn!!!!! Thank god these two actors are still being professionals and reading these garbage lines like they are reading David Mamet. NCW deserves an EMMY for pulling this turd out of the toilet and selling it as a diamond. So what is Cersei's advantage. She is going to do EXACTLY what her enemies asked her to do. They will know instantly that she hasn't honored her agreement. Of course since her armies can teleport, I guess it won't be noticed that they aren't marching north. They are just waiting for the wizard to rest for eight hours. No one leaves with Jaime, not even Bronn? Aunt-F'er. So this is what they put on screen to meet their shock and edgy quota? A mommy-porn scene with a man and his aunt. If I want to see that I can just dial it up on YouPorn. Makes me wish they went back to genital warts and poop montages.
  8. legba11

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    You are the best!
  9. Please no spoilers from leaks... 1. Urine: almost a sure thing. He had a giant sub-boss sign above his head when he was introduced. It is shocking he didn't die earlier (I guess he knows this and has been hiding), but no way he makes it to the last season. 2. The Wall. With only 6 episodes to come, there is no real threat or menace from the Army of Darkness as long as the wall is there. I assume so good guys die with it. Edd seems a definite, Tormund also likely. 3. Grey Worm. Part of team Dany needs to die. He is the least important person on it. 4. LittleFinger. It is shocking he is only 4th, but the Winterfell story has been stuck in the mud. If they kill him, they have no bad guy for Winterfell. Upset Special: Jaime. The prybarred Brienne to King's Landing for this episode. The most logical reason for that is to have a moment with Jaime before he dies.
  10. legba11

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Odd post, but there is usually someone in here who does a funny sequence of screen captures with dialogue as their rant. I can't find it this week, could anyone direct me to it. Sorry I forgot the poster's name.
  11. legba11

    Best Rated Episodes So Far By This Forum

    706 will end up pretty low it looks, I bet it also has the highest standard deviation (anyone want that job????). I wonder how many points it got saved from people like me who dinged 705 for the moronic capture a wight and didn't feel right dinging the show twice for it?
  12. legba11

    So now we know how the Wight Walker war ends

    Couldn't they just kill the children who made the NK and end the whole Army of Darkness? The transitive property of monster killing seems to indicate this.
  13. legba11

    Best Rated Episodes So Far By This Forum

    I would say S1 was THAT good. What's interesting is that the demographics of the forums have changed over time and I would expect that change to have a reverse influence. S1 votes were very heavy on book readers. This site was long established as a great home for book readers. The unsullied (as we called them then) drifted in slowly over time. So have become sullied in that time period, but it seems very likely the sullied:unsullied ratio has decreased since S1. I think if you were able to track it (impossible), the sullied would have a lower average score than the unsullied. This means likely S1 should even be higher .
  14. legba11

    Best Rated Episodes So Far By This Forum

    Great work! I did this during S1 or 2, but even then it was too daunting to continue. /applause