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    Soldiering, traveling, reading, and womanizing.<br /><br />Girl, it’s Valentine’s Day. And when I wake up you will be the first thing on my mind. You know what I'm saying?<br /><br />On my way to your apartment, I will stop at the most expensive florist in Tampa, where I will peruse numerous bouquets of lovely variety. I will pick out only the finest collection of flowers.<br /><br />Damn, girl, I wish you lived only two minutes away, because I need you that close to me. At precisely 7:30 pm, you will hear your doorbell ring. Baby, you know who it will be.<br /><br />I will have our chauffer play some Luther Vandross for your listening pleasure. And girl, if I see a shooting star, I will point it out to you, so that you may make a wish. Then, I will ask you what your wish was, so that I can make it come true.<br /><br />After dinner, we will return to my apartment. Aw, girl, I know what you want. I will guide you to my canopied bed, where we will make love doggy-style all night long until you are satisfied.

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  1. Hey Wade-How have youi been?

  2. I'm not that kinda guy, Niamh.

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  4. Wade1066

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    How can I download My Lady Ashalind's picture onto my computer?
  5. Hey, Canadian man. Get a job, you bum.

  6. Long time no see. We all miss you. :)

  7. God -- I love that girl.