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  1. Wow, the only episodes rated lower than the finale here on westeros.org are Episodes 3 and 5.
  2. Not sure where to post this but I tallied the ratings for each of the episode rating threads and ranked the episodes based on the results: Apologies if this has already been posted. [8.77] E06 - "The Laws of Gods and Men" [8.33] E07 - "Mockingbird" [8.32] E02 - "The Lion and the Rose" [8.18] E01 - "Two Swords" [8.16] E08 - "The Mountain and the Viper" [7.99] E09 - "The Watchers on the Wall" [7.78] E04 - "Oathkeeper" [7.38] E05 - "First of His Name" [6.99] E03 - "Breaker of Chains"
  3. I feel like as good as the episode was, I couldn't give it a perfect score after they cut out the two major battles included in the source material. Cutting out the first one was actually not a big deal, intriguingly. I thought that knocking Tyrion out and then him waking up after the battle added to how they were portraying him and all we lost were action scenes. But cutting out the second one was a bit more detrimental to the story because it seemed to quick and were weren't given enough exposition to explain what Robb's plan was and how they carried out that plan. But for the most part, everything else was top notch. Most of the scenes were adapted excellently from the book. I especially loved how Maester Aemon revealed that he was a Targaryen 9/10
  4. Okay then. If you're just as convinced by soldiers being incapacitated by wood smacking on their steel helmets as you are with eye-gouging, kneecap-shattering and windpipe-crushing, then I guess there's no arguing there... :dunno: Seems as different as night and day, but so be it.
  5. Yup. I guess they just didn't get the head right. Isn't he something like bald and has handlebars as facial hair?
  6. I was not pertaining to the soldiers being clumsy (but yes they were, both in the book and show). I was pertaining to the direction and choreography - the overall adaptation of that fight scene - being clumsy.
  7. It goes like this... either: 1) Tyrion was recognized, thus escorted to where his father was; or, 2) he was not, thus the advancing party of tribesmen would have met resistance. Either way, it's just crazy that anyone would have just allowed that party to move to and through the Lannister camp without acknowledgement.
  8. The way Syrio disables the guards in the show is mostly just by whacking them in areas that shouldn't make them end up severely injured: Like on their helmeted head or behind the knee/thigh area. The only strike shown in the show that could have really put down a man was when Syrio hit one of the guards in between the shoulder and neck. That much was in the book, but it wasn't even a finishing blow (the strike to the throat was what put that guard away in the book). Other than that, the fight was totally implausible. In the book, we have Syrio taking out a guard's eye with the pointed end of his wooden sword, shattering a guard's kneecap, and making one unable to breathe by striking the throat. Other than that, there's a kick to the face, which might be the only arguably weak move from the book... but for the most part, the book was amazing while the show not, at least for this sequence. Showing someone whack several armored guards in the head causing them to lay disabled is totally unconvincing.
  9. Surely you're just talking about the physical aspect though? Because by god... Charles Dance nails the role.
  10. re: Syrio vs guards, the book is so great and convincing in describing how Syrio won that fight, while the show was just so [email protected]#ing clumsy in showing it, not to mention it seemed really implausible: From the book:
  11. I totally agree with all of these criticisms and they aren't even nitpicks to me. They're clear shortcomings of the episode. That's why I'm having a hard time swallowing all the 10's the episode has been getting on the ratings thread. The Tyrion scene was especially befuddling. How the heck could that party get that close to the Lannister camp without either any resistance or escort?? Crazy.
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