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    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Yup...they are big advocates for cutting out the middle-man. I can definitely see the lack of big publishing house copy-editing at times but I was honestly really pleased with the overall quality...covers are better than most Baen books, for one thing, and the actual materials are not noticeably lower quality than normal. And, again, the mandate is fun, which they definitely deliver.
  2. frodostark

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Jason Anspach and Nick Cole's Galaxy's Edge series would certainly fit the bill...it's an unabashed Star Wars-like universe with many clever winks and nods while honing in on being more realistic and less "chosen family"-focused. First book is straight up military SF with imperial troopers fighting their way out of an ambush on a barren planet; the second one jumps ahead in time to show the political ramifications of that dust-up and how the galaxy is falling into all-out war. POV's are an orphan bent on revenge and some bounty hunters trying to scavenge off the edges of the universe. Blasters, princesses, and droids, oh my! It's not deep (though more character-focused than you'd expect) but it is fun.
  3. frodostark

    The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron

    Just finished The Red Knight and loved it...really impressive worldbuilding that combines fantasy cliches and Arthuriana in new and interesting ways. It took a while to get pulled in, but once I was...wow! That said, it was easily the worst edited book I've ever read...so many simple errors. Not sure what the heck Orbit was doing but between that and the UK covers being so much better, they really come off looking bad. Cameron's book is good enough to overcome, fortunately...