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  1. I agree. The Starks May have won, more or less, but they ultimately failed. Probably Jon most of all, who is my second favorite character after Ned. Westeros seems doomed to repeat the same conflicts centuries down the road. The wildings who retreated north of the wall will have animosity with those south of it, as well as the northern and southern kingdom, and the others will fade from memory. When they asked if dragon fire would kill the nights king, Bran replied that no one has ever tried, which I took to mean they’ve had this “long night” scenario more than once.
  2. Right. She was always ruthless to her enemies, Martin just made her initial enemies to be evil people. For me, it’s a very Martinesque trick to hide her dark side in plain sight. She saved Mirri Maz Duur, but Drogo’s horde continued to pillage, rape, and enslave. Ser Jorah, her closest advisor and friend was a known slaver and she didn’t turn on him until he betrayed her. Dany’s greatest feat was smashing the slave trade, but did she do that out of a sense of justice and love for the downtrodden, or because it so closely reminded Dany of herself, and how she was basically sold to a Dothraki warlord? Was calling herself “Myhsa” to the freed peoples out of love, or because it gave her a messiah complex? Is it possible that Dany was doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, and her ruthlessness was a clue? Martin basically couched her bad qualities by giving her such horrible enemies to face; Gregor Clegane writ large.
  3. King Ned Stark

    The Tower of Joy

    But something convinced Rhaegar to come back when Aerys grew desperate, right? Lord Commander Hightower was sent to bring Rhaegar back, how did Hightower achieve this, and ultimately stay behind at the ToJ, if Rhaegar was not given assurances?
  4. King Ned Stark

    TWoW Prologue POV

    I’m inclined to agree, but I read that somewhere, about the even numbered prologue POV’s are killed by poison, and the odd numbered POV’s are killed by Others/wights.
  5. King Ned Stark

    TWoW Prologue POV

    In the even numbered books, aCoK & aFFC, the POV in the prologue is poisoned. Not sure if this is coincidence or pattern.
  6. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Which is why we have the constitution to protect the people from government abuse, as well as the abuse of the majority over the minority. Right? The US is a republic, and a democracy.
  7. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    On your second point, I have to disagree. I went back through some of the video: Mitchell: did you pay for the polygraph? Ford: I don’t know. Mitchell: do you know who paid for the polygraph? Ford: I don’t know yet. I may not be abreast of the entire situation, but who is? All we have are opinions here. Ford said she didn’t know if she paid for the polygraph. That seems worth thinking about. I think we can all agree there are fanatics on any side of a dispute, and this is a very significant time for the Supreme Court. So it doesn’t seem beyond the pale that this could be a setup; especially considering the timing, Feinstein knew 2 months ago. And now, you have a goofball (a serious caller, I think) calling me a troll. I can assure you, I am the least partisan and least biased person on this thread at the moment; but I’m a troll. I didn’t vote for Trump, I’d never heard of Kavanaugh until Trump nominated him. I’ve never used a racial slur, mistreated a woman, I believe in LGBT rights, will come to the table of the 2nd amendment, if, the left would come to the table on Roe v. Wade. I have a sneaking suspicion that you guys don’t care about that, you want total victory over the “old white men”, so you can flip the oppression. Good luck to ya, I won’t help anyone oppress anyone else.
  8. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    I know this isn’t a trial, my belief however, is that if he didn’t break any law (not his temperament or he drank in high school), then vote on him and be done with. What’s wrong with voting on his nomination at weeks end if the FBI investigation does nothing to further the claims of sexual assasult? @Bonnot OG, @DanteGabriel, @DMC, talking tough on an anonymous Internet forum doesn’t make you tough, it makes you sound foolish. I watched an hour of testimony and read a 5 page memo one time. I’m sure there are things I missed or am flat out wrong about. It’s my opinion, that she is not credible in making an allegation stick that Kavanaugh broke the law. Have the investigation, barring any further evidence of wrongdoing, then vote him in or out by the normal procedures of the Supreme Court. Is it about right and wrong, or is it about the hope that delaying and then scrubbing Kavanaugh will push any further nominee under the scrutiny of a democrat led senate?
  9. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    @Week, will take a look at it. Have some work to do at the moment.
  10. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    Ah, okay. See above, I guess.
  11. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    I don’t watch Fox News. I believe I am on record here as stating that an investigation is necessary. That was honestly my reaction after watching the testimony and before Mitchell’s memo. Disregarding all the holes in her story, that’s not a dealbreaker as it did happen thirty something years ago; it was also telling for me the gaps in her knowledge on more current events. As in, her psychiatrist got the incident wrong, no one knows who leaked the information at the 11th hour, or who paid for the polygraph test, but Feinstein was advising her on law firms. Leyland Keyser claiming she never socialized with Kavanaugh. As I said, an investigation is necessary, but I try to look at objectively, not just pick a side and then go from there. Kavanaugh did not come off well, but to me, he did not (at this point, pre-investigation) come across as having sexually assaulted Dr. Blasey Ford.
  12. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    The Rachel Mitchell memo is a decidedly bad look for Dr. Blasey Ford, and I think, for the Democrats in general. I had said earlier it was a virtual he said/she said, but Mitchell claims that it is actually worse than that.
  13. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    You don’t think that every SCOTUS is partisan?
  14. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Well, that is something. It’s pertains to why I think it is silly to disregard presumption of innocence and burden of proof and all that. It’s all fine and well as long as it’s a political weapon to use against your enemies; if said tactic is used against you, then it starts to seem a bit unfair. To everyone who said they think Kavanaugh, even if innocent, is unworthy of SCOTUS, that’s fine. Everyone has a right to an opinion.
  15. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    No, I don’t think that. Do you think that if Ford’s claims somehow turn out to be completely false, that Kavanaugh is still unqualified for SCOTUS