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    How Would You Rate Episode 105?

    This was the best episode till now, I think. There were things I didn't like. Renly + Loras, showing it so soon. It's not that I'm homofobic, I'm actually gay. The thing is that there are secrets that should be kept till later. I loved Littlefinger's conversation with Varys, but there was a small thing in it I didn't like. Littlefinger knowing about the meeting between Varys and Illyrio. I mean, ok, Littlefinger is very well informed. But Varys is Varys, he would never let Littlefinger know about his meeting with Illyrio. Robert and Cersei seemed too friendly, but I liked it. Last one, I loved the scene with Ned and the Kingslayer, but I would put it like in the books, raining. It would have a greatest impact.