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  1. Definitely the strongest episode to date. The previous ones were good but had some clunky scenes and the exposition was often heavy-handed. This episode flowed very smoothly and the transitions between the different locations were much cleaner. They did a great job with Bran's dream and the Three-Eyed Crow. I wasn't sure how they were going to pull it off but I was very impressed, especially given how difficult dream scenes are to film. It was also an excellent way to begin the episode. I like the way they're mixing scenes that are drawn almost verbatim from the book (like the one between Ned and Littlefinger in the garden) and entirely new scenes (like the one between Tyrion and Theon). It makes the show more interesting to me than it would be if it only contained scenes from the book. Not that that would work anyway. I agree that Kit Harrington is absolutely nailing Jon and stealing every scene. He's just perfect, and I couldn't be more pleased since Jon's one of my favorite characters. And it was great to see Sam! Although I don't think the actor playing him has quite settled into the role yet, which makes sense since it's his first episode. I'm not sure how I feel about Littlefinger telling Sansa how Sandor was hurt by his brother... in the book it is very important the he tells her that personally. But they still have plenty of time to build their relationship and I hope there will be some interesting scenes between them to come in the next few episodes. Overall, an excellent episode... I gave it a 9.