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  1. The scene where Aemon reveals his identity seemed a little rushed. I suppose even in the books it didn't have a large effect beyond Jon's own struggle with duty, but I still thought it could have done with another one or two minutes of dialogue to really make it clear exactly what Aemon's place in the Targaryen family was.

    Maybe I'm placing unwarranted significance on it because of the fact that Egg took the throne because of Aemon's decision. This, of course, eventually led to Aerys II becoming king which in turn eventually led to Robert's rebellion and the premise for the entire series.

    I almost wish I could have seen the show before reading the books. It's hard to enjoy it as fully as I think I might have.

  2. Dany's youth and naivety regarding Mirri Maz Duur is frustrating me all over again. The look on Ned's face when Joffrey put his big boy pants on and ordered him beheaded was fantastic. Very sad to be losing Sean Bean. The young lady playing Arya might be the second best actor left after Dinklage.

    Tywin was excellently cast and he and Dinklage work well together. Disappointed with Shae's casting, though.

    Compared to last ep, I had to give it a nine even though a ten would have been justified imo.

  3. Sup. Been lurking for years. Jumping in.

    Fave Book: A Storm Of Swords

    Fave Male Character: Tyrion Lannister

    Fave Female Character: Yo Mama *jk* Lysa Arryn (coz she's a whacko :leer: )

    On Who Should Occupy The Iron Throne: Stannis Baratheon

    On The Disturbing Amount Of Canine Slaughter In ASoIaF: It's wrong, yo. :thumbsdown:

    On Who Will Be Left Standing: Tyrion, Cersei, Arya, Jon, Damphair and some of the hardier rats of King's Landing.

    NB If I'm wrong about any of those people and you know this, I would prefer remain ignorant to my folly for now. Thanks.

  4. Agree with the general sentiment that the casting is a little off. Theon seems too skinny, Cersei seems too old and Jamie looks like a soap opera character. Ah, well. It was never going to be perfect. I'm torn between anger that it's being somewhat mistreated and just being grateful that it exists as a television series at all.

    Will they make it to A Dream Of Spring? Probably not. But it's enough that they try.

  5. Disappointing, of course. They couldn't possibly match the world, characters and themes of ASOIAF in the first ep, but even knowing that and allowing for some wobbles, I found it rather underwhelming. They have an excuse to get all expository in the second and third episodes, but the first should have left us breathless. They're playing it a little safe imo. I was not overly shocked or impressed by the Daenerys scenes. Not that I was offended or that I disapprove, I'm just de-sensitized, I guess. Love the opening credits and theme song.

    I love the books and have been waiting for this day for a looooong time, so I'll be with them till the end, whenever that may be.

    Maximum Dinklage airtime ftw.

  6. Getting better imo. Starting to get a sense of the enormity of the task ahead of the producers. I know it seems a little disjointed; they're still finding their feet. It was tough to get into at first, but as they add characters it starts to get really interesting for me.

    The Dothraki accent is annoying me sometimes.

    I knew Peter Dinklage wouldn't let me down. But does anyone else think the cast in general is a little old? Are characters ages specifically mentioned anywhere in the books? Cersei especially seems at least ten years older than I imagined, but I struggle with the timeline of Robert's rise to power and reign leading into GOT, so maybe I'm just bad with numbers.

    Also, How cool was Syrio?!?! He's a bad ass mofo. I pictured him older and skinnier but def not disappointed.

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