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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    The people complaining about "lack of huge battle scenes" probably also think Empire Strikes Back is the worst Star Wars movies because it is "the most boringest"... Instead of GOT, maybe you guys should check out some Michael Bay offerings. They might be more your speed. I hear Transformers 3 is gonna be non-stop action. :)
  2. Fippy Darkpaw

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Walder Frey needs his own spinoff series and comedy tour. He had more great one-liners in 5 minutes than everyone else in the series combined.
  3. Fippy Darkpaw

    Poll: How would you rate Episode 102?

    To people rating this 4 or 5 and thus "mediocre television", care to fill us in on what you consider "good television"? Some of my favorite shows ever (thus by definition I must give them 8-10 ratings) are Rome, Deadwood, Star Trek:TOS, Star Trek:TNG, Firefly, Nip Tuck, and Torchwood. GOT so far is easily on par with any of those.