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  1. Ned was the first man to enter the throneroom (other then Lannister mooks), just when Jaime was taking a break from Kingslaying on the Iron Throne.
  2. Karstarks and Freys each being able accpunt for half of Robb's forces seems silly to me. Maybe he should have specified that the Riverlords hav all gone to defed their own lands from the Mountain or some such.
  3. Cersei doesn't hold any power at the moment beyond waning motherly influence on Tommen. The Tyrells have a 5 to 1 majority on the small ouncil at least, Mace is probably Hand-Regent, Margeary is married to the King, Loras is Kingsguard to this King, probably on his way to LC with Jaime missing. Under Aegon, they won't hold the Regency, the position of Hand, they may not even be able to make Margeary his Queen, they probably won't hold quite as many seats on the small council. And even if they did, Aegon is a grown-up, he's not a boy king like Tommen or Joffrey. Things would have to go pretty bad for the Tyrells to see Aegon as a better prospect then Tommen.
  4. Holy crap, I thought Podrick was definitely dead (my AFFC has been missing for months now), thanks for this.
  5. Cause he has no idea that it was anyone but Ironborn that are his enemies. It's not even certain that he knew that the castle was under siege by Northern and even if he did, he has every reason to believe that the Ironborn were just saved by other Ironborm arriving, like Theon was hoping for all this time. He has no reason to sit in the cold and starve to avoid Northern villages because no one is looking for him and he has no reason to fear northern like in the books.. Moreover, in the books they stayed away to keep up the pretence that Bran is dead, as he safer that way. But the idea that he's dead STILL hasn't spread and he's already on the road. And yet, I'm sure he'll still stay hidden for new reasons. I hope they'll be good ones.
  6. I'm really unhappy about the fact that Bran really doesn't have a reason to avoid Northern villages now. Their isolation is gonna be so contrived.
  7. Reflections: It really felt like Blackwater took as much of the season budget as it could and the finale didn't have jack**** too work with (especially since they kinda have to have the dragons, the wights and direwolves in this). Pyat Pree's defeat was just sad. Ramsay and his 500 men being conveyed through a hornblower, House of the Undying was just nothing, Jaqens facechange was really cheap. I'm sure Ramsay still totally killed the Ironborn and he was the one that burned down Winterfell, I guess they'll keep the Boltons duplicity on the downlown unrtil the Red Wedding, then Season 4 gives us Theon and Ramsay. I was unhappy about Pycelle's wispy beard , he actually looked stronger without it, but they're gong for a role reversal with Tyrion here, I think he's decded to drop his hunched over facade a little too. It's a departure from the books but I guess it can be more interesting. Dany's triumphant return to form from her immature behaviour all season was nice, and felt inspired by Drogo, which was also good. You got lemons you make lemonade I guess. Ros'll be back next season, craaap. And yeah White Walkers only come out at night. Hence that when they domained it was the Long Night. Robb's decision too marry Talisa has been confirmed to not be about Jeyne's honour, not even impulsive, not motivated by grief, he just doesn't give a crap. Character assination achieved. Is Sansa's response to Peter suppose to be more of a her stock "I love Joffrey" lies or a legitimate turning down of a wiser path like the rest? Cause if so WHYYYY??? I also don't know what to make of Shae at this point. I'm gonna miss Jaqen's actor. Luwin's death could have used a little more focus on Bran. Osha's increased importance is muscling him out. I don't like it.
  8. The Red Wedding did not prevent the shedding of blood. Robb's entire camp got butchered, hundreds, if not thousands of people died. Who do you think he did for then? And I'm sure Stannis would have preferred to do it that way, just as he would have preferred to hang Renly's lords for betraying him. But certain things need to be done or Joffrey reigns forever. In a more perfect world, I'd agree. But this is Robert's kingdom. It's filled with people that need to be forcibly removed. Installing Robert 2.0 or Aerys 2.0 on the Iron Throne or have Robb win the war then say screw and go back to Winterfell in the throne doews nothing to aid the realm. What do you mean his kingly line is not established? All the lords of the seven kingdoms have sworn fealty to him and he's been sworn in by the High Septon as far I know. There's a reason why everyone calling himself king of the seven kingdoms in westeros put Baratheon behind his name. King Robert became King by right of conquest, the crown passes to the next of his line, Joffrey thought it was him, Stannis knew it was him, Renly knew it wasn't him, he went to war to make hmself king by right of conquest, to do that he needsto prevail over Stannis and Joffrey, he didn't, Stannis killed him. I dunno what is so complicated.
  9. No, it doesn't. Not being the lord of Storm's end or a pleasant guy doesn't change the fact that as Ned says he is Robert's one true heir. And therefore, Robert dying makes him King.
  10. Yes. Stannis is not a pleasant guy. Boho, that's doesn't make everyone else not a traitor.
  11. As was mentioned, he does in Book 3 complain that Lightbringer doesn't kill people better then a normal sword, so I'm assuming he was getting his hands dirt at Blackwater in the books too. I don't think he was first one on the walls, but it's much smaller scaled in the books and we don't have any named characters left on his side so I think it's justified.
  12. Jaime - Riverlands Boros - Blackwater Mandon - Blackwater Sandor - Blackwater > Sansa > fleeing the city Meryn - With the queen (I think you can spot a kingsguard by the doors every now and then,) Balon (neverr actually named - With the queen Arys (never actually named) - With Myrcella in Dorne, presumably
  13. Well they had too distinquish Lightbringer somehow.
  14. Well they sure as heck aren't gonna be casting any Redwynes.
  15. Last week Joff said Stannis never smiles, now Tywin is the one that doesn't like Gods. Are Tywin and Stannis gonna keep trading character traits? Well in the books Renly is quite a bit taller then Loras.
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