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  1. ^ From his latest blog post. Correct me if I'm wrong, but second wave? I didn't think the US had gotten past the first wave. Silver lining = more quarantine equals more writing, I guess?
  2. Always tickles me how we as fans over-analyse everything George says. "Now, I have a chapter to finish..." = "Guys! He said 'a' chapter! Singular! He only has one more chapter to write and then the book will be finished!" "I hope it will be finished by next year..." = "He promised 2021! CONFIRMED!" He really should just stick to "it'll be done when it's done" and nothing else because anytime he phrases things differently, we go nuts.
  3. Just signed into this forum for this first time in almost 10 years. I posted that in the thread which announced Martin's completion of ADWD. Funny to think how long this "era" as I called it has lasted.
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