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  1. Nick Of Troy

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    This episode was utterly fantastic IMO. From the first blood-dripping scene to the final screech, I loved it. I was wondering whether they would show a shot of the immediate aftermath of Ned's beheading, and how they'd go about it. Imust say I liked it alot, with the bloodied swords and blurred shot of his head being displayed. I do wish they hadn't given shots of the Septa and Ned's heads on spikes, but then I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to rotting bodies. Joffery is performing admirably as an enraging little bastard that I love to hate! <_< Really liked Yoren/Arya and Arry/Gendry scenes. Yay for Hot Pie, Rorge, Biter and Jaqen! The scenes of Bran, Cat and Robb were really moving too. Felt my eyes go watery when I saw Robb hitting the tree over and over, and the anguish on Maester Luwin and Robb's faces when they recieved the news was heartbreaking. Probably my favourite scenes of the episode, tbh. Sansa's scenes with Joffery were very good too, I'm glad we finally see some proper character development for her, in her defiance to Joffery and I liked her interactions with The Hound, those have been sorely missed since the series began. LOL @ Lancel-bum! :stunned: Heh, was kinda hoping he'd keep his hat on the whole time! Tywin and Tyrion's exchange was fantastic too. I'm really liking both actors portrayal of their characters, though I can't remember if book-Tywin was ever so complimentory to Tyrion? The pouring his wine for him was a nice touch! I don't quite know what to make of Shae yet, but so far I find her fine. Jorah as always is absolutly fantastic. Looks awesome in his armour, and I noticed him limping a bit too. I felt so bad for Dany when she woke and saw Drogo for the first time. Although I know it led to the birth of Drogon and co.,it still sucked to see her world fall away from her! When she euthanised him, my eyes watered. Must have gotten some dust in them or something <_< Her speech was great and so was her 'rebirth' as Queen of Dragons. Rhaegal did a good job of protecting his mother's decency haha! King of The North - this part of the episode was very, very good. Probably my third favourite bit , just behind Cat/Robb and Bran/Luwin's reactions to Ned and the birth of the Dragons. The addition of Theon's vow was very nice, and I think it's a very good setup to what's to come. I wonder whether they're going to change the Iron Island storyline a bit, with Theon being less willing to go through with his father's plans. The Wall - these were decent, but not really outstanding. Not to say I didn't like any of it, indeed the Old Bear's speech and Jon's 'intervention' from his friends was very nice to watch. Pycelle's monologue was a bit tedious and unedded IMO though I reckon it gave a bit of history to the non-reading audience, a bit like Bran's exposition to Osha. Vag-washing was a little...unneeded...but honestly I don't mind Roz as much as others seem to hate her. I don't really know what purpose she holds in the series yet except to be the token T&A and expositional pillow-talk, but we'll see how she develops as the series progresses. This particular scene could have been cut/shortened IMO, as it doesnt seem to do much except give us the maester's opinion of Joff as king. Littlefinger and Varys' little chats are fast becoming a favourite part for me. I love their verbal duels, each trying to probe the other for weaknesses and their backhanded snipes at one another. Other things of note Wow! Both a Rickon AND Shaggy sighting! Send a raven to Missing Persons! Dragons! Hurrah! The three-eyed Crow FINALLY gets some explaination. Hope they decide to expand it's role beyond recycling the same clip 3 times DRAGONS!!!! All up, a solid 9.5
  2. Nick Of Troy

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    Arya's scene where she kills the stableboy was terrible IMO. Other scenes were quite good, I loved the one with Septa Mordane meeting the Lannister guards, and finally getting to see Drogo prove why his braid's so long was a treat