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  1. @Buckwheat, there's the story you asked for. ^^^
  2. Oh, saying WorldCon is fine. How could you know who would get your sentence? I was just kind of proud of how I illustrated "on my way to WorldCon" in a way that wasn't specific to any year or location (a bit of a challenge, that.) But I guess I overestimated the likelihood that most game players would be familiar with the WorldCon web site and with the BwB logo. The board is less involved with the BwB than it used to be. Buckwheat wants to hear your story, though. (Btw, that odd formatting in my comment, with the empty spoiler, is because I first wrote "Lany" without any special formatting, then after posting decided to edit my comment to turn it into a tag. But I'm not familiar with the board formatting conventions any more, and accidentally made it hidden instead. So I tried to edit again, but the second time I entered Edit, all the text was gone in the edit screen EXCEPT the spoiler tag. Not wanting to lose everything, I just cancelled the edit and let it stand.)
  3. I suspect Count Balerion interpreted “Ravenclaw’s MasterCard” not as “the MasterCard belonging to a Ravensclaw”, but rather, “a MasterCard issued by House Ravensclaw”, analogous to a Bank of the West MasterCard or a Wells Fargo VISA card. So he drew a Mastercard with Ravensclaw wings. That’s with the benefit of context, though. I would never have guessed it from the picture. A baby angel in a coffin is a more reachable interpretation.
  4. I’m disappointed my reference to WorldCon wasn’t recognized. http://www.worldcon.org Thanks! I think we have a similar approach. YAA’s are adorable and such a distinctive style. She could be a professional illustrator. So sorry she lost internet access and couldn’t make more of them this game. , how can you not tell the difference between Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella??? Especially when Jez drew such a perfect Disney Alice? Disney Alice Disney Cinderella
  5. I did lose my driver’s license at the 2008 Denver WorldCon during the knighting quest (which made flying home awkward), but that wasn’t my opening sentence.
  6. I figured since everyone sees the answer to “who’s Muri”,, it doesn’t give anyone an advantage to ask. My matchups:
  7. Are we supposed to speculate on all the in between steps, or just pair up the firsts and lasts? Is it fair to ask who Muri is? Or Bex?
  8. Wow, that’s a lot of chains. I had no idea there were so many. I thought every player was in every chain, either for a sentence or a drawing.
  9. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with these sentences. Guesses as to what? I went back and looked at the rules, and there’s no mention of any game step after submitting the last description.
  10. Maybe we should ask everyone to PM you some contact method that sends out phone notifications.
  11. Do you have contact channels for them other than through this board?
  12. I just submitted the "extra" picture for the sentence that wasn't distributed at first. Pebble may already be out for the day, though. The U.S.-U.K. time zone difference compounds delays.
  13. I am kind of slow at making pictures, so if YAA is faster that might get the game going sooner. But if we’re about the same I’m okay with drawing another. What I think might be better, though, is sending both the duplicate pictures to the same second round player, and giving the picture that is drawn for the new sentence to the player who would have got the other one. The round 2 person who sees those pictures can write a sentence that describes a situation that would fit either or both pictures, which shouldn’t be too hard since they came from the same seed. Some details will get omitted, but that always happens. That way there will not be any continuation of “two tasks”. It will just sync back up, because the two pictures get merged into the same chain right away. Somebody in one of those chains will still get back a sentence or picture that’s familiar as being based on the one they started, but they can just commit to drawing the new picture they see or the new sentence they get.
  14. Hi, can you explain what a "bonus chain" and "requesting a bonus round" mean? It is not in the rules list.
  15. I got my account settings fixed. Do I PM you a sentence immediately, or wait for a “GO” signal?
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