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  1. Buster

    How would you rate episode 310?

    The lack of Jaime in this episode almost made me flip a table. I've been waiting all season for him to get to King's Landing! A few seconds isn't enough. Now I have to wait a whole year... still, unlike most people here I absolutely loved the episode and put it way ahead of last week. As good as The Red Wedding was, it just didn't have the tension and emotional impact the books had. No bannermen meant nobody actually cared about the random Northern extras getting stabbed, Arya and Catelyn's lack of emotion and Robb's final word being "mother" all bothered me. Not to mention the awkward stabbing from Roose. In this episode they managed to put the coin scene in, had an awesome small council meeting and Kit actually had to act. Seeing Grey Wind and Robb like that actually bothered me too. I made strange noise that was somewhere between NO and a gasp. Maybe Dany would make me give the episode a lower score, but pretending she doesn't exist is a much better alternative. 8/10
  2. Buster

    How would you rate episode 209?

    I'm guessing that George didn't have complete freedom when writing the episode. He had to write the episode so that it fit the changes that have already been made and probably had to add stuff that David and Dan wanted. An example of this would be Stannis on the front lines. I still don't like all the changes and wish that the show was an exact copy of the books, but George created this world and even if he did choose to change things himself, it's his world and he can do whatever he wants with it. That is the reason why other writers changing things for no reason is worse than George doing it. They didn't create the world and therefore don't have any authority over it.
  3. Buster

    How would you rate episode 209?

    10/10 I don't really need to go into much detail here. The episode was a masterpiece. My emotions and facial expressions throughout the episode: :bowdown: :drool: :bowdown: :drool: :bowdown: :drool: My response to the episode ending: :bang: :bawl: :bawl: :bawl:
  4. The series is definitely growing on me, I loved the first episode but it did suffer from pacing issues. Looking forward to watching episode 3 at some point today, like the book the series has a slow start, but when things start to get going, they don't stop. It deserves an 8/10 for superb acting, set design and Peter Dinklage.
  5. Just finished watching "Winter is Coming" and thought that it was great, a perfect start to what will be an amazing series. It's very faithful to the book and therefore compared to most shows, it was quite slow paced and had little action. Since they had a lot of locations and characters to introduce, it was probably a good thing, especially for people that haven't read the book. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Best thing about the episode: Peter Dinklage is perfect as Tyrion and somehow manages to be just as awesome as the character in the book.
  6. Buster


    Hey all, I'm Buster and I found A Song of Ice and Fire through a trailer to the HBO series. Later that day I downloaded the Game of Thrones eBook on my Kindle. Currently reading A Clash of Kings and watched the first episode of the series today, will probably join in with the roleplay at some point, but all of my free time seems to be spent reading the books. :read: