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  1. Yes, Bran as King of all but the North makes perfect sense.
  2. Until the IB backs the next person who wants the IT. That is the whole bass of their operation. You default on your loan, they support someone who is coming after you. Are we supposed to assume that no one is going to challenge Bran?
  3. A: Alderan, I assume. Well your tradition hero fantasy, which Star Wars is, has Grand Moff Tarkin destroying Alderan (Vader is still somewhat behind him at that point when Lucas thought The Force and Jedis would be some weird cult religion not the dominant force of the galaxy). If we had written it, well... we've already excellently expressed many of the changes we'd make. Man... Leia would be so much cooler in our version... But Luke... Luke going crazy does make sense, but not at Alderan, that is too early. Maybe when they get to Endor. That way we have Lando to play the Grey Worm role and arrest Chewie for killing Luke after he goes crazy... We'd then empower Lando by having Chewie banished to work on the Millennium Falcon with Han! Yea! And they'd elect Lobot as King of the Galaxy! Q: The Dorne story is one the earliest that came (almost) completely from you two. What is the best part of that story and what is the worst?
  4. George has a long history of releasing books on time and at a reasonable pace, so we thought he would be done long before us. Once the production gets rolling, we are on the train with everyone else. If we waited for his estate to finish the books, Issac Hempstead Wright could have played the Max Von Sydow scenes in the Three Eyed Raven sequences and Maise Williams could have actually performed as Walder Frey. Besides, this show has always been about the spectacle, man! Explosions! Tits! Dragons! I mean we don't really need George describing lemon cakes to write this crap. Star Wars time, baby!!! Q: Did Lena Headey use Shannon Doherty as her model for talking with her head sideways? Who paid for her chiropractor after each long scene?
  5. Even during Season 1 we knew we NEEDED a ZOMBIE POLAR BEAR. We had read horror stories about the Superman movie that never happened and how the producer never got the polar bear fight he demanded. This was Nick Freakin! Cage as Superman. How does that not happen??? We were not going to let that happen to us. Good wigs are expensive and we put $100 in the bank and buy a Spirit Halloween wig for our tragic lead. That is what they call producing in Hollywood and why we are now making Star Wars! You hear that haters???? STAR F'ing WARS!!! Besides she was going to be full buff naked and having dragons crawling on her, what kind of chode would look at her wig? Q: Elephant in the room here. What's up with the time/space warping as the show goes on?
  6. ((Btw, this is my favorite thread in YEARS here))
  7. We have clearly established through the Bad Pussy storyline in Dorne that assassinating the ruler means you are universally accepted as the new ruler. Tommen's death was an own-goal, so the credit in the boxscore goes to the nearest person. Cersei. We didn't have time to develop this story, but she is also head of the church through this same process. The people loved this as she was much better than the "Church Council of the Four Guys who Quartered the Fatty High Septon During the Riot" or CCFGQFHSDR as it was commonly known. Q: How did snow suddenly hit King's Landing after Dany's attack on a bright, sunny day? I mean it was a lot of very cold snow. Enough to cover a dragon, which is a massive creature of "Fire made Flesh"
  8. Well as you all know, the Iron Bank is where they store all the iron in Essos. Once it became clear that dragonglass was the key ingredient of this story, the Iron Bank became pointless. We're pretty sure George will realize this flaw in his story and do the same. That was a treatment for S7 Ep5 where we introduce the Dragonglass Bank with a woman in charge who is emotionally unstable and is dangerous because of that. We had to cut that plotline out, if only there was a way we could have had more time. Q: So you hire Ciaran Hinds, a very well regarded actor, to play Mance Rayder a seemingly important character, but then you ghost him and kill him off with only about 10 total lines of dialogue What's up with that?.
  9. No, the children of the forest painted them, did we not make that clear? (that isn't my question). With all the followup we did to that storyline, I really don't understand how people missed that... That was one the biggest plot points this season. I mean, think how different the battle of WInterfell would have been without dragonglass. Question: Is Bran the actual villain of the series, having manipulated events to cause the death of hundreds of thousands so he would sit the Iron Throne?
  10. The White Walkers are the real heroes of the series. They are tragic heroes as they fail to accomplish their task of uniting the 9 kingdoms, including the Wildlings and The Dead. Those symbols are their universal symbol of peace. If you watch carefully, the White Walkers never initiate violence, they slowly walk up to begin negotiations and people start killing them because they are ugly. They are forced to defend. Even then, they grant a rebirth to all the aggressors who die attacking them. I mean we made this pretty obvious. We gave you no one else to root for with our skilled writing. How the audience did not get that the WW's were the good guys is a mystery to us. I mean their final scene is the Night King about to bend the knee to the future king Bran even after sexual predator and child murderer Theon tries to kill them. We figured killing that toad would put them over with the audience.
  11. For real world analogies, the answer is very mixed and often (shocking no one) hotly contested. In this case, as I spelled out, it is pretty simple to link the current ruler to the one which incurred the debt. Bran is not successor of Dany who almost took the throne by conquest and has a muddier case for the IB. Dany never reigned, no lord ever knelt and pledged to her reign while she was in charge of the capital, she never controlled most of the land or people. Thus, the IB would see Bran as Cersei's chosen (not by her, but by her lords) successor.
  12. Nah, they never bothered to replace anyone in Casterly Rock, these things don't matter.
  13. The Crown's debt was to more than the Iron Bank. The big chunk owed to Casterly Rock I guess poofed along with it as a major house, but there were other portions, too. It really doesn't matter on the show, as they had little interest in such things.
  14. I'm not sure how the Iron Bank would be expected to forgive Cersei's debt. It's not like you melt the throne and suddenly you are a new kingdom. Cersei's debt directly links to Bobby B's and Joffery's and Tommen's. On the throne is Bobby's partner in taking the throne and his hand's son. His hand was the hand for Joffery and son/brother of the previous regime's hand and ruler. They did not gain the through Dany's conquest, but by reconquering the throne from her. Bran's rule begins massively in debt and lacks his principle source of gold. (There is no way the Iron bank is not aware of this by now). He is in financial trouble.
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