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  1. Maybe I am too enthralled by the books, but GRRM does like to drop little hints and clues Jaqen H'ghar becomes Daario Naharis.

  2. Keltess

    How Would You Rate Episode 105?

    The scene between Cersie and Robert bothered me because, (and I know someone will correct me if my memory fails me), Didn't Cersie say in the books that Robert had "got a child on her once" and she had GOTTEN RID OF IT ! You cannot make a Character as ruthless as Cersie sympathetic because she IS a complete and total scheming, power hungry, narcissistic bitch! As Far as Robert goes power just seems to have corrupted a man who was a doughty fighter and perhaps charismatic leader. Ned is obviously shocked and disappointed by the changes in a man he thought of as his brother. Too bad he didn't twig a little earlier, might have saved himself and his family.
  3. Keltess

    How Would You Rate Episode 105?

    I wish they would have completed Little fingers quote about whorehouses being a better investment than ships "Whores never sink" with the rest "and when they are boarded by pirates the pirates pay in gold like everyone else" Wouldn't have taken more time much more humorous. Is this an attempt to give a Character we all know is slimy no apparent sense of humor? The books were extremely funny at times. A little comic relief would not be amiss. Also, Loras and Renly did I completely miss this in the books. Though Loras was extremely devoted to Renly my gaydar never went off. Opinions anyone?
  4. Greetings and Salutations everyone,

    Just recently started on this site. Am Pleased to announce that I have attained the rank of Hand of the King on the Game of thrones contest ! How does one pick up rank here? Hate being classed a Commoner.???