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    For the record I'm not a FLUBE lol :P must say I like the term, because I'm clearly not riding the torrent that is the TV series. I was aware of printed paper first :P
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    Greetings all, Honerable warden for wombats, hope your well stubs, well sighned up a wile ago been spendinga bit of time in the artic thus the lack of wall posts/threads...... great to be here thanks for having me im here till i die :P
  3. john/pax/preart's, how was work today ?? yesterday was a success making sausages, we even smoked some of the hungarian and the italian ones, gotta try some ill pop round and deliver some of them to you maybe tonight

  4. hope your sudying... no clue what to write on her :P FB, and general mobile txt is easier :P.....

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