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    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Oh, my goodness, people, some of you give me a headache. Complaining that an HBO show includes nudity is like complaining that a soccer game includes grass or that a statue includes marble. Get over it. Consider it the price you pay for not having the plot determined by a focus group. (Yeah, the focus group decided Tyrion should be taller. Can you put Peter in heels?)
  2. Regarding the complaints that we get nude brothel scenes but not one-boob Quarth scenes... note that HBO has made a lot of money off of cleaning up The Sopranos so A&E could show it. They can do that because most of the scenes with nudity are just there for that purpose, and don't advance the story arc too much; they can be cut down enough to get the point across without showing anything you can't show on normal cable TV. Assuming that someday GoT will go through the same process, they can take out brothel scenes completely and still have a decent storyline. So much info is given during the Quartheen Garden Party, though (and the entire stay in Quarth), it's pretty crucial to have it, and they couldn't do so with half-top dresses on every woman in the scene.