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  1. Ghost Cat

    How would you rate episode 210?

    Flame me if you like, I gave it a 10. Why? Jason Momoa. I need no other reasons.
  2. Ghost Cat

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I loved, loved, loved it!!! I had a horrible time watching it - kept loosing my connection so it came across very disjointed but I know it will be even better when I can see it on "The Big TV" on Wednesday. I was mildly disappointed in the Arya/stableboy scene also. The rushed nature was alright with me, after all, she is in a hurry. It was the choreography and acting of the stableboy that bothered me. That child actor is no Maisie! That's what made the scene run false for me. Perhaps it was the direction as mentioned in some previous posts, but I also think the choreography and ability of the boy had an affect on the scene too. That small nitpick aside, I thought it had wonderful tension and flow. I got the feeling of events galloping ahead at a speed no one involved can control or stop. That's why I gave it a 10.
  3. Ghost Cat

    How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    I loved it! I didn't mind the missing direwolves as the scene ran well without them. Also, any episode with Syrio is a win! There was no wasted time, or scenes where I was left scratching my head. Ok, Roz & Theon but as someone already said, it was short. I'm not completely pleased with the series relationship between Rob & Theon. My understanding from the books was that they were friends and that Rob trusted Theon (else wise, why would he send him where he did later). My take was that Theon was treated fairly and equally with the "trueborn" Stark children. That's a minor criticism and it didn't decrease the value of the episode for me. The high points were so high. I'm going to miss Harry Lloyd but that ending was excellent!
  4. It finally aired on my satellite provider based in Bahrain. Greyjoy's toys were edited out on this airing. The bottom of the screen was blacked out. Had I not watched it on the internet first, I wouldn't have known there was male frontal nudity in this episode. They did run the Renly/Loras scene in full, though. That was the scene I didn't expect to see. Sweetrobin breastfeeding was there too and even creepier on a big screen compared to the computer screen.
  5. I never clued into the relationship between Renly and Loras until my 3rd read through. I'm not sure we really needed to be slapped in the face with it either. I, too, never read into Renly being so weak. Kinder, perhaps, than others in the kingdom, but not weak, or afraid of blood. That's what bothered me. It does seem that things done subtly in the books are whacked about our heads in the series. I wasn't keen on the Eyrie except the sky cells. That was beautifully done. How are they going to handle the door if the series gets that far? Even though this Lysa is skinny, she's got the crazy down pat. Loved Hound vs Mountain and Nedd vs Jaime. Those were well done. I gave it an 8+ (It had a 10 from the nudity but then the Renly scene brought it down)