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  1. King Ned Stark

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    That statement is obscene, no matter your political leanings.
  2. King Ned Stark

    Theon Durden

    I guess the Theon Durden theory is as probable as any concerning the hooded man, though it comes across as unsatisfactory, IMO. I agree that I don’t think it will ever be revealed by the author. However, there are a couple lines that give me doubts. First, when they come face-to-face, their eyes meet briefly, as in Theon was surprised by the HM and quickly looked away, and possibly didn’t recognize him. Then, the man put a hand on his dagger, as if he were ready to silence Theon should he try to raise an alarm. At least, that was how I took it on my initial read. I had/have no idea who the HM is, and Theon Durden perhaps works as well as any other, but that initial surprise of the HM running into Theon, and him seemingly (to me) worried that Theon may recognize him, or raise an alarm, doesn’t seem to fit.
  3. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    Read above, no one has a viable explanation to our existence, IMHO. I’ll take faith in something bigger than myself, and the Word of Jesus; as that is the best teaching I’ve seen so far on this earth.
  4. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    I disagree, it’s my opinion that more people in antiquity believed in a higher power; it’s only within the last 50 years or so that people got so arrogant and tried to prove otherwise. They are still trying, as I understand. I have no problem if people think we came from a mud puddle, or a higher being, or anything in between. It’s the other people that feel a need to make me believe something; I often wonder why that is.
  5. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    I don’t know. It seems to be first and foremost the destruction of the coal industry (which I have no connection to) with no answer for their immediate poverty or how to provide energy to the majority of the us as cheaply as coal. Honestly, I don’t know, it’s the left who complain incessantly about it.
  6. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    1- Maybe it’s just me, but it seems, to me, that you typically respond to my posts with profanity, rancor, and being an absolute smart ass. Now maybe you’re just young, or think yourself so smart that anyone who disagrees with you is worthy of nothing more than scorn; I assure you that you are wrong. Or maybe it’s just the internet allows you complete anonymity; I doubt you’re so cocksure and aggressive face to face. 2- I never said CO2 emissions didn’t affect the climate, only that as of now it’s still a theory, right? I could be wrong in that as I quit paying attention some time ago. Mainly because the left, collectively, talk out of their ass so much and push an obvious agenda that anything that fits their agenda is considered truth. 3- To the point of the existence of a God, in most cases you’d be right; just not on this forum. Go read the thread “Christians, we are an advent people” if you care, there were plenty of board warriors who came in with ridicule and scorn, maybe you were among them, talking about Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Complete and utter scorn and ridicule was accepted and ignored in that thread; can the same be said for the LGBTQ thread, the US politics thread?
  7. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    So basically, you’re another internet bully? Where is your proof on CO2 emissions, you solved it in 4th grade, right? How can you prove there is no God? I’m curious.
  8. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    I’ll grant that CO2 emissions affect the climate, that’s fine, but the lefts answer to it is farcical. I believe in evolution, admittedly it was a mistake to throw that in there. “A model that best fits the available data”, I understand, and I apologize if what I say offends you, as you seem to be a very nice person. However, I believe the process of the universe (after creation) could expand or whatever and be measured or whatnot; what I don’t understand, and have never seen any good argument for (from creationists or atheists), is how did that hot and dense matter come into being. Where was the spark? There is either nothing; or something. In my experience, people who mock God, or the existence of God, tend to stay away from how matter was here to begin with; what started it all. They may wax poetic about abiogenesis or some other heady subject; not so much the actual beginning.
  9. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    Eh, anti-vaccers, flat earthers, homeopathy, and GMO- scare mongers represent such a minuscule percent of the population it’s not worth noting. A lot of people believe in climate change, as it has happened for millions of years; what they question is if CO2 emissions have any significant impact. Is there any definitive proof in that area? Creationists, okay. You talk like non-believers, atheists, evolutionists, have some kind of proof of creation. The Big Bang theory is just as much of a leap of faith and dismissal of logic as believing in a God. Just because you believe something, or even a large swathe of people believe something, doesn’t make it true. I’d think the left would understand the concept, as it’s a core principle of how they attack Christianity (not Islam, mind you), because reasons.
  10. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    A reset to realistic value? I know a guy who has a four year degree and works in a factory. Colleges have bamboozled the majority of the population into believing a college degree is necessary and somehow makes you superior. My daughters college costs close to 50,000 a year; that’s beyond absurd. The gall to charge that and tell people with a straight face that you care about the kids. College doesn’t teach you how to do your job, your company or firm does that. I could do my job without my degree. As someone who went through kindergarten-college (and didn’t get brainwashed into thinking that somehow makes me superior) it seems to me that a goodly portion of what is taught in school is completely unnecessary. I guess it all comes back to money. Tywin, Most people want to be smarter, you and I included; whether they have the discipline to educate them self is an entirely different matter. I would emphasize “educate yourself” because even professors can have an agenda; and there is a difference in knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is about facts and ideas that we acquire through study, research, observation, investigation, etc. Wisdom is the ability to discern and judge which aspects of that knowledge are true, right, lasting, and applicable in life. I am more proud of my daughter when she tells me she challenged her professor than if she said she memorized something the night before a test. As I said, teachers should teach kids how to think, not what to think.
  11. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    True, because anymore a college education doesn’t truly prepare you for your job, the company or firm that hires you does that. Perhaps with their recent decline in enrollment, they’re attempting a different course. I don’t think coming out of college over a hundred grand in debt to realize you’ll only make fifty grand a year is sitting well people. Most people love knowledge, I’ve got a daughter in a private college (because she got a scholarship, I can’t pay for that) and even she (@ 20 years old) questions the usefulness of most of her courses. Knowledge is great, wisdom is better; college should teach you how to think, not what to think.
  12. King Ned Stark

