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    Board Issues 4

    Off the hop: if you're having password problems, opt to reset your password by having the reset link sent to your email address. If you no longer have access to that email address, contact Ran to update your email contact info. However, try doing it yourself first: most people (including me) have been able to log back in successfully within a few minutes.
  2. A continuation of the original thread. NB: This thread is not for discussion of theories; it is only here to list them. The list below has now been updated by Mladen for this iteration of the thread. Welcome to the second edition of Compendium of Theories thread. The thread was opened in January 2013, and since then, it became must-read for all those who want to learn about popular and widely-accepted theories on this board. Since last January, the thread was updated several times, and this opportunity demands the updated list of everything that has been theorized in the past year. Please have in mind that this thread serves as the encyclopedic list of the theories, analyses and threads on this board. The whole point of this thread is to have organized list of many great and outside-the-box ideas that were posted at some point on this board. This thread is not for discussing the theories, or questioning them in any way, as it is your guide through the thousands and thousands of threads and posts on General section of this forum. We also warmly invite you to link us all the theories that you feel deserve to be included, as also to give us feedback of what we might have missed. This time, we will update the Compendium with the links from the Citadel that might give you the better understanding of certain theories. Also, we will divide the list into several categories that will make your search easier. Spoiler tags added for length:
  3. <mod gloves> Boarders' notes on GRRM's reading at Worldcon are consolidated here. Please stay on topic. Speculation on unrelated or tangential developments can go elsewhere. </mod gloves>
  4. Wow to being the PCA to his brother. That's a major commitment. Good for him for stepping up. Sounds like he thinks things are going well enough to bring up cohabitation once your roommate moves out. It'd still be good to revisit the conversation and update expectations on all sides, changed or unchanged. I wish you the best whatever happens (and lots of cookies).
  5. MMM... long time no read. *tips hat* Through experience, my advice about moving in with someone has become: know upfront whether you're both doing it because it's convenient or whether you actually want to live together, ie are you consciously moving the relationship forward. So pretty much what MMM said.
  6. Angalin

    Careerchat II

    Nice to see you back, Ep! Congratulations and best wishes for everything! Liff, have you done any aptitude tests to narrow down the possibilities? The Things have to choose GCSE subjects soon, and a friend recommended this one which was quick and fairly accurate, at least in my case. After a lot of depressing searching, I have finally found two jobs which sound exciting, one in Birmingham and one in London. Changing mental gears from a part-time editorial job to graduate student to next-level job hunting has been far more challenging than expected: when I first started looking for post-degree work, I still felt very unqualified for anything more than basic. These two, though, make me feel like I could use what I've learned instead of just hitting reset to a previous existence.
  7. Angalin

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    @Xray the Enforcer- I haven't tried Urban Decay lipsticks but @kairparavelrecommended Bite Beauty lipstick to me upthread and it is really lovely. Ordered it from Sephora. I'm suffering from dry skin even without being in Canadian Siberia, and can't spring for a facial right now. Any suggestions as to cheap skin rehydration? Drinking more water and getting more sleep & exercise would probably also help.
  8. Thanks for the updated thread, Ormond! I have a follow-up question to Baita's genealogical query, which maybe other people can help me with too. Ages ago I created a family tree on Geni and the site sends me notices of possible matches between my family tree and others, often based on names and similar dates/places. Sometimes the names will be a little different: is that more likely to happen because of inconsistent records or from family use of nicknames? eta: I love the name Eleanor and am glad it's back! Seeing The Lion in Winter on Saturday afternoon tv when I was young left me in awe of both queen and Kate Hepburn. Ormond, have you ever written about the name Mark and its variants? I searched the newspaper's site but couldn't find anything.
  9. Angalin

    Careerchat II

    Good luck with the deposition. Can you get The Good Wife costume designer in on your side as well as Alicia? Hope you hear good news soon!
  10. Angalin

    Careerchat II

    that is AWESOME and exactly what I needed, thank you! Helps that I'm now officially a graduate, not just anxiously waiting on results.
  11. Angalin

    Careerchat II

    In the spring I went to a workshop on women and jobs which said similar things. We tend to undersell ourselves drastically. If you know you don't want this position, let them know asap. I like the line about focusing on your studies. Ok, here goes (thank you for the suggestion): I'm a grad student finishing an MSc in history who's worked in both academic publishing and university admin. I guess what I'm looking for are jobs in the same fields but at higher levels (though why an MSc makes me any better at them, I dunno. I'm also tired after a weekend of refereeing between children so this is sketchy). I want a job that requires no overnight travelling and pays relatively well, but that's not what you say in a happy-clappy CV statement. Thanks for any help, folks. (sorry, can only be flip due to feeling seriously drained and the cat thinks it's well past time to go to bed)
  12. Angalin

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Datepalm's review on Goodreads.
  13. Angalin

    Careerchat II

    Lany, so happy for you! Kair too. Nora, sounds like your leaving date can't come soon enough. Best wishes for the new position! Datepalm: what does "bureaucratic formalities" mean? Without knowing much about the situation, I suggest you keep applying for other positions you like for now. This unwanted internship sounds all very vague at the moment. I have to write a personal statement to put at the top of my CV: 50-200 words on how great I am etc. Ugh. I found a Guardian article that said describe who you are, where you're at and what you're interested in from a job. This is totally cringey for me. Maybe if I pretend I'm writing it about someone else? Has anyone else done these?
  14. Angalin

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Nope. I'm eyeing up Bite Beauty's Kale (dark hunter green with black) while trying to remember that I'm on a job hunt.
  15. Somebody assessed the situation in terms of penalty minutes and gave the Tories 2, Liberals 4 (Trudeau for two separate offenses), and the NDP 8. Sounds about right.
  16. Angalin

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    As the Peter Grant thread has been archived, can anyone tell me if the Night Witch comic is worth reading? It looks like a spin-off story from the few panels I've seen.
  17. Angalin

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Reviving your answer as I'm on a cocktail hunt: I like The Botanist with tonic. Not so much in a bigger mix, it gets overwhelmed.
  18. Warning: wonky train of thought begun while doing the crossword while tired.   I had a random idea about Harper and his support of Israel, which came up in the NYT article linked by FB. His unqualified support of Israeli policies (thinking about the settlers vs Palestinians) has parallels with his unwillingness to acknowledge the hardships of First Nations peoples: same principle, settlers vs colonized. It may be unconscious on his part, but it feels like empathy with the Palestinians/First Nations is a place where he really doesn't want to go. He may have a bunch of those, but that's all I got tonight. Except that the Conservatives were in third place in the most recent poll. 
  19. Angalin

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    <mod note> Start a thread about Lost in the Entertainment section (or find an old one), if that's what you want to discuss. And learn to disagree politely or drop out of the thread. </mod note>
  20. Angalin

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    A friend is interviewing GGK in a week or so and is looking for questions. Suggestions?
  21. Angalin

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Roughriders vs Bombers, maybe. Annual heartbreak on Labour Day weekend, unless that hits too close to home for GGK as a one-time Winnipegger. The occasional whim has to be indulged or there would be an epidemic of blue pencil across the board. I used to like GGK more than I do at the moment: a phase I'm going through, I think. There are bits that are always beautiful to read, though.
  22. Angalin

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Merged at my whim.
  23. Angalin

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Mod note: if you have a problem with another poster or want a post clarified, it is actually possible to send a PM directly to that person, ask politely to have the issue addressed and explain why. This may be a revolutionary concept, I know, but with practice it gets easier.