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  1. I like to wait a bit before I rate an episode (unless it was clearly a 10/10 or 1/10) to let it digest and such. So, after having let it sit for almost a week, I'd rate this episode a 6/10. Barely above-average. The reason it's not lower is purely due to Tyrion/Cersei convo, wight demonstration which I liked mostly, and the wall coming down. Oh, and Jaime finally climbing out of Cersei's crotch. Overall it was fairly predictable, but its lows aren't as low as some other episodes this season. But if I were to rate the season as a whole, it's definitely getting a 4/10. Probably the 2nd worst season of the show after S5.
  2. In regards to the Sansa not hearing from Jon in weeks, I'm going to assume that last correspondence wasn't Jon telling her that he was actually returning North to go on a ranging expedition to obtain a wright. But....why? Why not relay this information to his allies there, particularly his all-seeing omniscient brother (Jon was adopted basically so Bran is still his brother) who even relayed this information to them in the 1st place to spark them to go on this expedition? So dumb this all is.