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  1. Lost Time

    Cersei's Armies

    This is the same show that wrote Ramsay Sue not having to fear any sort of reprisals from the very forgetful North despite all his insanity and brutality. These writers had the balls to literally have Jon saying how "ramsay's men will turn on him" and those guys fought to the last bitter end. The writers thought they could handwave it away by giving Jaime and Olenna a couple lines pointing out how fickle the common people are, but it still makes no sense how Cersei was able to consolidate her power so firmly, except for the fact that D&D worship her and they needed Cersei strong and Dany to weaken herself to make this a more fair fight.
  2. Yeah, the undead that were coming out of the ground when Bran and co were ambushed were looking pretty skeletal. Minimal to no flesh on them. Video below. https://youtu.be/F4zOAXoQaFo?t=127
  3. I like to wait a bit before I rate an episode (unless it was clearly a 10/10 or 1/10) to let it digest and such. So, after having let it sit for almost a week, I'd rate this episode a 6/10. Barely above-average. The reason it's not lower is purely due to Tyrion/Cersei convo, wight demonstration which I liked mostly, and the wall coming down. Oh, and Jaime finally climbing out of Cersei's crotch. Overall it was fairly predictable, but its lows aren't as low as some other episodes this season. But if I were to rate the season as a whole, it's definitely getting a 4/10. Probably the 2nd worst season of the show after S5.
  4. Lost Time

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    Season was very meh. And I definitely won't be rewatching it outside of like 3 scenes - Olenna telling off Larry before her death, the Loot Train attack sequence, and the NK ganking the dragon out of the sky. Everything else is too subpar to waste my time with again. For instance, I would rather drink bleach, vomit it back up into a cup, and then pour the contents of that cup into my eyeballs than rewatch a scene from Winterhell this season. That storyline challenges Dorne in S5 for worst season-long plotline; a plot that D&D stretched out because they needed their favorite actresses to do something and because they also wanted their big crowd-pleasing "shock" moment to happen in the finale (LF's useless, impotent ass dying which should shock no one). And the big storyline coming into the season - the war between Dany and Cersei....psshh ahahahahahaha! They blew it.
  5. Lost Time

    Confused about Viserion and the White Walkers

    Ever watch the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean movie? They probably reenacted this scene from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjJuZCECRu4
  6. Yes, Ned was pissed at Robert for basically rewarding the Lannisters after Jaime murdered the king and Tywin murdered Elia and her children. Ned wanted Jaime sent to the Wall I believe and Tywin to also be punished, but instead Robert kept Jaime as his KG and married Cersei. After watching his sister die Ned calmed down, but I think he knew that it could never be the same between he and Robert, especially with Robert on his Targ hate parade while Ned was raising one as his own child - a child he loved as much as his own children.
  7. Probably, his great-grandfather (or grandfather) did the same thing too, I believe. Rebelling against the king because of a broken betrothal. Also, would Brandon Stark have cared if it was a mutual love either? I think he'd still be pissed enough at the audaciousness of the prince eloping with his engaged little sister that he'd still ride to King's Landing to fight Rhaegar. You know, like the overprotective brother tvtrope thing. And we're back to the start of the story, Aerys capturing Brandon for his outbursts, then murdering him and his father, and then seeking to murder Ned and Robert. So yeah, Lyanna and Rhaegar both being in loooooove wouldn't stop shit.
  8. Agreed. They explicitly mention the marriage prospect in the S6 finale. It's the reason Tyrion has Dany tell Daario he can't come with them to Westeros, because she needed to keep herself open for marriage prospects there. Jon, being King in the North and currently allied with another great and powerful region, The Vale, is the best match for her since day 1. She gains 2 regions instantly in her fight and quite possibly a 3rd if you can get the Riverlands to rise up against their Lannister occupiers (now that the Freys were demolished) as they would most certainly ally with the North again despite their current trashed status. It's a bit strange how the prospect of marriage wasn't even brought up. Instead, as you said, we had to waste time with match-makers and nonsense like that. At least bring the marriage up, shoot it down for whatever reason, and THEN you can start the old song and dance: "Getting to know youGetting to know all about youGetting to like you Getting to hope you like me"
  9. Lost Time

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    I can see this ending with the dissolving of the monarchy and Westeros turning into more of a republic type of government. GRRM doesn't seem interested in those endings where everything ends as it begins but this time only better, and honestly that's what keeping a monarchy would bring. "And a new queen/king replaced the old king/queen and they lived happily ever after! Don't worry about their descendants either, cause they'll all turn out alright too probably!" No, the throne needs to go.
  10. Lost Time

    We'll meet again, Clegane.

    Weren't they (BwB) traveling with 6-8 others in the 1st episode of this season? Did those no-names get killed off by the wildlings south of the wall or something offscreen?
  11. Lost Time

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    The action last episode was so BORING. Just aimless hacking and swinging. Combined with the drones dying with the queen bee aspect and the wright army just looks pathetic. 6+ freezing and stamina-dependent humans were able to amass a pile of corpses. How do these kills even work? If an undead giant were to attack and you stab him with your dragonglass kitchen knife or hit him with some dragonglass arrow tip , would he die immediately? Cause atm it looks like he'd die immediately which kinda sucks and takes away their threat.
  12. In regards to the Sansa not hearing from Jon in weeks, I'm going to assume that last correspondence wasn't Jon telling her that he was actually returning North to go on a ranging expedition to obtain a wright. But....why? Why not relay this information to his allies there, particularly his all-seeing omniscient brother (Jon was adopted basically so Bran is still his brother) who even relayed this information to them in the 1st place to spark them to go on this expedition? So dumb this all is.
  13. Lost Time

    Daenerys will Break the Wheel

    Seriously, she's so full of it. If she was really threatening to break the wheel and stand up for rich and poor, she'd be breaking down the monarchy and absolute rule while advocating for some sort of representative republic. But no, it's all "bend the knee" and "I'm your queen and I was destined to rule!!!!"
  14. Lost Time

    Dany Now Has Two Stark Sympathizers By Her Side

    Show Jon right now is probably show Westeros's most eligible bachelor right now. Young, handsome, great warrior, and king of the North with allegiances to the Vale and probably Riverlands, if the Freys fall to disarray and Tullys come back to power.