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  1. In regards to Shea and Sansa, and I'm sorry if I repeat something, because i have not read this whole thread, here are my thoughts: Shea is kind of a lame character. The acting may be part of it. Sometimes people with a strong accent can be a little hard to read if you can't get into the rythym of how they speak, so I will allow for a little of that. But, I will be really disappointed if there is not some kind of pay off for her mysterious background. Also, it does not make sense that she grew up in any sort of noble household, because whether she was a lady or a servant, she would have a good idea of what a handmaiden does, even if she is not good at doing it. As far as how Sansa acts in the scene with Shae, I don't think her behavior was that bad. She has to be asking hereself why Cersei would send her a completely ignorant hadmaiden. The Lanisters are probably the most sophisticated house in Westeros, and Sansa is betrothed to the King. She has to believe this is not an accident, which it isn't. She probably can think of no good reason she would get a servant like this, which only leave her more unsettled. The servant does not act like a servent either. An actual sevant in this position would be humble, scared, and would be begging her lady's pardon. So Sansa has to be feeling that she is being screwed with in another new way. So she can either act like she is scared of some new trap, or go the more defiant route and say just screw it.