    Wisconsin Plan to eliminate Liberal Arts at the University of Wisconsin

    Maybe because the courses being extended have a more practical purpose in that area?
  13. Fair points, and I will try to address when I’m at work tomorrow. This is the only Internet forum I post on and I don’t do any social media, it’s why I read the forum much more than I post, you should have the respect to answer someone who replies to your comment
  14. Yeah, in a fantastically hypothetical situation, I would have all firearms destroyed, as well as the knowledge to make them. Some studies say there are more guns in America (and if you’re not American, I support your right to voice your opinion, but I don’t quite understand your vehemence, when there are probably a dozen other preventable death scenarios that cause more deaths than firearms in the U.S.) than there are people. It’s my personal belief that the government would be really fortunate to collect a third of those, under a hypothetical ban-and-turn-in. So there are 200+ million firearms still floating around, and we have Chicago on a grand scale. To make matters worse, IMO, more gun owners keep their guns than destroy them, and more gun owners destroy them than turn them in. So a government that is already spectacularly inefficient and corrupt, have no idea what kind of numbers they’re working with. The only guns on any government list, AFAIK, are class III items; full auto, sbr, sbs, suppressors, etc. Those items probably account for 1% of firearm purchases. So, several problems arise overnight: 1- You’ve created millions of felons overnight, from people who have been perfectly law abiding citizens for their entire life. 2- You have a government that has just trampled on an amendment this country was founded on, looking utterly inefficient. What’s their next move, trample the 4th, and go house to house? 3- The largest black market the world has ever seen has just been created. This is a highly complex issue, insults and quips, as well blanket statements and bans may not have the desired result. I mean, America has had a war on drugs for 30+ years; seems to me that problem is worse now than it was then.
  15. No need to feel sorry for me, as I don’t live in fear. Others posters had remarked that fear might be a reason for owning guns. I just googled it and found it seemed to be an overwhelming reason for women buying firearms; which I thought was reasonable. I guess if I was asked I would list home protection as one reason, but just one among several. I’m a member at a range, I shoot in competitions, my first two guns were given to me by my grandfather and father. My guns are kept unloaded and in a safe. I take them to the range in cases, load and shoot them, then take them home and lock them up. I clean and maintain them, I teach my wife and kids proper gun safety. Edit to add. I’m not saying I’m against any and all gun regulations; however I will admit to a healthy skepticism of the government; whether it be Trump and the right or Obama and the left. I enjoy reading about the founding fathers, and one of their lessons seem to be that the natural course of government is to grow more tyrannical.