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  1. skins7778

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The whole Targ & Targ didnt even cross my mind, I guess i just assume inbreeding when it comes to them. Lazy Turtle, Yeah she has dragons but they're a world away with no indication they're coming to Westeros anytime soon ......... oh and their mommy is currently married already. I forgot to mention it earlier but the fact that Connington has greyscale is going to speed along this invasion and a hasty marriage might be made to secure victory.
  2. skins7778

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    If I was gambling on who Aegon will marry Sansa wouldnt be my first choice because Connington seems so hell bent on Dany. There is also Arianne who is in the mix who I would put ahead of Sansa as well. There are several key factors that can really influence the decision as well, the first being Danys marriage. I think she will be a widow soon enough so that could change, the problem there is the distance between Mereen and Westeros will keep Connington from hearing the news. Connington also needs Dorne so I wouldnt be surprised if a marriage to Arianne could be in the works, not to mention the fact that Arianne has proven to be somewhat of a seductress in getting Oakheart to break his vows. The problem with Arianne is the "ick" factor of her and Aegon being cousins, then again he is a Targ so who knows. Sansa's main problems are the fact she is already married and the fact that she's now Alyane Stone and promised to Harry.
  3. skins7778

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I think the Lannister/Tyrell monarchy is done. All thats left is to see how fast they crumble. It wouldnt surprise me if Tarly jumped to Aegon betraying Mace and combining their forces to attack Kings Landing so Aegon can sit on the Throne just in time for Dany to show up. Whats interesting is if Aegon hears about Dany's marriage does Connington then start looking for a match which could lead to Littlefinger and Sansa and the untapped strength of the powerful Vale armies who could descend on Kings landing from the North and by sea while Aegon comes up from the South.
  4. I give it a 9. The fight between Jamie and Ned was great I was on the edge of my seat through it. Its funny I thought the same thing when I saw Jaimie's expression. I actually enjoyed the "add on" scenes especially the Littlefinger/Vary's scene. Lysa breast feeding was super creepy and sets her up nicely as the nutjob she is. I was excited to see one of my favorites in Bronn, but we didn't get a Blackfish sighting. I'm not 100 percent sure but I thought he was introduced prior to the ascent to the eyrie was he not?