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  1. One problem with the prophecies besides the ones already mentioned is that they haven't even happened yet. Tough position for the writers to have to put in something that they don't even know what it will mean and will be important 3-5 seasons from now.
  2. LOL imagine how the non-readers feel. Love how the ending leaves you with a WTF happened feel, whose dead, alive, captured, etc.
  3. If this episode is any indication I cant wait for the fight on the wall.
  4. Bronn-Hound scene=Best scene in entire series. Oh my G-d why couldn't they have started fighting.
  5. No it doesn't. Omar is the king of Gary stus. Walk in threaten someone with a gun get what he wants, puts gun away, other guy with gun lets him walk away with a look of respect. There were so many things like this that it was not at all believable or interanlly consistent. Internally consistent would have been to kill him.
  6. ^ Dude there are plenty of things in the wire that don't make much sense. The difference is that the wire was a gangster show not based on a book. So when noone kills Omar everyone cool with it. But if GOT watchers were really giving that show the same treatment they would be writing WTF why didn't they kill Omar, that doesn't make any sense. There are an infinite number of examples in that show, so please stop bringing that show up as some kind of gold standard for GOT.
  7. Ha, I remember when they first intro Talisa arguing that one of the reasons they were doing it is to get an exposition tool about Essos. Not a bad idea IMO,
  8. Damn you have a pretty strange definition of fast b/c it seems to me Robb fell for her in a blink of an eye. Should they have had 4 scenes before they hit the sack instead of six. Sheesh,
  9. Man I swear ever scene with Stannis he looks like a completely different actor, are we sure he isn't a faceless man. Also anyone think that "I would cut your face off" comment from Shae was a very interestin. Where exactly is Shae from to say such a thing that sounds like what a facless man does.
  10. Thanks, how were people expecting them to set this up with what we had seen to date. I guess did people expect for Northereners to get captured?
  11. You aren't the only one, not to be a jerk but I think book fans are being a little ridiculous on this front. People seem to want Robb and Jeyne/talisa to just look at easch other fall in love get marry and voila. The way GRRM set it up was never going to work for TV. They were going to have to set up a love story and love stories are usually pretty corny, but thats the price GRRM pays for setting it up the way he did. I'd rather the show at least make us care about the people involved before the RW.
  12. ^Hmm I didn' think about that (of course thinking isn't Catelyn strongest suit either). Anyway I hope they execute it in a way that people wont say WTF is Catelyn doing.
  13. Jaimie didn't have a reason to kill Alton-what?? The reason was to escape.
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